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Blog it Forward – Tridip Chakraborthy

I was asked to blogitforward from comrades Greg Myers and Kristen Scheffler thanks guys for your own decipher of your own life in your golden words, Indeed, I have learnt so much about you guys from the blogitforward posts

You can read Gregs and Kristen’s post here Blog it Forward – Greg Myers Blog it Forward – Kristen Scheffler

About me

Professional Co-Ordinates

Professionally people love to collaborate with me on different outreach channels, my customers love me a bit too much, that’s the reason, I find it difficult to move from project to project. Fellow SAP comrades in my line of business (Procurement) love to hear from me on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn,

I have been able to influence a lot of people on joining the rave party on #SCN.

I work very closely with Carolyn Beal Henner Schliebs Emily Rakowski Prashant Mendki Ramakrishna Potluri Rebecca Hughes to evangelize SAP Procurement as an sapmentor;

Personal Co-ordinates

…that being said, my personal side is also something that I have collaged with a splash of various colors that range from being a loyal husband, just became a dad of a proud baby boy. I also rock the riffs coz I love heavy metal.

My influences have been Metallica, Megadeth, Nirvana, GnR, Van Halen and the grunge of the 80’s and the 90’s. Just love Starbucks and Jack Daniels just too much and Stella has given the shape to my current belly

I Love to cook, it happens to be my most important stress buster for the day when I decide what’s going into and over the top of the oven.

I have started to use the SLR and I must say, it’s allowing me to learn on the job and capture some very important and interesting moments of my son growing day by day.

If you visit my Facebook profile, you might at times, get confused for it to be a culinary cult page

Love to party hard and start a mundane Monday with the delta energy that I gained over an (n-1) weekend

To get the cooler side of me, you can hook-up to my personal blog, I had some latency, but I have begun to spin things off. The Genre is about what the common man faces in day to day life and how he expresses it in less than 400 words and some small videos and interesting SLR pictures.

This collage, probably, is a snapshot of all that’s laid about me in 640*800 in personal life


I was given the prestigious SCNotties for “Best Musical Tribute” by Greg, Natascha, Sylvia, and Mark during SAP TechEd 2011, I can never forget that moment when I stepped into LasVegas as an SAP Mentor and got the elite opportunity to meet the best that I have always wanted to.

Here’s a link to the scnotties gig that won me the Jim Spath crafted memento.

This is the collage that talks about me in Badges & my relationship with the SAP Mentors, and like most mad men, I am also an Apple Buff, apart from eating apple, I own almost everything that apple has sold

Like for many that have been inspired by Steve Jobs, I consider myself his disciple.

I can’t thank & Daniel Wroblewski enough for bringing me on to the SAP Mentor platform


..That being said about me, I want to move to the Crux of the #BIF initiative, I think this is a great way to recognize the cool side of the folks that we work in the SAP space every day, but seldom know of.

I was asked to answer these questions by Greg and Kristen and here’s what I have to say, techno functionally

  • What was your dream job as a kid?

As a kid, I wanted to primarily be a journalist; secondary was that of a BASS Guitar player. However, due to parental pressure and the life risks associated with the primary job & cliché of how an Indian parent looks at playing in a band, I had to choose a profession that was more job oriented and obviously it was a boom of the IT industry and like the rest of the crowd, had to follow the holy cows.

That thirst for journalism is something that has got me to expressing myself via blogs and all other forms of Social Media and getting viral with it. I am just tailgating everything that allows me to stay in the blind-spot with like-minded souls.


  • What is your favorite place in the world?

My favorite place in the world is Bangalore (we call it Bengaluru in the local Kannada language) it’s called the garden city of India and the weather is similar to that of the Bay area. SAP has its Bangalore operations just a mile away from my house.

If I ever go back to India, SAP labs would be the final destination for me, I kind of have SAP in the blood stream, that’s what someone from Quest Diagnostics told me.

A picture of my house in Bangalore, we call it “Sai Shobhitha”, carved and built single handedly by the wife


  • What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why?

The most fun project that I ever participated was in the design of a Supply Network to optimize the transportation network of the trailers that were operating to and from the Distribution Center; I used all the Operational Research principles like PERT, CPM and wrote algorithms in C, C++, but realized soon that I wasn’t inclined towards the coding part, but the architecture, design and the business fundamentals around it.

I chose to do that, as it allowed me to interact with folks on the shop floor, the trailer drivers, the warehouse folks and more importantly work with concepts like RFID etc that were the next generation principles in Procurement & Supply Chain.

I took that to the next level, when I implemented that on my job, when I was a Supplier Relationship Manager at Mercedes Benz.


  • Share a fun fact/story about yourself that people don’t know

I am a great Bartender & am considered a one-stop shop for Wine + Dine + Music at one cost at any party. Invite me and save on multiple cost categoriesJ. I am also a great stand-up comedian at times, known for my one-liners & metaphorical communicado.


  • If you were not in your current role, what/where would you be and why?

I would definitely be a really cool Journalist that works on some Food, Travel and Living channel, just like the NDTV Good times. I just love being called a foodie and an entertainer.

I would love to blog this forward to some of the great friends that I have made, being an SAP Mentor and on twitter interaction + working in various capacities with SAP

Carolyn Beal

Emily Rakowski

Ramakrishna Potluri

Henner Schliebs

Prashant Mendki

Sylvia Santelli

Tom Matys

Natascha Thomson

William Newman

Rebecca Hughes

Andreas Muno

    Maxine Whyte

Soumojit Das

I would love you to answer one or all of these questions

1) What was the element in you that differentiated you in the crowd?

2) What are the 3 important influences (people) in your life that have led to you becoming what you are today?

3) What is one thing that is extremely close to you and you wouldn’t trade it for bid from the market-place?

