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SAP Education India’s Commitment to Quality & Ethics

Dear community members:

I would like to take this opportunity to address some serious issues raised in recent blogs posted on SCN which touch specifically SAP Education’s operations in India. Three main issues appear to be consistently arising in SCN, as well as in other social media channels and forums:


Eligibility for SAP Certification


There continues to be criticism around practices which are viewed as discriminatory due to the certification eligibility processes, which can make it difficult or impossible for freelancers to get certified in India.


We appreciate your concerns around such policies and understand fully that experienced professionals can perceive the policies this way. Our experience has shown, however, that we do have to take additional measures to protect the certification credentials of people who work hard to achieve their
certification status in India.


The IP protection legislation in India does not effectively hinder the distribution of training materials and exam questions, and our exams are therefore potentially exposed to being widely distributed. If we do not take additional measures to hinder this, we are giving an unfair advantage to individuals who are willing to pay for exam questions rather than study for exams. We would also be putting our customers at risk of being exposed to certified individuals who do not have sufficient skills to undertake the work required. By validating project experience in our eligibility process we are introducing a safety measure to
protect our customers from the consequences of hiring or engaging supposedly “certified” individuals who have not actually attained their certification by fair means.


We realise that this is an inconvenience for some people, and we do our best to keep this process as seamless as possible. We understand that this may seem like an affront to those who have worked hard to gain certification status, but it is in fact our way of protecting the credibility of your status; other certification programs are also forced to implement similar or other more stringent measures in India to tackle this issue. We hope that people will understand, and look forward to congratulating many more of you in India on passing your certifications.

Claims that SAP Training Partners are selling training on the basis of a job guarantee that does not materialise


This was detailed in a personal story shared by someone on SCN. SAP in no way or form endorses this practice. SAP Education India is committed to doing everything we can to take quick and corrective action whenever institutions engaging in fraudulent activities and unethical practices are brought to our attention. We do not condone such activities as promises of employment as a result attending courses offered by SAP Education, and we urge anyone who enrolled in a course where such a claim is made to notify us immediately.

It is also important that anyone who seeks our certification or other training courses only uses official, recognised SAP Training Centres. The link to authorized education partners in India is available at:


SAP Education partners only provide SAP trainings and support candidates with placements. They don’t guarantee any placements, but if they come across any job opportunities they can pass along the respective job profiles.


Claims that the quality of training at SAP Authorised Training Partners is not always good

Another member of the community shared experiences in a blog, wherein he details a disappointing experience. We appreciate that he notified us via his SCN post, in which he provided many useful details – from the quality of the instructor and training materials to the overall infrastructure. This is important and valuable feedback. Whenever we are notified about the specifics (location and date of training, name of instructor, etc.), we can take quick action to
investigate further. Again, we take these issues very seriously at SAP Education India. Our quality assurance processes include such steps as regular
audits of our training centres, evaluation of profiles during counselling sessions, and recommendations made based on the background of the candidate.

It is our mission to provide world-class training on SAP products and solutions, and that people who attend SAP Education courses come away with a good experience and the expertise they desired. We encourage this dialogue, and I extend my commitment and the commitment of my team in addressing these issues.

I will be attending SAP TechEd 2012 Bangalore in November, and encourage anyone who is attending to visit SAP Education’s booth on the Services campus so members of my team can meet face to face. We would also be pleased to tell you about the certification exams SAP Education will be offering on site during the event in Bangalore. In the meantime, please continue to engage here in SCN, and feel free to contact me. Either I or someone from my team would be pleased to discuss your learning needs with you directly.

Thank you and best regards,


Mageshwari Ramaiah (Maggie)

Head of SAP Education, SAP India Subcontinent

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  • Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for your nice blog. Still, I have number of questions framing around in my mind. Frankly, will have no time to notify the complaints to SAP, as they are already tensed up with the amount paid. Many people might not be knowing whom to contact and where to contact.

    1. I have attended at Genovate Mumbai (FICO) in 2003 / Siemens Mumbai (SEM) in 2005 / Genovate Mumbai (SEM BW Based Consolidation) in 2006. But, unfortunately, none of these institutes have given the printed copies of materials. I can confirm always they are photostat copies. Unlike other countries like UK, where the printed copies of the materials are served with the participants. Do not know if this is the same case with India? I still wonder how many Authorised Training Centers are physically distributing printed copies rather than photostat copies of the materials?

