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Hi Guys,

I have been into Afaria Consulting for 1.5 years now  and somehow never found a complete document on what is supported on Afaria on each device platform. So rather looking for documents , I rolled my sleeves up and tested each functionality given below on each device platform. I know you people in field are bombarded with Afaria 7.0 functionality day in and out. and must be burning midnight oil to get those answers..I might not save whole night for you but will  save definately some oil for you..

So here it goes……..

Win CE Blackberry iOS Android
Allow user to enroll devices Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enrollment code support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collect Activity Data for Cellular, Data, SMS, MMS x Yes Yes Yes
Location Based Services x Yes Yes Yes
Deploy Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Update/Manage Applications Yes x Yes Yes
Blacklist/Whitelist Applications Yes x Yes Yes
Scan Hardware/Sotware Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lock down device features (camera, bluetooth) x x Yes Yes
Configure Activesync Email x x Yes Yes
Reboot or soft-reset device Yes x x x
Encrypted PIM Database x x x x
Admin Initiated Remote Lock x Yes Yes Yes
NT & LDAP Directory & Local Authentication Yes Yes x Yes
Multi-Tenant Server and Administrative Infrastructure Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remove/Disable Applications Yes x Yes Yes

I am here talking only about AES Samsung Android please donot bring those Chinese Android phone and test these functionalities.. i failed miserably on making Chinese phones under aegis of BYOD strategy…

I hope guys you enjoy this document and give client some quick answers….:)

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  1. Former Member

    hi dear sir,

    it’s very nice article for the afaria consultant.

    but i have one doubt about the ios white/black list, according to the following Q&A, the ios blacklist will coming soon, which currently version Afara doesn’t have. and i search all forum & do some reseach in afaria, i still cannot find it.

    could you let me know how you could make it? thanks a lot



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Lawrence,

      You should be able to create a Dynamic Group for ‘blacklisted apps’ and once the inventory detects the app is installed, changes the policies for the device to lock it down, or pull it from certain profiles with the policy assigned, etc.



        1. Former Member

          yeah can u explain more specfic how can you blacklist in IOS .

          As per my knowledge whitelist and blacklist currently not available in afaria 7.


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