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My PowerBuilder Help Favorites

Okay, so I have some usability issues with the ‘Help’ application in PB version 12.5 but that’s another story.

My current favorites are:

  • Building a window
  • Calling functions and events in an object’s ancestor
  • Datatypes for external function arguments
  • DataWindow Object Properties
  • defining display formats
  • Evaluating DataWindow expressions in the Describe function
  • MouseMove (flags and mousemove)
  • painter views
  • PowerBuilder runtime files
  • Scrolling in windows and user objects
  • Treeview getitem

Which ones do you find helpful to keep at your fingertips?

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  • Not exactly help, but I always set up a toolbar icon (rabbit in the hat) for the DWSyntax tool. Tip of the hat to Terry Dykstra for digging out the magic words.


  • I use:

    Database parameters and supported database interfaces

    About DataWindow data expressions (as Guillaume mentions)… Very helpful and deep analysis.


  • Mine are…

    • Datawindow Object Properties
    • Datawindow Control Properties
    • Datawindow object subobject properties

    Probably just because its difficult to quickly locate them in the help.  I find it funny that I sometimes even have problems trying to locate my bookmarks in the help system, because they aren’t available as a tab on the main help window, you have to actually pick some content first, then bookmarks become part of the menu-structure on the content window.