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OData service support in Duet Enterprise – 2.0 and 1.0FP1 SP3

SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 has within the SAP architecture the role of transparent integration layer to the SAP Business Suite:


Duet Enterprise is a consumer of the SAP Gateway layer, Sybase Unwired Platform is another consumer for Mobile devices. The access through Gateway is based on current interoperability standards: W3* (SOAP / WSDL) Web Services and OData services (REST protocol).

In the current Duet Enterprise 1.0 FP1 product OData support iswas missing. The direct explanation is that SharePoint 2010 BCS does not support OData consumption. For Duet Enterprise interoperability it is was therefore necessary to unlock SAP data via the SAP Gateway Generic Channel. Sybase Unwired Platform since version 2.1 does have OData consumption support.

From the market (partners, including The Next View, and customers) is urged to include OData support in Duet Enterprise. Main limitation is, however, SharePoint 2010 BCS.

In SharePoint 2013, BCS supports OData consumption. And Duet Enterprise 2.0 can therefore also support the interoperability via Gateway OData Channel. Integration via Generic Channel continues to be supported, in terms of design-time and runtime.

SAP Gateway includes generator tools for Generic and OData channel. Both are subject to the restriction that SAP hierarchical data structure is not supported (no mapping capability). In case of hierarchical data it is possible to ‘handcraft’ the Gateway service in ABAP code. The programming model for custom OData providers is thereby a lot simpler compared to that for Generic Channel services.

Note: we use for exchange of complex SAP structures the XML Funneling architectural pattern, via which we still have the opportunity to utilize the benefits of the Gateway generator tools.

SAP and Microsoft have recognized that (potential) Duet Enterprise 1.0 FP1 customers, now want to connect to the future OData option of Duet Enterprise 2.0. For example, to reuse the same Gateway service for Mobile channel and SharePoint / Duet Enterprise. To make this possible, with Duet Enterprise 1.0 SP03 (released today, September 14) an OData-SOAP Bridge is included. In short this Bridge maps OData-based output of Gateway OData services to SOAP services, which then integrate into SharePoint 2010 BCS. The OData-SOAP Bridge is restricted to ‘flat’ SAP data structure, data-retrieval of complex SAP structure to SharePoint is thus not possible.

In Duet Enterprise 2.0 the OData-SOAP Bridge is not included; SharePoint 2013 BCS itself can directly consume OData.



  • Duet Enterprise 2.0 requires SharePoint 2013
  • In Duet Enterprise 2.0 the OData + Generic channels are supported; SharePoint 2013 BCS can consume OData services
  • For Duet Enterprise 1.0 a OData-SOAP bridge is available via SP03 to bridge Gateway OData services for consumption as SOAP web service in SharePoint 2010 BCS
    • Application of the Bridge is restricted to flattened SAP structure; in reality SAP data often has a hierarchical / complex structure (e.g. SAP LSO)
  • SAP advice on the interoperability endpoint decision: OData Channel or Generic Channel?

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