    2. Would SAP India Education would really give any preference of value to the elite list of Global Partner. I believe you have one of the rule that the participant must be working with the local partner / customer of SAP. I have been rejected on the basis that I was working with Global Partner, but not with your local partner? However, with the same credentials SAP Malaysia has accepted my application. I had altogether to flew to KL to write my Certification? What is the discrimination policy between KL and Bangalore, when both the locations are situated geographically in APAC region.

    3. Most of the time (may be I am unfortunate) the server connection is poor, particularly if it is new dimension product such as SEM / BI. The Management Team at Authorised Training Centers used to blame SAP India for problem in connection. As participant, I am really not much interested what is the background score for this mistake.

    4. Some of the facilities are not worth for person visit. Probably, we selected the wrong time in rainy season, rooms are flooded with water and ACs gone for repair.

    5. I am really not sure if you strictly follow the training timings. Sharp 9 to 5. If it is the case, much appreciated. But, people would expect few hours may be atleast 8 am to 7 pm type of hours if somebody wants to extend they practice etc. Unfortunately, the course is completed by afternoon only. Do not if any of the instructions are strictly followed by the Instructors. When the course is for 8 hours, how come they can be able to complete in 4 hours?

    6. Some of my courses are for 25 days (including 5 days) project, but the courses are completed within 17 days and there were no project at all. I really do not know what is point of including 5 days projects? It is a simple wastage of for the participants, when there is no serious commitment is there from the Institute.

    7. Particularly, 60 of our colleagues are being registered for TechEd (do not exactly remember the year may be 2006 or 2007). They have not intimated anything before paying the amount. But, when the fee has been collected, they intimated we need so and so documents and they informed us you will not get any refund. After lot of fight, they have deducted 2500 INR and most of the people dropped. This is a definite lack of transparency.

    I really doubt if anybody in India has spent more money than me from the personal pockets. I am very regret to inform you, after spending lakhs of rupees for SAP Education in India, every time it was some kind of disgusting experience. Luckily passed every time, but that does not mean that they have really delivered what they have promised.

    I know it would not serve any meaningful purpose to dig what has happened 7 years back. Rather than claiming the wonderful quality processes or procedures, I would be highly appreciated if SAP / Authorised Training Partners look into the "Opportunities for Improvement"

    8. I am not referring to all the trainers. Unfortunately, some of the trainers not fit. No project experience / Implementation Experience. SAP India is asking for Implementation Experience for the participants in order to write the examination. But, surprisingly, there are without any implementation experience (seen tutors with demo experience). Not sure whether there is any check on the tutor / instructor's credentials claims of implementation experience?

    Please let me know if you would like to know any further details.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Ravi,

      I sincerely thank you for being on the SAP Education SCN.  I have read through your blogs and appreciate your thoughts around improvement of SAP Education offerings in India.  We value your feedback and I would like to have a discussion around the same.  Please send me your contact details so that I can call you at a time convenient to you.

      Look forward talking to you soon.



    • Dear Ravi,

      At the outset I would like to thank you for being on the SAP Education area of SCN.  I have read through your blogs and appreciate your thoughts around improvement of SAP Education offerings in India.  We definitely value your feedback and will execute upon them if not done already.  Just to update you on what has already been done, please read through the following:

