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Retailer’s Competitive Advantage: The revolutionary role of Apps

Remember the days when one would have to drive around, call, or search the internet tirelessly to try and find a particular item and compare various stores’ prices?  Gone are the days of frustration and disappointment. The retail industry has shifted its focus to mobile marketing; the modern day retail industry has vastly changed from the retail industry that existed just ten years ago and it is highly due to the Smartphone culture society has immersed itself in.  As people become more in tune with technology and rely on it as a daily source of information the popularity of the mobile retail marketing (in the form of retail apps ) has exponentially increased as well. 

Retail stores have sensed customer adaptability and accessibility to smart electronic devices (such as cell phones and tablets) and thusly created a new marketing niche; this new technological era has given consumers the authority to shop leisurely from the comfort of their own homes or quickly in their moving cars.  This tremendous convenience gives consumers infinite opportunities to compare prices, select personal styles, and quickly purchase the objects they want.  Therefore, these apps now not only influence a consumer’s in-store visitation but also his or her purchasing capabilities.  Consumers no longer have to settle.  This puts a whole new spin on the way retailers have to market and engage potential clientele.

There is no doubt that retail is one of the most competitive industries mainly because of its heavy orientation around the customer.  A customer will only buy from a retailer that has the best styles at the best prices with the best branding and marketing; hence, retailers know that only the strongest, or in this case the most adaptable and accessible, survive.  The launching of mobile applications as a marketing tactic has opened up new doors for success.  It is quite apparent that only those retailers that jump on board with this new marketing technique will have success because mobile marketing unquestionably amplifies the retailers’ market share. There are numerous reasons why retail apps play a revolutionary role in a particular retailer’s success.

One big reason is the obvious dependence people have on technology; in this day and age most of the population has some form of smart technology that they carry around with them at all times and use to map out daily life.  Retailers coming out with their own apps allow them to permeate the consumers’ everyday life without being intrusive.  Most consumers either do not check or bother to look into emails and letters that are sent to them by various retailers; however, with the aid of apps, retailers can automatically notify consumers of promotions, latest styles, and personalized selections through their own notification system.  This push notification system allows consumers to stay informed consistently without being bombarded.   

Another reason why apps play a revolutionary role in retail success is because they are practical and convenientApps are exceedingly available and only require a simple download from the app store.  After that immediate initial step, the consumer has the entire store, its promotions, and latest styles at the consumer’s fingertips.  Many people need to find things quickly and efficiently and retail apps allow that; now consumers can quickly find the exact item they are looking for in the exact style and at the best prices with the help of apps.

I personally love the apps the Forever 21 app because it is my favorite retail store; this app allows me to search the latest collection, the promotions, and the clearance quickly and conveniently.  I am a young woman who is consistently on the go; thus it is essential that I have the ability to browse for merchandise wherever I am at the moment on my phone.  Yet, one can ask me why I am not able to just log onto the retailer’s websit? There is a simple answer for that,  it is a personal preference for me; I do not carry my laptop with me at all times so I am only able to look items up on my phone and the apps are more compact and designed to be viewed easily and efficiently on any portable device.  There are still some retailers that have not delved into the market of apps but I have no doubt in my mind that they will soon join this club after they see the success they [apps] have entailed.

By: Anuja Gaikwad Team Groupsoft US

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