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TechEd InnoJam 2012: You name it, we load it!

Less than two months to go before SAP TechEd Madrid InnoJam 2012 (Nov 11-12)! We have a hard limit of 100 participants, so if you haven’t registered yet for this pre-TechEd event, don’t miss out and register here.


This 30-hours, non-stop event will start with a mini Design Thinking workshop where teams will create a paper prototype of a user-centered solution to a real problem, before moving on to coding a real prototype using a wide range of SAP technologies on offer: HANA, NW Cloud, Business ByDesign, Gateway, SUP and other mobile technologies, SAPUI5 and more. SAP experts will be there to help you choose the best technologies for your prototype and help you get started developing with them.

Our overarching topic this year  “Better Cities – Better Lives” lends itself really well to analyzing all sorts of publicly-available data, such as for example crime, traffic, energy and waste data exposed by various local governments as part of Open Data initiatives.

We have started a Wiki page listing all sorts of open data repositories as well as meta-repositories for various countries, states, cities and types of data. Feel free to explore and edit the page directly to add similar resources that we may have missed.

If there is a particularly large dataset you think you’ll want to use at the event, let us know and we’ll pre-load the data for you into HANA. The last thing you want is spent time on boring data loading and manipulation instead of on exciting coding and integration!

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  • Hi Julien,

    Thanks for the offer!

    It’s not exactly a matter of loading, but: I’d like to use Predictive Analysis on the resulting data-sets, if at all technically possible. Depending on the outcome of the DT exercise of course 🙂 .

    Could you arrange that too?

    Thanks, Fred

    • Hi Fred,

      I’m trying to find out if we can. Predictive Analysis is still in ramp-up and depending on the timing of general availability we may be able to make it available at the InnoJam in Madrid. Fingers crossed! I’ll come back to this thread when I know more.



    • It’s confirmed, we will have Predictive Analysis installed on the SAP-provided laptops at the Madrid InnoJam. Thanks for bringing this up Fred!

      • That’s great! Can’t wait to get my hands on to it. Oh wait, first we have to go through the Design Thinking 🙂 . Well, My hidden agenda will be clear to everybody now!

        Cheers, Fred