4) Why does the SAP Community Network matter to you?

5) Whats your 3 important tips for a great work/life balance?

Follow me on twitter @tridipchakra and also on SCN. I live most of my day here.



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  • Thanks for giving us a view into your personal/professional world.  This was another wonderful post, and I appreciate all that you bring to the community!

    We will have to meet up and trade some bartender secrets…..that was my first ‘real’ job and one I cherish to this day as it connected me with people on a personal level, which is what I Love πŸ™‚

  • Hi Tridip!

    Thanks a lot for joining the #BlogItForward family and with such spirit and dedication.

    We have a lot of things in common:) I also use to be a Bar Tender and even did a course in Miami Beach.

    What is your favorite dish that you love to cook? We should maybe run a recipe competition as Ohad Yassin is also a secret chef:)

    I liked your story about the project you enjoyed the most. You said it was becasue of the human interaction. I’m sure this what is driving you in being such an active SAP mentor and a SCN member.

    Thanks again and looking forward to read more of your blogs,


    • Dear Moshe,

      Thanks a lot for a detailed feedback on my #BlogITForward post and I loved writing it, for the first time, I felt that I am rewinding my life backwards to see what all I have missed to document like the official blogs, this is indeed a REFRESHER initiative, like an F5 on the brain πŸ™‚

      Even Kristen Scheffler has the same bartender thing in common and am sure that we might get the audience drunk when we all 3 meet for the next gig

      My favorite dish is not book-marked, but I love to try some experiments with Bacon and a potful of stuff to craft a custom Lasagne, on the Indian food side, I love to make the Dum Biriyani, will share the recipe sometime, I’ve customized it a little (without any BADI πŸ™‚ )

      Yeah, I believe in human interaction and collaboration without conflict, a great pillar to success and my strength, as I move from challenging project to project.

      Do stay tuned into my time-line, follow me on SCN and also twitter @tridipchakra and @SAP_Procurement on twitter, we shout out everything from the world of SAP Procurement #LOB solutions



  • You are so smart and good at what you do, innovative & diligent, and at the same time you are one of the kindest people I know. Always humble and generous. Glad to know you and working on my blog.

    • thanks a lot for the great words about me on my BIF initiative, what I am today in the SAP world, a lot of credit goes to you, thats the reason I chose you to be my mentor when being nominated for the SAP Mentor program

      I have learnt a lot from you and use these skills on the job to help take my consulting skills 360 degrees



  • Tridip:

    thanks again for blogging it fwd to me. Finally got my blog up .

    I remember how great it was to finally meet you in person after all our online collaboration and I felt like I really already knew you :-).

    Thank you for all your amazing support with social media and SAP-related projects. You always call me your mentor but you are my mentor too.

    It’s great to see somebody who is so happy. When I see you on #FB, you are a lovely husband and father and you have to stop posting those mouth-watering pictures of food you make. How do you take such good food pictures? It’s an art.

    See you soon, here, on #FB or Twitter,


    • Hey Dear Mentor,

      it was awesome for me to get the SCNotties right from your hand that year in TechEd and more importantly meeting the face and the amazing personality behind the handle @nathomson 

      As a Mentee, I follow every social media dope of yours and implement it in real-life and also think like the way you think. I wish I was in closer proximity so that I could get mentored on the health side with your Mentor Yoga dope, but am sure that day will come soon, if I plan to hit the West Coast

      Do what you do, and stay simple, kind and giving, the way you are today

      Am sure that you would make MarketingXelerator a great success

      Love to you and Allan



  • Tridip:

    Was just reading this in an effort to write mine (BIF’ed by Natascha) and totally fell in love with your home. Your wife has done a fantastic job! As an architect, I can appreciate the amount of hard work and thought that must have gone into this! Of course, all your accomplishments are awesome too πŸ˜‰

    • Hey Rachna,

      Thanks a lot for the words on our sweet abode, back in India, yeah am counting days to get there and start living every corner of the ideas that we put in to resonate with our personalities, she has done a tremendous job and all by herself, working in the challenging IT side of the world acting like an IT + non IT Architect πŸ™‚

      its really sweet of you to hop on and put in these sweet words on my BIF

      now all set to read your’s



  • Nice guitar lick!  My only question is what is your favorite jello shot? πŸ˜‰   Will try to respond in the coming weeks … I know, I know I am behind on this …. !  Cheers …

    • Ritesh Raithatha thanks a lot for your comments and regret my delay in responding back, the personal non-sap side of most of us is more fun than the SAP side and am sure that you would also fall under the same arena

      great knowing you in person and its fun with you in the team



    • Hey Ravi

      Thanks for your feedback on my BIF post, yeah I love my ESP guitar too, havent done justice to it from couple months, wish to restart that again

      I wish bangalore my hometown, just too much, how can you not love it πŸ™‚



      • Dear Tridip,

        Your BIF is wonderful and full of color, from all part of life…..I love your passion of cooking, as similar passion I keep. Cooking is wonderful subject…..specially when people praise the food….

        Good Luck,

        Nishan Dev

  • Dear Tridip,

    My one word answer to your BIF is “Awesome”.

    I have similar qualities where cooking is part of life (if not regular, at least I can be a part of cooking Chicken in different ways πŸ˜‰ , which I like more. Hope, my wife is not reading it. Other wise, I should be part of cooking in all days πŸ™‚ ).

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

    Thank you for sharing.


  • Hi Tridip,

    Good Day!

    Very nice blog! You have written in different style! I appreciate.

    If I want to meet you then I need to come and see you during Fryday and Sattorday! πŸ˜†

    Because you will be busy with freaky guys! Is that correct? Happy to see you like this.

    All the best for your future and career growth. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience.

    Bravo Blog! πŸ™‚


    Hari Suseelan