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Submit a Shopping cart with ease using the new “Unknown Account Assignment category support” with SAP SRM 7.0 #EhP2

1.0 Overview

Am sure most vivid SRM end-users have already understood from the title, on what this innovation brings in, it allows you to successfully create a shopping cart without having to worry on “what Account Assignment category needs to be chosen upfront before routing the cart for the procurement process?” Pre-EhP2, this was a major issue leading to many folks not being able to successfully check-out a shopping cart, let’s understand how this has been improved and made more appealing from a user adoption perspective.

2.0  Understanding the constraint prior to EhP2 – Unknown Account Assignment category “un-supported”

    1. Often account assignment is not known during creation of PR, but the unknown account assignment category was not supported in SRM.

If you created a shopping cart and at that time, did not know the Account Assignment category, you had to stop, call or maneuver in a different fashion to successfully submit a shopping cart.

The screen-shot below shows what the constraint was in EhP1 and below releases of SAP SRM.


From the highlighted section of the screen-shot above, it is clear that, there is no option to postpone the input of an account assignment category at the time of shopping cart creation, leading to low user adoption and sometimes, even errors.

3.0 Overcoming the constraint with EhP2 – Supported “Unknown Account Assignment Category”

  1. The account assignment category “unknown” is supported in external requirements transferred to SRM and local Shopping carts created in SRM.
  2. In classic deployment, a purchase order (PO) in ‘held’ status is created in ERP which can be changed by the buyer to provide account assignment.
  3. In extended classic deployment, account assignment can be given in SRM purchase order and confirmation.

Business Value

  1. Support for the unknown account assignment category allows the sourcing of most of the requirements via SRM thus enabling customers to use SRM as a complete central sourcing solution

What’s in the innovation with EhP2?


Provision to update the Account Assignment category with the new one coming in from the SRM side


4.0 How Do I activate this feature inside SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2?

Activate Switch: SRM_702_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT (non-revertible)

  1. You can activate the switch for this feature in customizing for SAP SRM under SRM Server -> Cross-application basic settings  à Account assignmentà Activate/Deactivate Unknown account assignment category.
  2. You can define the account assignment categories you want to use in SRM documents SRM Server -> Cross-application basic settings  à Account assignmentà Define account assignment categories

Pls note that this switch is non-revertible.

5.0 Summary & What more to look from SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2 innovations

We are sure that, as an SRM user, you must be thrilled with not having to answer that many super user calls to your new SRM users in the enterprise, but to manage this centrally.

However, as an SRM consultant, I would still go with the best practice of having all of these bundled in the internal attributes and drive it from there.

This is a great way to at-least allow a new user to not get frustrated with the system and as an enterprise wide goal, making SRM look at as a Centralized Sourcing engine for Procurement.

In our next blog we would be addressing the remaining 2 continuous innovations with SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2

a)       Excel Upload and Download

b)       More on Continuous Innovations in ERP stay tuned

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Tridip,

      Thank you for sharing this information. This will be a one of the great feature for Self Service procurement with EHP2.



      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author

      thanks Ritesh, I completely agree, I remember every end-user suffering with this constraint would definitely boost user adoption



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Tridip,

      Thanks for sharing the details on this new feature in SRM 7 EHP2.I have seen many of our SRM users also facing difficulties due to the account assignment category not known at the time of ordering the items in the cart.

      I had one question regarding this feature being made available for customers who are on lower releases.We "recently" upgraded our system from version 5 to 7 EHP1 and hence I would like to know if this feature could be made available via OSS note to such customers who cannot opt for another upgrade at this point of time?


      Deepti Pednekar

      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Deepti

      Thanks for letting us know your intentions of on-boarding this feature.

      I think the best way for you to do that is to raise an OSS message to SAP via your current install and at the same time send an e-mail to Ramakrishna Potluri ( specifically to check if EhP1 customers have that path somewhere via OSS note to get the EhP2 features.

      As far as I understand, this might not be possible, but always worth a try when you reach Solution Management folks directly on compatibility related questions

      Thanks again for the feedback and stay tuned for more and hope that you have read all the 12 blogs on these EhP2 features



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Tridip!

      I will reach out to Ramki on my query and try to get some more insights.

      Can you please send me the link for the other blogs on the EHP2 features....I dont want to miss out on some valuable read 🙂

      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Deepti, Deepti Pednekar

      I have updated the Consolidation blog that has got all the blogs embed

      Pls bookmark this blog below, as I would update it with the entire storyline of functionalities.

      Summary of blogs on the Innovations with SAP SRM 7.0 EhP2 - updated blog feed

      CC Ramakrishna Potluri

      Again, thanks for tuning in and my 2 cents would be showcase this to a pre Ehp1 and SRM customer whenever you get the chance to interact