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Las Vegas Teched CD107 – ABAP Reports – Real Time, Real Fast, Needed Yesterday!

So you’ve signed up for Teched Las Vegas.   OR you are getting ready to sign up.   OR you are still thinking about it?   Really still thinking about it?   Why?   See all the cool blogs about reasons to go.

Now the fun begins….   Figuring out your schedule.   It’s always a problem for me.    I start with the hands-on that I am in.  (Hopefully get to sign up for them today)   Then I work around them with lectures and the NEW category Q&A.    Wow does that one sound fun.  I can’t wait to talk with experts.  Hopefully I get to stump them.  Then they’ll have to look for an answer.    I’ll have to get questions from people from work.   Then I’ll have to work up the courage to ask them during the Q&A session.   And hopefully my hand gets called.

OK – well really none of the above – except for the scheduling have anything to do with the title of the blog.   Really this is a pitch.   A pitch for my session.    I love to have people there.  I love to have questions.   And I love to be stumped.  (I’ll find the answer and e-mail it to you without a problem.)

So this session.   Everyone has a time when you are in the hot seat.  Someone is standing over you asking for a “quick” report.    Yes, I know BI/BW comes to mind.  But they are busy.   (I guess business objects too.)   So it is up to YOU the trusty ABAP programmer to come up with a report, well, yesterday.

In this session I hope to give you some examples.  I’m going to demo a lot.   Pre-recorded demos, but demos anyway.    I’ll talk about them instead of the material.  The material is for you to take home and replicate what I do.    Of course, you’ll have some changes.  I also expect some people to not agree with me in the audience.  GASP!   Not agree with me.   But…   But… It’s teched.   The session person knows all.   Sure they do.  You keep thinking that.   So I’m hoping for a discussion on different ways people would write the report than I would. Yes, I do know what I’m talking about.   I just know it’s SAP.   There are 2000 different ways to do one thing.

OK – so what am I showing you – well quick and dirty programming:

I talk about requirements – those written on napkins even.

Design and how it will help with a quick program.

Excel2ABAP – a fun way to create a quick an pretty Excel form

Object ALV – Always used with good programming practices and sometimes even in your internal guidelines

OLD fastioned structured programming


There are many others.  Time permitting, I’d love to show you some of them.  Including my favorite Web Dynpro.  

So does that sound like fun?   Like something you would like to do?   This is a beginner class.  However I encourage everyone to come.   If nothing else you can pepper us with your thoughts on what I’m presenting.    But fear not – I do know my material.

A quick one screen example – building ALV tips.


}Add as many fields as you can think of that make sense.  Even if they are not requested, you can

“hide” them via a layout and have them available later.  (Weigh performance with how many fields you


}Program with layout as a parameter on the selection screen.

}Allow for saving of layouts.

Now keep in mind this is the screen.   I’ll be demoing the program, and the results.    

I hope to see you at my session.   Or in the halls.   Stop and chat with me.   I would love to make contact with you.   I’ll be wearing a blue shirt with @MichelleCrapo on it.   😆

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  • To further add, don’t walk, but run/jog to Michelle’s session to get a seat.  She did an excellent job last year and I would strongly recommend sitting in her session.  For those of us who don’t get to play with all the “new toys” and what something that can be used when we are back from Teched, this will be a great session.

    Take care,


    • Thank you Stephen!   Great compliments coming from you.  Run?   I don’t know.  I know I love doing the sessoin.   I begged my new boss to let me go to Teched.   Lucky for me, he agreed.

      I do focus on the “old” toys.   Glad you brought that up!


      • Well I wasn’t suggesting folks try for a Personal Record or attempt a 5K before your session, but yours like many is one that normally the seats fill up fast which means if you want a front row seat you need to get there early instead of casually on-time.

        Unfortuantely for me I’m not going this year as too many things going on that just didn’t make it possible.  For those with less schedule conflicts, I would still highly recommend attending.

        Take care,


    • Wow!   Thank you Tammy.   You have like half a million sessions you are giving this year.  OK maybe not that many.  I hope to get to at least one!


    • Sampath,

      I’ll be glad to see you there!   Wow, my first nerves are already gone.   The night before I always wonder if anyone will get to my session.    Now I know at least one person will.

      A big thank you to you!