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Sometimes requirement might come where in we need to use check boxes in our reports. This document shows how to create check boxes in Crystal Reports 2008. The eFashion universe is used for the demonstration purpose. Here if the Sales Revenue is more than 10000, we need to check the box otherwise the box will be unchecked. As I earlier said this is just for demonstration purpose, actual requirements can be different. But the procedure of creating the check boxes will remain same as explained:


1. Create a simple report using Crystal Reports 2008 as shown:


2. Create a new formula field, say check box.


3. Write following code in the formula field editor.

   If {Agg_yr_qt_mt_mn_wk_rg_cy_sn_sr_qt_ma.Sales_revenue} > 10000


   Chr(254) Else



4. Drag the formula field on the report. The report will look like this:


5. Right click the formula field. Go to the format field option.


6. Go to the tab Font and change the font to WingDings.


7. We have the final report as shown:


Thus the records which have revenue more than 10000 have checked boxes whereas the records with revenue less than 10000 have unchecked boxes. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Mike,

      It works fine when you export to pdf. The check boxes are still there. You can try a simple scenerio as explained above and then export it to pdf. You will see the check boxes there as well.


      Neeraj Sharma

  1. Former Member

    How would I add a check box based on Y or N values?

    Also, let’s say I have 50 fields with either Y or N value in them, do I need to create a formula for each of the fields?

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Jack,

      You can write following formula for Y or N values:

      If {Table_Name.Field_name} = “Y”

      Then Chr(254)

      Else Chr(168);

      For your second question, I don’t find any other way i.e. you need to create a formula for each field.


      Neeraj Sharma

      1. Former Member

        Hi Neeraj,

        Yes I wrote the formula before you wrote back and it worked like a charm. I just hoped that I could consolidate all of the fields into one formula and be done with it.

        Thank you very much for the document you’ve created.


      2. Former Member

        That would be a nice feature:

        File > Options > Fields > Boolean… > Boolean

        – Add a cusomized text option instead of just the static list.

        I am using CR 2008


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