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What are the Rules of Engagement in our SAP Community Network?

From the time this community launched back in 2003, our members have continuously helped us evolve a set of community guidelines, formulated participation rules and have even pointed to cultural values that work as recommendations for a better engagement experience.

A while back, SVP Mark Yolton shared the idea of an honor code in his blog:Building Community: Expressing Core Cultural Values Through an Honor Code

If one were to boil these values and rules to a few simple phrases they might look something like this:

Be authentic, transparent, timely, responsive, reciprocal, courteous and humble (and as Mark outlined in his post), have respect, maintain trust, assume good faith, encourage others, strengthen the community and recognize good work.  This goes for those initiating posts, those responding and commenting to them, and even those lurking and contemplating participation.

Moderators have continuously asked for a concise place to point newbies to where a “Rules of Engagement” are clearly outlined.

To this end, we have updated and simplified the “Rules of Engagement” which are now prominently accessible from the Getting Started Page and on most of the homepages of topics (under the Actions box).

read the rules of engagement.png


Would love to hear your thoughts.

read the rules of engagement.png
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  • Thanks for this Marilyn, I’m going to post a link to this in the Business One space to help encourage folk to participate and interact more as we discussed.

  • “…humble…”? I’m soooo out of here! 🙂

    On the old web site I thought this was more visible as a “sticky” thread in the forums. In the ABAP forum I didn’t notice the link. Perhaps good place for it would be in the top navigation menu (e.g. top right corner where ‘Getting started’, ‘Newsletters’ and ‘Store’ links are). If the rules apply to the whole SCN, they should be displayed where they can be accessed from anywhere.

    Also having a link on the page where the new discussion/blog is created might be helpfull to ensure more people read the rules before posting.

    Thank you.