      1. Training material is being provided as Photostat copies at Education Partner centers due to the policy that soft copies of the material should not be sent out to external parties.  However based on your input, we are taking this up internally and asking for approvals to send soft copies to the education partner who can then provide printed material to the students.
      2. I do agree that a few years back we were approving candidates for direct certification only if they worked for an Indian partner or customer.  However the same has been changed since 2010 to offer the direct certification to employees of global partners too. I do agree that certification policies in India a bit more stringent than any other countries
        in APJ or globally.  This is due to the fact we have so many illegally run institutes in India not just for SAP but for all other technologies also.
      3. Apologies for the server issues that you faced during your training program.  Since we connect to servers in Germany during the training program, we therefore take utmost care to ensure there are no disconnections. As you would also appreciate that sometimes the technology does give us a hard time and hence we face poor connections.  We have improvised on this to a large extent and I can assure you that the connections available today are much more robust and stable as compared to maybe 5 years ago.  I would urge you to please write to me directly if you face any issues in future when attending SAP training in India.
      4. We have put in place a very strict guideline on the infrastructure requirement from a partner.  I am sure if you walk into any of our centers today, you will see this change.  Also there are regular audits by SAP team to ensure infrastructure is well maintained by the partner and all facilities required are in place.
      5. Initially due to limitations, we did restrict our classes from 9 to 5 sharp.  However over the years with increasing demand for extension of hours, our centers are open beyond 5pm to accommodate candidates who would like to study and practice on the system.  Instructors follow the guidelines of the instructor guide which has the timelines written down very clearly.  I would urge you or any candidate who finds this not happening
        to write in to me directly and we will take it up with the center accordingly.
      6. I am not sure if you were one of the early candidates who provided feedback on the curriculum but looks like you might have been. Because your feedback about the case study has been taken seriously, we now only have mini case study which is completed in maximum 2.5 days.  Thanks for your feedback on this.
      7. While I don’t manage TechEd from a holistic perspective, I can definitely take your feedback to the team which manages the same.  If you have any communication around what happened in 2006 or 2007, I can certainly pass it to them.  Meanwhile for this year if you need any guidance or support on TechEd, let me know and I will get the right people to communicate with you.  SAP Education is involved in TechEd from a certification perspective but we work very closely with the TechEd team.

      I do appreciate your time, effort and investment in SAP Education.  My personal apologies for the not so good experience you have had but would like to assure you that we have come a long way in the last 7 years and if you attend training now you will definitely see the change.
      I would definitely like to keep in touch with you to get constant feedback for our improvement.  Feel free to contact me on SCN or send me your email id
      and I will keep in touch.



      • Dear Maggie,

        You were my invigilator when I have written my first FICO certification way back in 2003. Good to see your mail and positive feedback.

        My only intention of spelling our my experiences is the people investing enormous amount of money and effort should get the best possible quality of the education. It is not possible to give 100% satisfaction to all the people. I would also urge your attention for the trainers being appointed, particularly for new dimension products. If there some emphasis on the quality of trainers, that would really benefit the participants.

        I am moved out of India, not sure whether I get a chance to attend any educational programs in India. It would be good to know that SAP is constantly striving for the better quality standards.

        We have registered around 60 people for TechEd. However, nothing has been either communicated or maintained in their website regarding the qualification. Once the fee is being paid, the mails are sent to all the participants asking to qualify on so and so criteria. Our company, which was a global partner, has given letters for each participants, but they asked for other details like implementation experience, number of years with current employer etc. Hence, 90% of people dropped out of attending Teched. Unfortunately, they made some 2500 INR deducted from each participant towards administrative charges. That was my last TechEd registered and later I really lost the interest on TechEd. The only reason being I had to undergo lot of mental trauma for the initiative taken to collect the money from 60 colleagues to avail the group discounts.

        Thank you once again.

        Kind Regards,


      • Hi Maggie,

        I am Pramod from Bangalore, have been following you blog in SCN since a week now. I have recently enrolled myself for SAP CO online training with ATOS Bangalore. Reading all the blogs, I am a bit confused and skeptical if I am being delivered all the services upon registration. My main concern is the Student handbook that I have received, on all of its 3rd page I read "This book is intended to complement the instructor-led presentation of this course, and serves as a source of reference. It is not suitable for self-study", is this the correct handbook I should be using for the Online Lead Training. Please guide me, and what other services should I ensure be provided.

        Please reply, thank you for your time.

        • Do not waste time & money on SAP CO online training,

          1. most of examples were not working, if one is working in the beginning, entire series in the book, does not work.

          2. Their help line is less help full.  because solving one problem is not enough., it has to corrected in the entire book.

          3. The place they conducted the training was like old internet cafe, with lack of ventilation. It is difficult ot sit hours for study, such places OK for watching p*rns etc.

          4. Furniture were of sub standard, this is very important as you need to sit hours together.

          6. ACs were either not working or improperly placed, this is important in a closed room.

          7. Study material not validated and tested. You will end up in wasting time.

          8. This is intense training, we are all working class with limited time. So entire program has to work smoothly as huge money being spent.

          I am SAP Certified Consultant, I know how it should be and what it should be, but this training I have waste huge money and time.

          Think twice, scrutinize and then decide.

  • Hi Maggie


    Thanks for Starting this discussion.

    May I know the process to be followed to directly appear for SAP certification exam.

    I have over 6 years of SAP FICO experience, currently working with One of Large MNC Implementation partner.


