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This is Part 4 of the Generic Extraction.

Part 1 detailed about the steps to be performed in ECC, Part 2 detailed abouts steps in BI till records are fetched successfully to PSA, and

Part 3 till bringing the data records to DSO.  The links to all parts can be found at the bottom of the document.

1) Creating an InfoCube

The next step would be creating an InfoCube


Activate the InfoCube.

2) Create Transformation between DSO and the InfoCube


3) Create the Data Transfer Process


Activate and Execute the DTP as detailed in Part 3

DTP Monitor


Click on Administer DataTargets


The load has been successful.  Now you can take the data records for reporting.

Open BEx Query Designer and add the InfoObjects to Rows and Columns as needed.


Execute and view the report.


Thank you for taking time out to go through the document.  Hope its been helpful.

The links to previous parts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Raki R

    Anjali….excellent work ….the way described is very intresting…keep post same like Function module if possible???

      1. Raki R

        hai anjali…i want  one requirement that based on fucntion moduel extraction…do u hav any experience eith this? just requirement enough….

        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Ravi,

          Currently, I am working on Generic Extraction based on function module in HR module. Meanwhile, if you want to try here is a brief requirement.

          Usually we go for function module when we want to extract from different tables.  So create a structure with some fields ( CHAR + KEYFIG) from any two tables eg: VBAK, VBAP.  The only point you have to keep in mind is that it should have a common key field.  Here VBELN is that field.  Now fetch the records for these fields using function module.

          Just published LO MasterData datasource enhancement- have a look!!

          Hope this helps,


          1. Raki R

            thnk u so much anjali……and awaiting u r post on FM extraction (this Hr  requirement).

            Thanks and regards,

            Ravi kiran.

  2. Former Member

    Hi Anjali,

    I must say all the 4 parts of this document is really helpful for every BI practitioners. The way you explained the topic is very good.

    Could you please post same kind of detailed document for LO-Extraction ? 😀

    Best regards


    1. Former Member Post author
  3. Former Member

    Hi anjali it a very informative doc i have a ques though. Re info cube how did u choose the cube i mean its a standard cube right. if u could pls elaborate on that it would be really helpful.




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