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Zebra Label Printing Speed Settings

Having large quantities of production label prints requiring speed in printing labels, we noticed the speed on every zebra label printer was defaulting to the slowest possible, even after this was manually set on the device. After months of consultation from zebra and help from Walter

We noticed that within the Zebra driver ( ZPLxxx.XDC ) the following code exists.


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<?xfa generator=”XFA2_0″ APIVersion=”2.7.9278.0″?>

<xdp:xdp xmlns:xdp=”“>

        <xdc name=”zpl203″ id=”zpl203″ xmlns=”“>


                        <renderLib name=”zpldriver”/>

                        <!– ========================================== –>

                        <!– Job/doc/page/subform event sequences       –>

                        <!– ========================================== –>

                        <seq id=”preDoc”/>

                        <seq id=”postDoc”/>

                        <seq id=”startDoc”>^XA ^PRA,^LH0,3 ^XZ </seq>

                        <seq id=”endDoc”/>

                        <seq id=”preRecord”/>

                        <seq id=”postRecord”/>

                        <seq id=”startRecord”/>

                        <seq id=”endRecord”/>

                        <seq id=”prePage”/>

                        <seq id=”postPage”/>

                        <seq id=”startPage”>^XA ^LL<var name=”pageHeight”/> </seq>

                        <seq id=”endPage”>^XZ </seq>

                        <seq id=”carat”>^</seq>

                        <seq id=”tilde”>~</seq>

                        <seq id=”copy”>^PQ<var name=”numCopies”/> </seq>

                        <!– ========================================== –>

                        <!– Font Mappings                              –>

                        <!– written to var fontName                    –>

                        <!– ========================================== –>

                        <seq id=”CG Triumvirate_Normal_Normal_ISO-8859-1″>0</seq>

                        <seq id=”ZebraA_Normal_Normal_ISO-8859-1″>A</seq>

                        <seq id=”ZebraB_Normal_Normal_ISO-8859-1″>B</seq>

                        <seq id=”ZebraC_Normal_Normal_ISO-8859-1″>C</seq>

                        <seq id=”ZebraD_Normal_Normal_ISO-8859-1″>D</seq>

                        <seq id=”ZebraE_Normal_Normal_ISO-8859-1″>E</seq>

                        <seq id=”ZebraF_Normal_Normal_ISO-8859-1″>F</seq>

                        <seq id=”ZebraG_Normal_Normal_ISO-8859-1″>G</seq>


The command ^PRA determines the speed of the device, allowing for when the document is printed from within SAP using the ZPLxxx.XDC drivers to pick up the speed setting. Unfortunately ^PRA results to the devices being set to the lowest possible speed in our case 2IPS (Inches per second) by removing the ^PRA command from within the ZPLxxx.XDC driver we have been able to set the device manually to the faster speed in our case 10 IPS and this is no longer over written by the driver file allowing all printers being able to be set individually.

Of course you are also able to change the ^PRA command to reflect another speed (^PR?) but this is up to the customer.

The location from within a Unix directory is: /sapmnt/***/global/AdobeDocumentServices/lib/zpl203.xdc

ZPL203.xdc can be replace with any zpl driver 203 only defines what DPI is used , eg ZPL300.xdc  is another.

Hope this helps anyone out there.


Jack Moloney

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