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HowTo copy queries, structures, restricted and calculated key-figures between info-providers that have a different structure (RSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE)


When you want to copy queries, structures or restricted/calculated key figures from one info-provider to another in SAP BW, you can use the standard transaction <RSZC>. Unfortunately, this transaction will return an error message and will not help you further when the two info-providers have a different structure and the target info-provider is for example missing characteristics that are available in the source info-provider. This document describes how you can copy the above mentioned elements even when the source and target info-provider do not have the same structure. Why another document on this topic? Because I always forget the function module name and where to put the breakpoint. I could have put it in my local documents folder, but why not share?


SAP BW Administrators / Developers.

Table of Contents



Table of Contents

1. Process Steps

1. Process Steps

This chapter describes the steps to copy queries, structures or restricted/calculated key figures from one info-provider to another when the source and the target info-provider have a different structure.

Step 1: Log on to the BW system.

Step 2: Execute transaction <SE37> and display function module <RSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE>.


Step 3: Move the cursor to line 42 ( IF l_subrc <> 0 OR l_is_compliant = rs_c_false. ) and set an external breakpoint usingRSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE-Set Breakpoint.jpgor pressing <CTRL><SHIFT><F9>.

RSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE-Display code.jpg

Step 4: Execute transaction <RSZC> and fill out the source and target info-providers that are involved in the copy.


When the program runs into the breakpoint, the debugger is started. You will now have to change the value for variable L_IS_COMPLIANT to bypass the consistency check that returns the error message when the source info-provider and the target info-provider have a different structure.

Step 5:  Click the pencil next to the field <L_IS_COMPLIANT> to change the field content.

RSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE-Display breakpoint code-before edit.jpg

Step 6:  Change the value to ‘X’ and press <ENTER>.

RSZ_I_COPY_QRY_TO_CUBE-Display breakpoint code-after edit.jpg

Step 7: Continue the program by pressing <F8>.

Step 8: Select the elements that you want to copy from the source info-provider to the target info-provider.

RSZC-selection of queries.jpg

Step 9:Rename the elements (if needed) to meet a specific naming convention.

RSZC-rename query.jpg

The system will let you know which characteristics/key figures are missing from the target info-provider. This might have an impact on the elements that you have copied since they might be involved in – for example – the query. For this reason, it is required to check the new query (elements) on the target info-provider in the query designer.

RSZC - Copy Log.jpg

Step 10:  Use the query designer to review the newly created reporting elements.

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