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Practical Advice for SAP Workflow Certification

After many long years of working with SAP Business Workflow – and many years of wishing for the SAP Workflow Certification, I have finally achieved a goal.

First, you should know that SAP had offered the Certification for SAP Business Workflow for many years, and then stopped offering it – probably due to a lack of interest.  In a 2009 survey conducted by ASUG, in conjunction with VNSG, we (@SAP_WIT) were able to establish that almost 74% of survey respondents wished that SAP would bring back the certification. 

Survey Certification.png

SAP Education listened, and this certification has now been made available.  And thanks to SAP’s partnership with PearsonVue, it is easier (and less expensive) to take the exam.  I had taken all the recommended courses from SAP, and of course, those were expensive, but IMHO, they were well worth it

The exam consists of 80 multiple choice questions, and you are required to complete it within 3 hours.  Some of the questions have only one answer; some of them have multiple answers that are correct.  The exam does give you either radio buttons (single correct answer) and tick boxes (multiple correct answers) so it is not tricky in that way.

I scheduled my exam several times, and had to re-schedule due to work demands.  I was finally able to take the exam this morning, and I did pass it.  I won’t say what my score is.  Maybe you would like to leave a guess in the comments? 

Anyway, here are my thoughts – without revealing any of the questions or answers!

1) Evaluate the WHY.    Before you go leaping into a Certification frenzy, you should ask yourself WHY you want it.  Is it required by your employer?  Will it get your foot in the door at a new company?  For me, at this time, it was a purely personal choice.  I wanted the external validation because SAP Business Workflow is a product that I have worked with, fought with, and loved for these many years.  I have no illusions that the Certification would out-weigh – or negate – my 15 years of experience in the field.

2) Evaluate the WHAT.   What kind of hands-on experience do you have today?  Have you worked at one implementation and done things the same way for a long time?  In this case, I recommend that you go back to your earlier days, and consider the alternate means of achieving certain goals.  For example, if you are accustomed to blindly clicking through screens because you have been doing it for so long that you no longer need to read them, stop!  Take some time to actually look at the transactions, background jobs, and administrative tools.  It may be worthwhile to pretend that your favorite reporting transactions do not exist, so that you will use some of the other transactions and re-familiarize yourself with them.

3) Investigate the HOW.  We all know that with SAP, there are many ways to skin a cat.  Think about what other methods you could have used to achieve the same outcome.  For example, if you have just always used an SAP Workflow task that does X, consider what else you may have used to achieve X.   Consider agent determination, deadline monitoring, and workflow administration.   I am not giving anything away – anyone with a sound background in SAP Workflow will know the importance of these topics.  Yes, you can probably pass the SAP Workflow Certification by reading Practical Workflow for SAP, but you would also be more comfortable if you take some time to spend hands-on – even if it’s doing ‘just’  tutorials.

4) Consider the WHEN.  If at all possible, schedule your exam for a date/time when you will be rested, and when the chances of ‘real life’ interfering should be minimized.  Is it ideal to schedule the exam one week after a major go-live?  Is it better to schedule your exam for the morning, when you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, or do you function better later in the day?

5) Consider your STRENGTHS.  I had time after the exam, and was able to go back through my questions and choose different answers.  I did change some.  I do not know if this had a positive effect or not.  (I wish I did know what my original answers would have gotten .vs. my submitted answers).  This is where you need to evaluate whether you are the type of person who feels most confident with your original answers, or if you prefer to have time to mull things over.  There is time in the exam for you to review all your answers and make changes.   You should decide on your strategy – perhaps Uni is close enough in your rear-view mirror for you to recall what approach served you best. 

6) Reflect – This is where I wish SAP Education would help… It would have been great if I had been able to know which questions I got right or wrong.  It would have strengthened my learning experience.  It’s very understandable, with all the bogus operations that promise you certification questions, and so forth, that SAP would hold this information closely.  But when you take a certification, you sign an NDA.  And in the spirit of completing your certification experience, you ought to be able to review what you did right, and what you did not. 

7) PLAN.  In my son’s karate class, the teachers are always telling the kids ‘Set a goal, achieve a goal, set another goal’.  I will not reveal my next goal here and now (let me bask for a few moments anyhow) but you can be sure I will be setting one!

Hopefully this little blog has given you some ideas on how to prep for the SAP Business Workflow Certification.  Perhaps it will even help you prepare for other challenges too.

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    • Thanks Graham!  I hope I provided some useful thoughts on preparing for a certification, and expected outcomes!  So many people seem to expect that it’s the ticket to winning the lottery, and that’s just not the case.

    • Thanks Will.  I am glad that SAP has reinstated the Certification, and I hope that others will take it, if only to force yourself to refresh your memory on what you’ve been doing (all these years!).

  • Gefeliciteerd, Sue! My guess: 94%. Do you tell us if we get your score right?

    I did it as well and I can recommend it. It forced me to go back and read The Book ( http://www.workflowbook.,com ) and I (re)learned things I’d forgotten all about.

    It’s good to have 3 hours, to be completely satisfied with your answers.

    The local Pearson made it possible to do the exam on a Saturday, which was great also.

