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We face many issues while creating Transport Requests like “some objects are locked in other transport requests”. Generally we keep on deleting each object individually in SE09 which will be a nightmare job, if we have too many objects. This article will help you in unlocking the objects  which are saved in other Transport requests in a simple way.

The common issue we generally find is :—–


Steps to resolve the above issue :

Step 1: Goto CTO on the same screen or you can goto SE09 and expand your Request.


Here, you will find the underlying sub requests which hold the objects like below…..


Step 2 : Double click on the first sub request which is DBWK903785. You will see all the objects which are locked in this request. This can be found in Lock/Import                Status Column

Step 3 : Goto SE03 and double click on Unlock Objects(Expert Tool) as below


Put the first sub request(DBWK903785) and Execute…as below


Then, all the objects will be unlocked.

Step 4 : Goto SE09 and double click on first sub request and you will find empty column of Lock/Import Status as below


Step 5 : Select All objects and press Delete All as below two screen shots



Step 6 : Click on Save button as below


Step 7 : Just go back to SE09 screen. You will find your first sub request which does not hold any locked objects.


Step 8 : Select the first sub request and press Delete button as below


You can follow the same procedure to delete all sub request no.s which hold the locked objects. Practically, this procedure will not take more than 2-3 mins.

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  1. Former Member

    Good Job 🙂 nice blog.

    Suman: Just for Info …

    You can reduce one step from you procedure explained above.

    Once you unlock the Task and Transport using SE03, you can directly delete the task and transport request. (instead of deleting the lock objects first n later deleting the task and then the TR).

    Correct me if i’m wrong…

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Prashanth,

      Thanks for rating my blog. I always do like the procedure what I explained. I always do complete erasing. Otherwise, we may have doubts in some corner of our mind, whether any inconsistencies may arise. It’s basically called cleaning up the TRs. Your proposal may also work. I never tried..



      1. Former Member


        The same thing i was also highlighting. Deleting the taks after unlocking will also erase all the under lying objects.There is no question of inconsistencies if we delete the task as a whole.



  2. Former Member

    as usual… excellent and informative blog by you 🙂

    Today only I was scratching my head with these transport requests and objects in it.. and found another informative blog on the same 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and adding points into my knowledge box(brain 😛 )



  3. Former Member

    Hi Suman,

    Your docs gives 100% clarity in understanding concepts easily with screen shoots.

    I am much Thank full to you for taking pain while presentation this docs.

    Thanks & Regards,


  4. Former Member

    Hi Suman,

    Really useful document, Because for most of the time unlocking objects during transport Capture is big hectic work..



  5. Former Member

    Absolutely fabulous!
    Work Around  will be  reduced to a greater degree !!
    But to let you know, I love all your Articles .. Suman!
    Please keep sharing, this helps juniors like me! 🙂  

    Regards, Aparajit!!

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Aparajit Banik ,

      Really touching comments from you 🙂 This gives me super duper kick to come up other blogs. It’s my pleasure to share my knowledge without any hesitation.




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