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Mind the Gap between SCN and OSS: 1692571 – DB6: DB2 10.1 Standard Parameter Settings

The ‘Mind the Gap between SCN and OSS’ service brings to the attention of the SCN Basis Community (and others)
showcasing the most useful interesting contempory OSS Notes. 

As everybody knows, when we open a case on the OSS we are asked if we have checked the SCN,
OSS contains a wealth of new information important to Basis Administrators and this SCN Blogging service brings
those latest OSS Notes to the attention of Basis Admins on SCN, therefore, minding the gap between the two.

OSS Note:

Note 1692571 – DB6: DB2 10.1 Standard Parameter Settings

Andy Silvey.

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  • Hi Andy,

    While I certainly appreciate you taking the time to share important OSS-notes with the community, I don’t like to see my SCN RSS-feed overflowing with ‘blog posts’ that are all the same except for the one line with the actual OSS-note (and the title of course).

    May I suggest that you either stop posting these as blog posts altogether (maybe back to twitter, where I can choose to follow you or not?), or (better) assemble them into one larger weekly post, or (maybe even better), take the time to really explain what the note is meant to solve, under what circumstances people would be affected by the problem this OSS-note is trying to solve, etc? Both last options would turn these into ‘real’ blog posts, adding value to the community. As it is, I’m afraid it’s quickly becoming merely noise. You don’t deserve that.

    Thank you in advance for considering these options 🙂 .

    Cheers, Fred

      • Hi Andy,

        I prefer original and genuine content, as opposed to a myriad of similar blog posts without real content.

        Please poll away! And let me know where to vote 😉 .

        Thanks, Fred

        • Hi Fred,

          for the Basis Community this is original and genuine content, for the members of this SCN Community who install SAP and keep SAP operational these OSS Notes (which are often overlooked – hence the blogs) are gold.

          Keeping in mind that we are one big family and we must love our neighbours, from now on, I’ll submit maximum 2 x Mind the Gap blogs per day.

          How’s that.

          This way, your RSS Feed can keep being filled with the Blog It Forward blogs instead.

          All the best,


          • Why don’t you create a wiki page or a document and add these notes to the document as you find them. If people want to track your list, they can track the document or subscribe to the wiki page. That document might actually be useful as a curated list of notes. But I don’t see the point of creating a ton of identical blogs. Individually these blogs provide almost no value, especially as basis folks should already be tracking this stuff through the OSS system. Or is the point the points you get for creating blogs?



          • Hi Ethan,

            most Basis folks don’t have time to keep up with the latest OSS Notes proactively, and use the OSS reactively when looking for solutions.

            Regarding the point, what is the point, the point is, to use the rippling stack blog mechanism to highlight useful Basis OSS Notes and create visibility for the morning coffee folk who skim through the blogs list over a coffee.

            Regarding points, I have no interest in points, badges, merits, accolades, the only satisfaction from this effort is to share knowledge with fellow Basis people. SAP has been _extremely_ rewarding for me, and this effort is simply to share knowledge and give back to the community.

            If the SCN Moderator’s Community are really that concerned that the shallow motivation is points, then if it will appease the SCN Moderator’s Community, I’ll be more than happy to blog these fantastic golden OSS Notes without points accreditation – who needs points anyway ? If you look at my reputation you’ll see the hundred or so points I’ve gained this year are all from people clicking the Like button on discussion threads.

            Subscription Wiki alone, like what I already do with Twitter does not achieve my goal, which is simply to headline and showcase through the rippling stack blogs mechanism the most interesting Basis related OSS notes which I come across in the course of my work.

            All the best,


          • Andy,

            I’m glad to see there is finally public discourse around this topic.  What Fred suggests to you in his comments reflects the governance we have around blogs on SCN.  Simply stated a blog on SCN should contain a personal experience, opinion, approach, solution,   We expect from blogs a clear argument or point and more than a link to another knowledge source.  We also expect links to be publicly accessible to all (even public or anonymous viewers).

            Another point of clarification.  Blogging in SCN is a little different than creating your external personal blog because the feeds we use are indeed SCN blog feeds (not Andy blogs, or HANA blogs) and include all the varied content that is produced on SCN.

            As content strategists, moderators and SCN team there IS some governance around that.  We have clearly stated in the Rules of Engagement

            what we expect from a blog and blogger .

            You can maintain a document or a wiki here on SCN with a compendium of information. xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) can support your wiki work.  But one line entries of a link are not welcome here as blogs. As blogs, they don’t meet the criteria because they lack context, personal experience and explanation. If we allowed them as blogs, everyone would have license to post one sentence announcements and call them blogs.

            While you may not find the bif content valuable, they do meet the criteria of being personal opinion, experience and have a context.

            I’m sorry but although your idea has merit and your links of value to an important community here, the blog format isn’t acceptable.  Period.

            The fact that we haven’t deleted this blog post doesn’t mean that we would like you to continue to churn these out using the blog format.  You have been asked nicely to cease and desist from blogging these.  We have tried to encourage an alternative format.

            If this was a document, people could subscribe to it and constantly be updated with your links (and hopefully organized by topics).   If it was a wiki you could also maintain it as an FAQ (best with context of course)

            Perhaps this definition of a blog post will be helpful. Notice it usually equates a blog with a website.  SCN is a compendium of contents of many bloggers.  As such we need to reserve the right to create some form of guidance for what is a blog.


            What is a Blog?

            A blog is sometimes referred to as an online personal journal.  It is a site designated for an individual to write about his/her daily experiences, to ellicit thoughts and often allowing readers to offer their comments.  The term is a shortened form of “weblog”.  Authoring a blog, maintaining a blog or adding content to an existing blog is referred to as “blogging”.  Individual articles on a blog are referred to as “blog posts”, “posts”, or “entries”, and the person who created the blog post is often called a “blogger”.

          • Hi Marilyn,

            thank you we can see how the wiki would work.

            I have a couple of other T’Shirts from the old days, one says,

            “I’m blogging this on SDN”  😉

            old trophies 🙂

            All the best,