    • Thanks Rick, and Gefeliciteerd to you too.

      Being able to take the exam at the local Peason(Vue)  center was a huge plus.

      I do wish there was a way to be able to see your answers – and which were right and which were wrong.  Sometimes I think we can learn more by seeing what we did wrong.


        • Hi Rick,

          Sure, I understand that (to prevent disputes).  But no, I did not spot the typo!  That is probably something that SAP Education should be aware of, no?

          Best regards,

  • I’m so so so happy that you took the test – yippie!  I’ve been away so long I’m sure I wouldn’t pass it- I remember how hard the first version of  the test was to pass!

    CONGRATS on taking it and passing it! 


    Great advice in your blog!

    • Hi Ginger, Thank you so much for the kind words!  You *know* how much this meant to me!  
      I hope others will soon be able to blog about their Certification (Workflow) experiences!

  • Congratulations to SAP to design a certification test that’s got the workflow-goddess approval! Your score: 200% !?

    But seriously: thanks for sharing your experience and highlighting the revival of this certification. I now intend to do the workflow certification too, getting tired of ABAP/PI certifications. I’m sure this one is a good alternative, and allows me to learn even more!

    Cheers, Fred

    • Hi Fred,

      You are too kind.  Nope, not 200%.  I think that is what I was trying to get across in my blog – I’ve become so accustomed to doing things a certain way, I had forgotten other ways to do them.  Hopefully, you will take my advice, and go get a 100 for yourself!



      • Nice Blog. I was thinking of taking the Certification but had some project work that pulled me off. I heard this one is really good and is really a training itself while you are doing the certification.

        Currently am working in SAP Opentext VIM and trying to change all the Archivelink Workflow into VIM oriented.

        Will be returning back to SDN to know more and help others in SAP Workflow soon. Finally workflow cosultant got the editor we longed for and also 12 dynamic columns πŸ™‚



  • Never the late for my reply:

    Thanks Susan for the write up which helps workflow consultants who are looking for a treatful information like this. Congratulations and all the best for your next goal.

    Best Regards,

    Narin Nandivada.

    • Why thank you Erwin.   I hope that the community takes advantage of the fact that SAP reinstated this certification.  We all know that certification is not the be-all and end-all for your career, but I think it’s well worth the time and expense to do, even if it’s only for self-validation.

      • Hello,

        I firmly agree with you.

        Thank you. Why?.

        Simple explanation. I am null  😳     at workflow. I started searching about it on SCN.,

        This document was the first information I have read.

        I gained some valueable information for me:

        a. certification availale

        b. links – in the document – sap help – now in favorites and sap press (ok I could find myself)

        c.A Person who is an expert – Susan.

        d. Now in the mailing list.

        So this was for me a valueable and perfect information. πŸ™‚

        From my point of view.

        All the best Erwin

  • Hello Susan,

    great blog….very helpful for setting the right mindset not only for SAP Workflow Certification but all in all for all the other tasks at hand (or in wishlist). The part which i liked perticularly was “set a goal, achieve a goal.Set another goal..” Simple words great meaning…

    Thanks a ton for this great blog..

  • Hi Sue,

    This blog was quite useful in helping me pass my exam! I considered a lot of your advice during study. Especially going back on the practical side of things (which I was a bit rusty on!) and revisiting how I did things and trying new things and applications as well. That was very helpful.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Darlington,

      Wow, that is great news!  I am very happy for you.  How hard did you find the exam?  Was it easy to find an exam location?

      I wish that we were given a hard copy of the Q and A to review, but clearly that’s not possible.

      Enjoy your new achievement,

  • Congratulations !!

    I am waiting also SAP Workflow certification in my country Argentina. I also have 15 years on SAP,  most of then on Workflow. I look forward to certify soon. It is a challenge. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Hi Sue,

    My company asked me to try the exam to get some points for partnership with SAP.

    I had a long long time ago back 2001 attended the equivalent of the BIT600, but no other training, to be honnest the course was not bad but was not great either… Mostly due to the trainer lack of experience and also because my questions were more oriented on the EBP 2.0 workflows

    I have done quite a lot of workflow in the SRM and MM area, but also master data, CRM, finance since this time, even if I am not a fulltime workflow consultant, I was more a procurement consultant (functional)..

    Without SAP training, I managed to do my workflows based on SAP Practical Guide book from SAP Press (I have the 3 editions now). This book provided me good practice, good advice and help (troubleshooting guide).

    However, the certification was not to be taken lightly for me as I am giving internally some training on workflow « advanced overview » so failing was not an option the teasing would be to awful from my colleagues….

    So what I did was going back to the book, and I also bought one on amazon to get a feeling of the questions.

    I passed  the certification last week, like you I would have like to get my right and wrong answers, I liked having the stats at the end per area, (Administration, BOR & CLASS Building task structure,
    WF Building, Agent Assignment, Reporting ).

    It was a very good experience,



    • Hi Stephane and Congratulations!

      It makes me happy to know that you found the books helpful – but I am sure your years of experience helped too πŸ˜‰

      It also makes me glad that the Workflow community convinced SAP to bring back the SAP_WF certification.

      Pat yourself on the back, and go have an adult beverage,