    • Hi Nitesh,

      Please provide your email id so that I can send you an email with all the required information for direct certification.



  • Hi,

    I am SAP SD certified consultant, I would like to take up the certification for HANA. but i am unable to find any centres for the HANA certification. Please let me know which centre i can take the certification from. I took the SD certification in USA and have a valid S user, Can i use the S user and take up the exam? I currently work for reputed MNC. How i can take the HANA certification in India? Please Help!!



    • If you want to take certification in US, it is simple, please talk to the SAP Education Team, they will help you to register.

      However, if you want to take in India, you need to satisfy different prerequisites. For further details, contact Education Team at SAP in Bangalore.



  • Dear Ms. Mageshwari,

    Once upon a time there was a devotee. He regularly goes to temple and pray on fix corner of a temple, for years.

    One day a votary said to that devotee "see your foot print is marked on this place but still god don't even look at you."

    Immediately the devotee started dancing.

    Votary surprised saying have you gone mad ?

    The answer given by devotee was really outstanding, he said

    "I don't mind if god don't even look at me, at least he has noted attendance by way of my foot print on this place!"

    So as I am very happy that my personal story has resulted at least into some positive efforts. Now further it turns into positive result or not that let destiny decide. I am also of the opinion that "Do your best and leave the rest to God"

    How so ever we work hard to remove darkness, all our efforts will prove in vain. Only thing required is just one ray of light to remove it.

    Same way, Controlling administrative or marketing issues are like manual efforts towards removing darkness.

    On the basis of my own experience, I am of the opinion that there is only one way to overcome all the education related issues and that is to bring in practicals. Without which education is termed as "Bookish Knowledge". Practicals may prove to be a ray of light. (Please refer to the blog Root cause analysis of major problems in SAP Career (Certification) for new comers / fresher.)

    I understand that this will have lots and tons of hindrances but will have to take initiative and "Do our best in that direction and leave the rest to God."

    Every thing will prove good if end is good.

    I am ready to contribute my share, if so required.


    Chirag Shah 🙂

  • Hi Maggie,

                   I am proceeding training at delphi computech pune. Why dont you provide original copies of the course material, rather than just giving photocopies. You are saying its a policy. But we are investing huge amount in to this. Atleast we should get quality course material.Not providing soft copies, can be a part of policy. What do you think about this......??? Pls. revert.



  • Hello Maggie!

    Firstly, thanks a lot for a great article here. Well, I am new to the SCN community, and spending time reading blogs and articles everywhere for seeking out some information before proceeding towards the certification. I am a Fresher (but I have an experience as a Freelancer for more than an year with .Net). I have decided to go for SAP - ABAP module in the month of April (as it interests me a lot) and since then, I joined an unofficial institute in Hyderabad for getting acquaint with SAP before getting into the real Certification (and of course, it helped me making good at it; I have a confidence in ABAP now).

    I usually thought SAP as a quality benchmark in IT. Expecting Job guarantee is really an impractical thought anyone can think of; but, reading so many blogs, websites, experiences, articles, the only thing that I have found is that going for "SAP" is getting same as a Degree institute in India! We spend a lot of money here.

    • On every blog, or certified experience holders' article, they say that there are some institutes which have a temporary faculty, they are not giving an expected quality of teaching, low professionalism in some institutes, also some of them will not going to pay much attention on their quality, etc etc.
    • Secondly, I am seeing the list - at SAP Asia website, the list of "authorized" institutes are getting longer and longer day-by-day. Why? Some of them are starting with their first batch and of course we can not rely on them to spend lakhs of money on!
    • I don't know what to do for this - I have come across an "authorized" center for SAP certification in Bangalore that is providing me with a Job assurance and I am planning to go with it as well. But, I had a conversation with some other reputed centers about this course and found that no one provides a job guarantee (that is so obvious). But, I am worried, whether to go with Bangalore center (which is providing me a job guarantee) or to go with the one which has a name, reputation. Although, these so called "reputed" institutions have so many complaints that I can see on the internet Forums.
  • Hi Maggie,

    Thanks a lot for this official article .. Well I have been having the same concerns which Mr. Swapnil has mentioned above and have been waiting for a response from you..

    Even I have visited 2 of the authorised training centres but unable to take any decision to go ahead with them or not.. They promise to get you placed and emphasize that they only train candidates according to the requirements they get from their clients (they claim to have few of the major names as their clientele)... is it true that there are very less chances to get a job after certification unless you are experienced enough..

