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Author's profile photo Anjali P

Mapping Between R/3 Source Fields and BI InfoObjects – Part 1

This discussion is primarily focused on how to find the corresponding InfoObjects for fields in R/3 and vice versa.  I will be discussing the different SAP tables useful for this scenario and couple of other linked ones accessible from BI.


RSTRFIELDSH Table – Shadow table: Transfer Structure Fields

This table has been a lifesaver manytimes.  To access this go to se11 –> give the table name–>display. 

You can also use se16.  In that case you can go for Contents button straightaway.  The structure of the table cannot be viewed here.

Here I am using Tcode – se11


In the next screen, click on Contents


In the next screen, give the R/3 field name in FIELDNM and execute.

Here the FIELDNM represents the Field name and IOBJNM represents the InfoObject.


The resulting screen shows the corresponding standard InfoObjects created and details like

TRANSTRU – DataSource name

POSIT – Position of the Field in the Structure / Table

DTELNM – Data Element

DATATYPE – Datatype

LENG – Length (No. of Characters)


Here you can see that the standard InfoObject created is 0SALESORG/0DISTR_CHAN and the corresponding datasources used for this.

Alternatively, you can use this table to find all the fields and corresponding InfoObjects for any Standard DataSource.

For this give the datasource name in TRANSTRU and execute.


Here you can see all the fields and their properties in the Standard DataSource.


Hope you find this document helpful.  Please leave your valuable comments and ratings below.

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      Author's profile photo Erdem Uren
      Erdem Uren

      Hi Anjali. İt's great document. But why cant see all datasources in rstrfieldsh table?

      For example 2LIS_11_VAITM or 2LIS_13_VDITM.These datasources no exist in this table.

      Author's profile photo Raman Korrapati
      Raman Korrapati

      Hi Erdem,

      if you replicated/migrated your data source into 7.x then you need to check table RSOSFIELDMAP.

      Anjali doc was useful for 3.x data sources.


      Author's profile photo Erdem Uren
      Erdem Uren

      data soources 7.x. but i can find table rsosfiledmap. ex:2LIS_11_VAITM or 2LIS_13_VDITM

      Author's profile photo Raman Korrapati
      Raman Korrapati

      Yes, for BW 7.x , check table - RSOSFIELDMAP

      for BW 3.x , check table - RSTRFIELDSH