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Creating a Customer-Specific Solution in a Partner Development Tenant

In this blog I want to demonstrate how to create a new Customer-Specific Solution in a Partner Development Tenant.

A Customer-Specific Solution is a business solution that is designed and developed to enhance SAP’s standard on-demand solution for a specific customer. With SAP Business ByDesign Studio Feature Pack 4.0 Customer-Specific Solutions can be created in Partner Development Tenants or Customer Tenants. Further detailed information can be found in the official ByD studio documentation.

As a pre-requisite you require an Partner Development Tenant, a ByD Studio FP40 and the connection between both has been configured by you in the ByD Studio.

Steps How it looks in ByD Studio
After LogOn to the Partner Development Tenant via ByD Studio you need to switch to the customer for which the solution should be developed. 01_Switch Customer.png
As this is your first Customer-Specific Solution in the Partner Development Tenant the Customer needs to be created first. 02_Create_New_Customer.png
A Customer-Specific Solution can only be uploaded in tenants of a customer for which the solution has been developed. During Solution Upload in a Customer Tenant the CustomerID of the solution and of the tenant are compared. Therefore it is required to fill the right CustomerID into the field CustomerID, if the solution should be uploaded into a customer tenant. If the Customer created in ByD studio is only used for test reasons, any value can be used but make sure not to use a real CustomerID. 03_Create_New_Customer.png
Now you can need to switch to the Customer you just created. 04_Select_New_Customer.png
Switching a Customer requires you to LogOff and LogOn again to ByD Studio. 05_LogOff_and_Logon.png
After the new LogOn a new Customer-Specific Solution can be created for that specific customer. 06_Create_Solution.png


One or more Solution Templates can be imported into the Customer-Specific Solution.

A Solution Template is a container that is used to organize items that can be reused in Customer-Specific Solutions. It can contain fully working Solutions or only parts of a Solution. Solution Templates cannot be used in an customer production tenant and always need to be imported into a Customer-Specific Solution.



The post “Site Management” Solution Template by Thomas Schneider explains the usage of Solution Templates and provides a link to an example.

I hope this short intro helps you to get started with Customer-Specific Solutions in a Partner Development Tenant.

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