    I have done a masters and I got around 6 years of experience in sales and marketing domain as a total fresher to SAP and planning to pursue CRM module.. Any suggestions????



  • Dear Maggie,

    Excellant article by you. I am also a victim of such false commitment from a company where they commited in service agreement  to provide traning from SAP India and did not   but deposing false. If SAP issue information by checking traning history database then we can highlight such company and prevent to do so.  To proof his false as true  they are claiming SAP don't provide attendance certificate if venue of training is at client place.

    I sent my case to you on your LINKEDIN message box with my mobile as after reading this I thought to highlight such unethical companies.



    • Hi Sandeep,

      I would request that you send me your email id so that we can take this case up and see what actions can be taken against this organization.



  • Hello Maggie.

    I have some really serious concern. Since it is the post about Ethics and quality, I preferred writing it here. Please try to reply soon because I'm really out of time.

    I have attended and completed SAP Training from Source One, Bengaluru. The training started on 5th of August and ended up on 6th of September. Since then, I'm continuously trying to take a scheduled date for the Examination but all they've to say is that SAP is Not allocating a server for exam. As you know, within 15 days after completion of training (~21st September) the fee is Rs.30,708+taxes; and after that time, it is Rs.35,708+taxes. I know this fact as well.

    What actually happened is that before starting with batch, they told me to wait for starting date as servers are Not allocated by SAP. I have to wait 1 complete month (wasted). Then after finishing of training, I was eagerly waiting for the certification date so as to get it a.s.a.p. But all they've said to me is to wait because SAP is not allocating a server for exam to them. Then on 21st of September, I got the date, that is on 16th October. Please Note here that I was ready to give exam within 15 days but Because of Failure of Server, I now have to pay Rs.35,000+taxes. WHY SO? Is it really seems ethical? I don't think so. I'm spending 3 lakhs on SAP already and what I'm getting in return? Just waiting and more & more amount! Why? Doesn't there's a check from SAP side that what is going in here? I thought that SAP is the "real-good" stuff, but honestly, I'll never suggest anybody to do this SAP thing! Never.

    Firstly I don't understand the reason for undergoing official training mandatory for the certification. Secondly, I don't understand after paying >Rs.3 lakhs why we're getting a Xerox copy of the content from SAP (not original); and lastly, if SAP is such a good thing, then why these things are NOT logical enough?

    Well, I don't know what to do next, but I'm terribly frustrated by the whole system, and seems that we, don't really have anything that worthy. Thanks SAP. Thanks Maggie, I'm waiting for your reply!

  • Hello Maggie,

    Thanks for such a good blog post about the Quality and Ethics of SAP Education India.
    I have been wondering all the time since i know about SAP,  why in SAP India Education have different policies all over as policy simply means its same for all people.
    Now, I got your point of doing so....

    May be.., but don't know still this can be improved to provide the quality education to the deserving candidates...
    I am sure, you may do have a research team to pursue excellence in providing quality Education.
    But my concern here is whether you people involving any certified consultants / your  partners / your Customers in any of the survey to improve the education & support given to the people. (Lets say it periodically/annually).

    Also, If you please let us know about the necessary qualification of a trainer.. that will be good. Because neither in any of the site., i found the qualification for the trainer.
    I mean, If this is transparent, People can make sure that they are getting the training from the right qualified trainer.
    As you know, In India, people are spending (Investing) more money to pursue a career in SAP. So they deserve the right Quality in all aspects.

    Please let me know, if i want to make myself more clear.

    Kind Regards,

  • Hi Maggie,

    After reading this blog and understanding the concerns of a number of users. I just have one question:

    How many of the general concerns raised in this blog have been resolved ?

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Hitesh,

      We have made efforts to address as many general concerns as possible that were raised in this blog.  If you would like to get updates on any particular item, please provide your email id so that I can address the same.



  • Dear Maggie ,

    I know its a old thread but its still touches my raw nerves hence I would put my comments.

