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Author's profile photo Bernd Welz

Starting soon: SAP Academic Conference in Dresden

Member faculties and partners of the SAP University Alliances program will gather at the Academic Conference EMEA in Dresden. They will exchange knowledge and discuss new topics on teaching and research with SAP software at universities and higher educational institutions. The SAP Academic Conference EMEA is the annual conference for the members of the SAP University Alliances program from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and is held this year at the Technical University in Dresden from September 6.-7. SAP Academic Conference EMEA.


During the conference lecturers and professors can learn about and discuss the developments throughout the SAP University Alliances program and the SAP strategy in the areas of cloud computing and SAP HANA solutions, curriculum standards within the SAP University Alliances program, share know-how and get involved in our experience exchange.


The attendance at the conference is free of charge. Furthermore, SAP supports universities with free software licenses, free of charge skills training and a wide range of ready-to-use curricula for all of the solutions offered within the UA program. The solution portfolio is constantly being extended. As an example, SAP Business ByDesign is in the process of leaving the UAP pilot phase and will soon become globally available. The global SAP Business ByDesign@UA pilot project connected nearly 300 universities and conducted 35 training workshops for university lecturers.


Members of the SAP University Alliances program benefit from the University Competence Centers (UCC) who take over the complete operation and maintenance of SAP solutions so that lecturers can focus on teaching and research in their core areas. The UCC are themselves located at universities, thereby establishing a peer-to-peer hosting network on a not-for-profit basis. The new offering for SAP Business ByDesign@UA will be for the same service charges as those for an SAP ERP Client.


You can meet the global UA leadership team, all the UCC directors, SAP ecosystem partners and of course Hundreds of faculty representatives at the event in Dresden.


We look forward to welcoming you at the conference.


Best regards,


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Bernd

      I am glad you are enjoying the conference and are enthusiastic about the level of support SAP is providing to the University Alliances Program.

      A couple of points of clarification.  Firstly the UCC's were originally set up as not for profit and the UCC's will argue they still are. Many of them do a very god job but there are many in the UAP who believe they are no longer not for profit.  UCC's have different pricing models and the UAP should allow a free market approach where universities can join a UCC which pricing structure best suits their situation.  This would provide better competition on pricing between UCC's and improve the service some universities receive.  For universities in some  regions it would enable them to introduce more SAP solutions into their curriculum rather than being restricted by price.

      In regards to comments about Business By Design this blog may clarify some of the issues

      The UAP does a good job but it now faces some serious issues in terms of scalability and speed of change

      Enjoy the conference


      Author's profile photo Holger Wittges
      Holger Wittges

      Hello Bernd,

      First of all I would like to thank you and your global UA Team. All did a tremendous job by organizing a great event! I enjoyed especially the up-to-date information on HANA in the hands on break out sessions and the networking on the Thursday evening event.

      As you did not mention the SAP VLBA workshop that took also place that week in Dresden I would like to add some information on that event in my replay. The workshop was managed by my collegue Suparna: Here you can find her blog on that topic:

      VLBA Blog 2012 Dresden

      Further on, as one of the SAP UCC TUM staff members I look forward to the next SAP EMEA Academic conference sheduled at Sept. 12th-13th in Munich (Updated). I hope a lot of our colleagues from the academia and our partners will find their way to Munich.


      I'm looking forward to see you all there


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The University Alliances Academic Conference was well received as always with particular praise from faculty directed towards the mention of HANA and the many various topic tables that were located around the main auditorium. We also received quite a bit of praise concerning the workshops as Professors were able to pick and choose areas of particular interest for them but also network with Professors from other universities that shared their teaching or research interest.

      The Professors also enjoyed the curricula update from the UCCs as this enabled them to get rapidly up to speed with developments in the latest curricula at a glance and get a feel for the curricula that are in the pipeline and when they can be expected to go live. Of particular interest were developments in HANA and Netweaver.

      The City of Dresden was also an excellent venue and many of the faculty commented on the beauty of the city and the facilitieds of TU Dresden where they were made to feel very welcome.

      During the event we were also very happy to announce our EMEA Dashoard Design Competition - our second competition - which is being run in concert with our colleagues from Business Analytics and from unicef who are generously providing a wealth of their data for our students to use to generate real insights into unicef and its' operations. Unicef have already stated that they are looking forward very much to seeing the results.

      A top quality event all round!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Bernd,

      I represent Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow) and it was my pleasure to attend the SAP Academic Conference in Dresden. It provided valuable information in terms of the possible ways of integration of the SAP products in the university curriculum. Moreover experience exchange of the Alliance members could help to streamline the process of curriculum development.

      I should also acknowledge significance of the launched projects 'Dashboard competition' and 'Hana", which can enable students to develop analytical, teamwork and decision making skills.

      I am very grateful for the opportunity of getting  helpful updates on the SAP programmes and networking with other faculty members. 

      On behalf of my University I would like to express many thanks to you and your team for organising this great event.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      It was a very attractive, professional and academmic oriented event. We, as Academic Competence Center for CIS already got a very positive response from our faculties who took part in the SAP Academic Conference in Dresden. All of them reported the great value of the preconference study visit to SAP Research and HANA and Sybase workshops. Those attended have got very good experience of the uptodate solutions SAP is offering on the market and also available for the Universities for education and research.

      I, the one of the responsible persons in CIS for driving UAP in the region, was very pleased to see the importance of further development of the program both for universities and business, and, of cuase, for SAP company itself.

