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Announcing the SCN Topic Leaders 2011-2012

As the Olympics have come to an end, we know the community needs the excitement to continue, and what is more exciting than the announcement of SCN’s Topic Leaders 2011-2012!

Every year, in August, we recognize the Top 3 contributors – Topic Leaders in SCN point categories. The launch of the new SCN is special and although that happened in the middle of the contest (March 2012), we still wanted the community to be recognized for their contribution points in the 43 old point categories. We looked at your contributions in the old SCN point categories as well as in the new SCN topic spaces and mapped them all to the same point categories.

We know the community has been patiently waiting and we are excited to announce the Topic Leaders for 2011-2012! 

ABAP Development:

Michelle Crapo

Max Bianchi

Raymond Giuseppi

Data Warehouse:

Durgesh Gandewar

Venkateswarlu Nandimandalam

Kiran Vasant Kere


Tammy Powlas      

Ingo Hilgefort

Tim Ziemba    

Business One:

Gordon Du

Rahul Moundekar

Jitin Chawla

Business Process Expert:

Norman Marks

Greg Chase

John Leggio

Business Process Management:

Rick Bakker

Karri Kemppi

Pavan Bhamidipati

Business Solutions:

Maheswaran KD

Luke Marson


Business Standards:

Gregory Misiorek

Mark Crawford

Nikola Simeonov     


Chi Chu

Lijun Yue

Feng Huidong

Cloud Computing:

Richard Hirsch            

Sven Denecken          

Judson Wickham

SAP Crystal Reports and SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard:

Don Williams

Ludek Uher

Abhilash Kumar

Customer Relationship Management:

Andrei Vishnevsky

Leon Limson

Hasan Zubairi

Databases and OS Platforms:

Orkun Gedik

Tomas Krojzl

Deepak Kori

Developer Center:

Satya Murthy            

Ingo Sauerzapf         

Kaloyan Raev              


Chris Scott

Omer Steinmetz

Clinton Jones

Enterprise Portal:

Tobias Hofmann

Koti Reddy Chimalamarri      

Kumar Prashant

Enterprise Resource Planning:

Sujit Gujar

Jeevan S.      

Fire Fighter


Atif Farooq

Ajay Maheshwari

Murali Babu Nallamothu


Eric Lai

Tammy Powlas

Peter Novoth

Governance, Risk and Compliance (SAP GRC):

Ajesh Raju Pujari

Kevin Tucholke

Rajeshwari Akkamgari

SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing:

Krishna Tangudu           

Ravindra Channe            

Anooj Behanan  

Human Capital Management:

Siddharth Rajora

J. Pazahanick

Luke Marson


Eli Klovski

Christian Schwegler        

William Eastman


Shiroh Kinoshita         


Naoto Miyahara

Knowledge Management:

Kenneth Schieffer

Lorcan Bouchier

Tobias Trapp

Logistics Material Management:

Jürgen Lins

Bijay Kumar Barik             

Tej Yadav

Master Data Management:

Ravi Verma

Deepak K Gupta

Steffen Ulmer

Mobile Infrastructure:

Milja Gillespie

Eric Lai

Kevin Benedict

Portuguese (Brazil):

Fernando Ros

Henrique Pinto

Eduardo Chagas

Process Integration and Orchestration:

Michal Krawczyk

Grzegorz Glowacki

Baskar Gopalakrishnan

Product Lifecycle Management:

Fire Fighter


Ritesh Dube

Sales and Distribution:

G Lakshmipathi

Shiva Ram

Jyoti Prakash

SAP NetWeaver:

Case Ahr               

Yarden Jacobson          

Veit Gaudich

SAP NetWeaver Application Server:

Srikishan D

Koti Reddy Chimalamarri      

Cristiano Hansen

SAP NetWeaver Platform:

Roop Hooda

Sunny Pahuja

Juan Reyes

The SCN team wants to give special mention for Patrick Whitty who has contributed a lot in the SCN Wiki, giving other members a place to learn (see the Troubleshooting Guide) and contribute, as well as a platform for well-structured content. Patrick has scored a lot of points on SCN but has been kind enough to give room for other people to be recognized as Topic Leaders in the NetWeaver area.

SAP Solution Manager:

Jansi Rani Murugesan    

Tom Cenens   

Prakhar Saxena

SAP xApps:

Dipankar Saha

Suman Mukherjee

Sushil Aher

Scripting Languages

Andreas Eissmann

Alvaro Tejada Galindo

Script Man 


Martin Blust

Martin Voros

Dobrinka Stefanova

Service Oriented Architecture:

Alexander Bundschuh

Sujit Hemachandran

Kay Kadner


Felipe Loyola Rodriguez

Eduardo Rezende

Hector Daniel Hernandez Bacca

Supplier Relationship Management:

Ricardo Cavedini

Tridip Chakraborthy

Nikhil Gupta

Supply Chain Management:

Mangalraj Senthamaraikannan

Bruce Tanguay

Rajesh Jagadeeswaran   


David Wheat

Hyunsoo Shim

Jim Spath


Richard Hirsch

Jim  Spath

Ervin Szolke

University Alliances:

Diem Lam               

Tanya Duncan

Cam Davie

Web Dynpro:

Thomas Jung

Kiran Kumar Reddy      

Saravanan Narayanan

Web Services:

Jennifer O’Rourke

Daniel Graversen

Gabriel Serme

Congratulations! I’ll be reaching out to you to send you the certificate per email and see if you plan to attend TechEd. Unfortunately, there will be no free pass.

New categories:

We added 3 new categories in key strategic areas that have shown a lot of popularity (Cloud, Developer Center, and HANA). We wanted to highlight areas that are established trends, important to the community and strategic to SAP. As you know, because they are fairly new, these topics wouldn’t have been singled out if we hadn’t created new point categories for them.

The benefits:

Additional recognition and certificates are one thing, but I know that most of you are waiting for something more tangible, something valuable in your daily activities. With a new, more social SCN, we have opportunities to make your engagement fun and help you grow your expertise and showcase it in the community and outside as well. I will be working with my new manager Laure Cetin to introduce extensive game mechanics later this year. This will change the way people are rewarded for their contributions on SCN, and you can also expect changes in how we recognize Topic Leaders, experts in their fields. More information will come soon in a series of blogs as we kick off the project.

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