    My points are

    • When SAP charges 30k - 50k for a certification but doesn't provide any training material , then it is also a part of the problem. The proliferation of material is partly because experienced SAP consultants don't need training they need training material. If the certification material is provided , then many such problems would end.
    • There are too many certified consultants who are not well versed in SAP. ( I am not exaggerating). Part of the problem is you can shoot well in the shooting range but can't simulate real bullets flying past you. So if you really want to protect, the certification credentials, then expose them to real world.
    • Far more emphasis on SAP certified institutes rather than on good instructors.I have mentored a fresher with SAP certification and he told me a very sorry tale of the instructor. For teaching you need aptitude ,subject matter expertise and good attitude.
    • I am a gold contributor in SAP CRM forums so I have a fair bit of bench marking. But in essence the bench marking in SAP SCN is not carry forwarded to SAP Education.
    • Personally certification is no deal for me. If I have the passion to learn no force can stop me.I buy SAP Press books and update myself rather than go through a needless "evaluation process".If sometime my company pays for me , probably yes but not with my money, I would go for SAP Certification.


  • Dear Kavindra,

    It is SAP Policy that Certification fee is exclusively for writing SAP Certification, but does not include any Certification material. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed. Many of the IT Certifications like CISA, CISM etc. charge only exclusively for certification fee, it does not include any materials.

    Certification has a limitation, more than 3000 pages are to be covered within a span of 25 days. Mostly, SAP emphasizes to cover the fundamentals. SAP tries to give a foundation to the consultant. After the course, the consultant has to learn on a daily basis throughout his professional career. If the consultant fails to learn anything, then we cannot blame SAP for the quality of the consultants.

    Though they would try to bring the best consultants on the board, unfortunately, you may find some painful cases of poor instructors at times. If you have any such instances, immediately bring it to the attention of SAP Education. They would be able to take necessary steps to resolve your issue.

    At the end of the day, Certification is a personal choice. The are very good consultants with or without certification. There are good consultants failed in SAP Certification and there are bad consultants passed SAP Certification with more than 90%. There are many way to develop the skills of SAP Consultants. It is ultimately the consultants choice, whether by way of SAP Certification or by going the SAP Books. If we have real passion to do something, then it would never look for whose money it is.

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Ravi,

      I believe certification is over hyped but necessary for breaking through as a fresher.Also certain geographies it adds advantage to you even if you are experienced.

      If you count the no. of employees certified at sap  vs no. of certified outside , you would have a startling ratio.Trust me on this.

      If the fees is paid only for exam , then there would always be a grey market for procuring material.If someother exams also don't give material then equally they would have a grey market.The solution is to include it in certification fees.Gre,Gmat are able to maintain the IP in india using pearson adminstered tests so why can't SAP ? By the way they sell certification material freely and make money out of it.

      I am not against certification but against artifical barriers created in India to obtain certification.Anyways a Sap press book costs 5k Inr compared to the huge certification costs so I would be using that channel.


  • the so called unauthorised training institutes or freelancer trainers, are legally allowed to Train in SAP? say if they are not providing any certification persay, are they allowed to train on SAP?

  • Hi Maggie,

    I'm writing this msg to you in very pain in follow-up with SAP Germany and SAP India.

    This is Kiran from Hyderabad, and I wrote my SAP MM Certification at Pearsonvue on 21.07.2014 at Dubai, my details as below FYI:

    <<removed by moderator: removing user and certification details>>

    In this regards, I would like to inform you that since Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 6:12 PM. I'm following-up with Mercado Rosarie of SAP Germany for my Certificate, she said that certificate has been sent to me which I've not yet received so far, after that she asked to collect from their Dubai office (which is not possible for me now and moreover I don't have contacts at Dubai).

    On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 4:44 PM, She added SAP India (education.india & raji.r), so far there is no reply from them. Even after sending the reminders to ALL.

    I need your help very badly.



  • Dear Maggie,

    Greetings from Venkatakrishna. I have joined FI certification program a week ago. Please share your inputs in order to gain solid knowledge in SAP - FICO and to clear certification with decent percentage.

    Going forward seeking your inputs. Have a great week ahead.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Venkatakrishna Reddy. M

    • No short cuts. Focus on training & learn what the teacher teaches you.

      Remember, the course will continue day by day , week by week and never stops till the last day, next day is exam. So your commitment will decide the victory. Nothing else.

      Good Luck. But There is no Luck, Good is in your hands.


  • Hi Maggi I have 11 years of experience in SAP ABAP. I want to do the certifcation in SAP HANA for Technical. Can u suggest which course should I opt for.I have gone through the basic Introduction on Hana course in OPEN SAP.Please also help me to understand the process of enrolling for the same.My email id is