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This Document will help you to understand the basic understanding of Landscape possibilities with SAP HANA.I have tried to put all the landscape in simpler way.


We can go for this Approach when we say, client is already having BW in there landscape. However this approach is not recommended, but here “Total Cost of Ownership” comes in the picture. Here BW will act as a place where data will be stored before moving to SAP HANA and all the ETL activities will be handled by BODS and then all the cleansed data will be moved to SAP HANA for further Usage. Here data is not getting reflected in HANA in Real Time (NOT REAL TIME).


This is the scenario where we don’t have BW/BI system in Land scape .All the different kind of data like data from SAP system, Data from NON SAP system and data from Flat File is directly coming to BODS and all the ETL activities is done in BODS and Cleansed data will be available in SAP HANA for further Usage. Here data is not getting reflected in HANA in Real Time (NOT REAL TIME).


Already clients are using relation databases such as Oracle, DB2 and MS Sql Server there are so many Data base available in the market for data storage. Data in these Databases are called structured data. Now client has decided to use the functionality of HANA database, above landscape approach can be followed.

Here all the data from different DB are feed to BODS where all the ETL activity will be done and data will be feed to SAP HANA. Here data is not getting reflected in HANA in Real Time (NOT REAL TIME).


This approach will give idea about unstructured data, when we say unstructured data it means data in Facebook, linked in, Orkut and Twitter. Over the period of time these social networking sites has become big on their own way. Let’s take an example of Facebook which has become really big in case of revenue and in case of DATA. Every time you post anything on Twitter or Facebook it’s an unstructured data for them. Even Managers for these social networking sites also want to see the analysis report on regular base or on finger tips.

These Unstructured data can be handled by above approach. Where data will be feed to BODS where all ETL activities will be handled and then cleansed data will be feedback to HANA for Further Usage.


When we say Real time what it means, how we define real time scenario imagine you are buying some object from any outlet ,as soon as shopkeeper read the barcode of the object transaction record will get created and immediately entry will be recorded in the Hana and same will be available in the application layer for analysis.

Real time replication can be achieved by SLT.


Previously all the bw/bi 3x to 7.0 versions are running on databases like Oracle/MS SQL/DB2 ,you can check this by going to “BI system go to menu and click on system and then status” ,you will come to know that on which database your BW system is running.

Now SAP has given the option in BI 7.3 version to use SAP HANA as a database where all the functionality of Hana data base will be used e.g. High Compression through this high performance can be achieved.

Once all the data is available in the HANA database you can use BO functionalities as an Application Layer and do the analysis.

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  1. Former Member

    Ravinder good presnetation , may be you can include CRM on HANA as well as it is availble now.Also would like to add the context about Direct Extractor Connection and Sybase Replication.


    Santosh Varada


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