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S/4 HANA Globalization – Generic Application Framework for Employee Reimbursement process

Business Requirement


Implement Claims process matching the Organizational requirement. Employee whould apply for claim and the same would go for approver and validation for set of people. On approval the claim would be posted into an infotype for payroll processing.




Implementation of Claims/ Reimbursement process using Generic Framework provided by India Localization.




SAP India has developed a solution for reimbursement process which includes certain configuration for generic framework. Using this frame work it is possible to implement reimbursement for countries other than India. The application framework is such extesively thought of that even non reimbursement applications are possible to implement using this framework.


Generic table list.JPG

Above are set of tables which are involved in the configuration of the framework.


Generic Application Definition View – V_T77WWW_GADEF


1. This table contains entries which shouldn’t be touched. You can create new entry with a number for your application definition as shown below.



Ideally its better to create a solution type starting number 9XXXXXX. You can define the structure of this before starting the configuration.


Maintain generic application types –  V_T77WWW_GATYP


1. You need to maintain the generic application type for the solution defined in view V_T77WWW_GADEF.



Maintain Generic Application Screen Rendering Fields – V_T77WWW_GATSR


1. Expense type as text and value can be defined in this table.




Maintain Attributes of Application Type – V_T77WWW_GACHR


1. This table would help you maintain the property of the expense type. Using configuration you can

  • For each expense type decide if you want the employee to create/ edit or delete particular expense type.
  • Mode of the payment can be configured per reimbursement type (monthly, weekly or on demand)
  • Allow attachments, declaration and depedent data for each reimbursement type.
  • Assign dependents if reimbursement type has business requirements of including depedents data from infotype 21.
  • You can also configure how many requests can an employee apply for a particular type of reimbursement in a day/ month/ year.V_T77WWW_GACHR.JPG

Application iview Creation

There are primarily two sections of the application iview being used for the application.

  1. Header
  2. Multiline


Maintain Header Level Customizing Fields – V_T77WWW_GAHLC


The header level custom field inclusion has options of including fields as required. However it is important to understand the requirement of reimbursement process and understand view V_T77WWW_GASFC


Maintain  Generic Application Screen Rendering Fields – V_T77WWW_GASFC


This framework contains around 60 fields by default provided with the standard delivered framework.

This view would contain the definition of all screens being defined as shown below.





Using configuration you can select which field would be editable/ read only.

If there is a need to add few fields which are not part of the standard configuration then you can utilize view V_T77WWW_GAHLC



In above screen there is option to add fields like amount, date and other fields.

There are set of function modules which needs to be copied.




These functions can be copied from standard which are used by the application.

You need to create an iview with following parameters for creation request and approval.


iView creation.JPG

iView creation 2.JPG

Workflow – WS18900023


This frame work utilizes workflow template WS18900023. The approvers can be in groups and are defined in table views


Define privilege group – V_T77WWW_CLPRVLG




Define Mail configuration – V_T77WWW_CLCNFML



You can configure email notification for each applications state.

Requestor’s action

Approver’s action

Administrator’s action


The Text document id can carry various parameters defined and respective parameters can be configured in the feature.

Feature 40ACS carries various values that can be pushed into email. You can also choose to send the comments and copy the email to either participants.

Important note: If you are using the webdynpro framework for abap or java for other countries then INDIA then please make sure to copy the STATUS table values from Solution Type GA.

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  • Hi Barin,

    Thanks for this Nice Blog.Just checking is it possible to replicate the same configuration for webdynpro application HRESS_A_CLAIM_IN as well.Do we need to do some application parameter assignment?



    • Hi rajesh

      you are refering to webdynpro abap application which is released with probably EHP6 or 7. the content of this blog is not for those applications as there are additional configuration to it for webdynpro abap.

      Here if the customer is on lesser than EHP7 and not in india then this framework is of use for any application development. I repeat any application development with n number of approval cycle. I have mapped processes like exit claim, letter request approval using this frame work and coding effort for the same was 3 days only.

      hope above helps.

      – barin

      • Hi Barin,

        One more query to your it possible to configure the same application via uwl as well.i.e. if manager wants to approve the request via UWL link is it possible to create setup for this application as well?



        • hi rajesh

          you can use the business workflows delivered by SAP for this but honestly uwl is old now HR works on POWL so using uwl is not a good idea as it just increases unnecessary work without any value add.


  • Thanks Barin!

    If possible,can you pls share steps for doing similar config for wda based application. i want to configure exit permit request based on wda in ehp7.



    • hi rajesh

      i have not done the wda config in this case. Once i do the same i will share a blog. in case you have specifc query i can help.



    • Hi Rajesh,

      I have similar requirement and want to use same framework. Did you configured using generic application framework for Wda in ehp7.

      If yes, can you please share me config step for the same.



      • Hi Vijay,

        Because of the requirement changes i could not get chance to do this config.oncw i do that i will share u the steps.



  • Hi Barin,

    I have one query related to Claim Functionality. We are using JAVA application for Claim application and SAP EHP6.

    This application was working properly but now i am not able to see LOV’s for Reimbursement Type while creating new claim request.

    I have configured

    V_T77WWW_CLREIM – Maintain Attributes of Reimbursement Types

    V_T77WWW_CLRECH – Maintain Payment Related Information for Reimbursement Type

    V_T77WWW_CLOFPYD – Maintain Off-Cycle Dates for Reimbursement Types

    V_T77WWW_CLRQCH – Maintain Attributes of Request Types

    and other tables required for claim.

    I haven’t maintained enteries for tables mentioned by you able such as






    Could you please suggest solution for my problem?



      • Thanks Barin for your prompt response,

        Can you please give an idea how we can bring it in ESS NWBC. Since in NWBC it is completely role based, we are using copy of the role SAP_EMPLOYEE_ESS_WDA_3 and we are in country grouping 99 (not 40).

        It will be great help if we can achieve it through NWBC.



        • you can add it in the role. these are applications available in abap webdynpro. it doesn’t matter if you use country grouping X or Y. Its now a global solution so you can add the application in the role.


          • Thanks Barin,

            Can you pls tell from where I can find the name of the abap webdynpros for the above application. I am new to configuring this claims in ess, please dont mind if my queries are very basic.



          • Hi Barin,

            In your document , you are having a step Application iview Creation, but iviews cannot be used in NWBC, its only for Portal.  Can you give some workaround for clients who are in NWBC.



          • hi namsheed

            iviews are apps at the end of the day and these can be used in lpd cust.

            nwbc has no such restrictions


  • Hi Rajesh,

    are there available documentations if we implement this for another country like Singapore? We are in EHP4 and it seems that most objects are specific only for IN. Some can be configured while we need to copy some objects and replace values specific to IN. hoping for your kind advise please.