      On behalf of my team and UAP member in CIS I would like to express gratitude to all organizers of conference for highlly professional work done.


      Author's profile photo Iurii Kupriianov
      Iurii Kupriianov

      Hello Bernd,

      As a manager for SAP University Alliances in CIS region, I see the past SAP Academic Conference in Dresden to turn one to be perfect arena for faculty members around the EMEA region to meet together and interact with each other, and share their experience in teaching SAP.

      I got positive feedback from Professors coming from CIS (and this year together with ACC team we brought over 15 faculty members from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) regarding the organization and content of the event, each one of them have picked up a topic for further development. Special interest from CIS faculty members was given to the topic of localization of GBI dataset, HANA, and Banking Curricula project which was presented at the stand of the university of Manheim.

      Further, the Professors really enjoyed the Dresden as the venue, and took a chance to visit some of the most beautiful places around the city.

      Thanks for doing such an investment into program development on EMEA-level.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Along the three first days of the week, at the Technical University, we had the chance to attend to several training classes like CRM, Hana, etc. and take different certifications in ERP, Business by Design, etc…

      Thursday evening, at the Albertinum arts museum, was the official act to open the Conference. We had a really good time at this superb place, where 250 attendees from more than 30 countries, had the opportunity to share experiences and ideas with other UA members. We had two signed ceremonies and all of us made the most of it to network with colleagues.

      During the conference day, Friday the 7th, key topics were included in the agenda such as the SAP strategy in the areas of cloud computing and SAP HANA solutions, curriculum standards, experience exchange, and an overview of SAP activities in CEE region. Member faculty in EMEA used the opportunity to share best practices and discussed developments in the SAP University Alliances program.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      As usual the SAP Academic Conference was a great event for networking purposes. Besides the very informative presentations we as SAP Austria had very constructive discussions with other stakeholder and are already preparing the next steps for our local University Alliances Program. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to assist this great very well organized event.

      Ralf Mark (SAP University Alliances Manager Austria)

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The Academic Conference was a great success and I received positive feedback from the Dutch Universities that attend the conference in Dresden.

      The evening event at the Albertinium was well organized and the combination with the guided tour(s) through the Albertinium was excellent. The professors of the Dutch Universities were really enthusiastic about the combination of content, networking and the guided tour. Also the conference day, Friday at the Technical University Dresden, delivered valuable content.

      Ilse Moret

      SAP University Alliances manager the Netherlands

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The conference in Dresden was a great chance for us to meet and connect with university lecturers and colleagues, hear interesting talks, get new inspiration, exchange ideas and experiences, and learn about best practices in this field.

      Dresden is a very interesting city and a good choice for such a conference with lots of historical and cultural sights. The conference was extremely well organized - well done!

      Suggestion for next conference: we would like to see more presentations from the university side – how do they work with SAP University Alliances on their side? What are the challenges they encounter?

      Kind regards

      Lilly From-Poulsen

      SAP Labs France

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Bernd,

      each year the SAP UA Academic Conference gives all of us a unique opportunity for networking, participating in Trainings and getting the latest news about the SAP and SAP's Eco-System.

      This years conference was amazing. Just to mention a few highlights of the conference:

      • Lecturer from Europe, Africa and Middle East:
        • I was able to discuss our e-learning program (erp4students) with colleagues from UK, France, South Africa, Russian Federation/CIS, Iraq and many more...
        • We deepened our cooperation with Universities in UK and Austria
        • We signed a new agreement with a University from CIS
        • We launched a new cooperation with France Universities
      • Meeting SAP UA manager from all EMEA regions: We had great discussions about offering our e-learning courses ( in various regions in EMEA.
      • HANA:
        • I got the latest news about HANA
        • I got free access for HANA ebooks
        • I participated in a great HANA training
      • new certification exam in Business ByDesign

      There is no better opportunity to get so many news out of the SAP world and meet so many lecturers and SAP manager in just 3 days than at the SAP UA Academic Conference! I'm looking forward for the next conference in Munich and the roll-out of the new Business ByDesign certification exam SAP UA is going to offer students.

      @ SAP UA Team: Many thanks for this well organized conference. You are doing an amazing job!!!

      Pouyan Khatami



      Managing Director

      University of Duisburg-Essen

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The University Alliances Academic Conference encompassed everything that faculties and UAP members were looking for. It was a very well prepared and organized event. It offered a great opportunity to learn, update and share SAP knowledge as well as network with faculties all over EMEA, UA managers and UCCs representatives.  It was very interesting to know about the projects other universities are doing with all the advantages obtained of being part of the University Alliances Program.

      I would like to thank to the different instructors that gave valuable knowledge during the three days training. Faculties could know about SAP solutions as well as clarify doubts they encounter when teaching with the software in their universities.

      As a Manager of the erp4students program in Iberia, I used the opportunity to get to know how the program is run in other countries/universities as well as get to know the current and future projects of SAP University Alliances.


      Erp4students Iberia

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Again, the Academic Conference 2012 in Dresden of the SAP University Alliance Group in EMEA has been a huge success and reached the ambitious targets.  Besides the active exchange between the participants, current informations about SAP´s solutions and the innovation development have been passed on in the plenary room and the showroom. 

      The event has proven to be an excellent framework for an active exchange between all participants, allowing everybody to be freshly inspired for the semesters to
      come. The seminars and offers prior to the conference have been an additional
      possibility for interested lecturers to gather further information and should
      be provided at upcoming events of the UAG.


      Thank you for the invitation and see you soon at the next dates

      Dietmar Kilian