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How to Build Delta Loading in BPC 7.5 NW




You want to extract finance transaction data to BPC, the data source is 0FIGL_10. DSO(0FIGL_O10) has been created. Loading from InfoCube is not recommended because the compression will break the delta request.

All the data has been loaded to DSO-0FIGL_10.


Step by Steps


Set up a Staging DSO(Z_FIBPC) with the same dimension as the destination Application.



Create Transformation from 0FIGL_O10 to the new DSO(Z_FIBPC).



Create DTP to load delta data. Select “Only Get Delta Once” in the Delta Mode.



Create Process Chain for data loading.

Use UJD_TEST_PACKAGE to include the Data Package into the Loading process chain.


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  • I agree.  This is a great post!

    If you are ever looking to do this in BPC 10 NW, please take a look at the free content in the SAP rapid-deployment solution for new G/L financial planning.  

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