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Introducing the new UI Add-On for SAP NetWeaver

When looking up the UI section in SCN, I stumbled upon an interesting overview graph created back in 2007 on an official page called Getting Started with UI Technology.  I remember very well this deliverable to revamp the UI positioning, and somehow survived here on SCN over the years.  This is especially amazing because the UI domain is hit by lot of hype and changes on yearly (if not quarterly) basis almost like the seasonal changes in the fashion industry.  Similar to fashion design, UI is the art of applying technology, design thinking and aesthetics or natural beauty to software instead of clothing.  And yes, some trends like in fashion also do come back in the UI space.  For example, I was always wondering why our users love our vintage look


Our Problem Statement

The timeless part on the mentioned graph are the three dimensions depicted for UI Clients & Access Channels (e.g. Browsers, NWBC & SAPGUI, Mobile), UI Services (e.g. Roles, Navigation, Search), and UI Infrastructure (e.g. Web Dynpro, Portal, Tooling).  The idea of such decoupling and reuse of UI services was great back then as much as it is still relevant today.  Since 2007, our UI components have evolved in many new versions and releases – NWBC 3.5, Web Dynpro ABAP for NW 7.31 – as well as we’ve added few new ones – Floor Plan Manager, and SAPUI5.

However, let’s be honest – the customer ability to consume all these updates has just not followed us in any big, mainstream way. It became a big problem when realizing what we developed and shipped before 2007 as UI feature set (found in the NW 7.00 / NW 7.01 releases) is just now in the customer base.  And this is becoming no longer acceptable for users and customers who are demanding up-to-date usability and UI capabilities that better integrate in their existing environments. So, we had to change something in how we address our customers with UI innovations and integration capabilities.  Drum roll please…

Our Vision

Over a year ago, the UI technology team at SAP set the vision of a new technology product to have:

  • A single approach and infrastructure for UI innovation and integration services to deliver decoupled, interoperability capabilities and state-of-the-art user experience to new releases of applications such as HCM & SRM (on NW 7.03 / 7.02) and existing customers (on NW 7.00 / 7.01).
  • UI services and HTML5 capabilities that are standardized, compatible and independent of the way being utilized by internal stakeholders and deployed by customers (e.g. on-premise only, on-demand only, or as a mixture of both).
  • Mainstream penetration and consumption of those UI capabilities completed within our solutions and installed base within a foreseeable timeframe, requiring to scale up through self-service enablement for Application stakeholders, Partners, Communities, and Line-of-Businesses.

The new SAP NetWeaver UI Addon addresses the core question of how to rapidly provide new user interaction without disruption of the underlying business applications. The product will be delivered as ABAP Add-ons to customer’s existing systems for non-disruptive innovations in user productivity with business applications.

Specifically, we want to tackle the challenges to:

  • Offer a default shell client for ABAP systems that can host SAP (incl. SAPGUI) and third party applications.
  • Provide UI services that facilitate the interoperability of applications, technologies and infrastructure across shells or standalone in browsers.
  • Facilitate the adoption of new UI technologies (SAPUI5) while capitalizing on previous UI investments (WDA, GUI).
  • Help HTML5 developers add enterprise qualities to their applications.

The Short History of UI Decoupling at SAP

Decoupling the UI has been a trend since 15 years, if not longer. SAPGUI probably was one of the best example of a UI component that has a completely decoupled lifecycle while assuring compatibility with the old and current backend SAP systems. So you can “enjoy” the cool new features of SAPGUI 7.40 with your ECC 6.0 system or even earlier R/3 release, without having to upgrade your apps. However, it is still the old Dynpros running in a new shell, themes and launch pad. 

So, then the decoupling UI trend went into the technical concept of decoupling the Dynpro business logic from the UI logic of the app using web HTML technology – so the SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) was developed, and then Web Dynpro as SAP proprietary framework was born.  Björn Goerke as one of the prime suspects of these movements also captured those days of SAP@Web in a nice photo shot.

Fast forward to present – SAP rolled out REST infrastructure based on open standards with a product called Gateway that specifically targets decoupling data from SAP backend systems and enabling easier consumption based on OData. The new UI Addon builds on top of the Gateway infrastructure as an SAP UI package of specific components for helping renovating customer’s user productivity, while being decoupled from the backend of the applications. So customers don’t have to upgrade their backend applications to get new SAP UI features that we ship as part of the UI add-ons.

What to Expect in the Product

With the SAP NetWeaver UI Addon, the following new components and key capabilities will be delivered as part of current release and future SPs:

SAP NetWeaver Business Client v4.0

  • A modern, role-based desktop client that supports tabbed browsing for SAP applications and HTML content, with new SAP visual design.
  • Open Search integration enabled for better and standardized search access.
  • Shell services for App UIs running on Desktop, in Browse, and on Device

SAP NetWeaver UI services v1.0

  • Providing non-disruptive services that facilitate the interoperability of applications, technologies and infrastructures across shell (such as NWBC) and standalone browser scenarios
  • The services are made available through APIs in the backend system, that are exposed as Web services based OData and modern REST principles, and also in the front-end via JavaScript based APIs
  • An example of such service is in the role and navigation area – the so-called LaunchPad Service. It allows you to resolve navigation targets and ultimately navigation between applications as per the launchpad definitions in your back-end system
  • Going forward the service offerings will help developers to add enterprise qualities to their applications (in particular for SAPUI5).

SAPUI5 – UI development toolkit for HTML5 v1.6

  • A modern and modular UI toolkit that combines the advantages of being open and flexible as well as being enterprise ready supporting all SAP Product Standards.
  • It offers standard HTLM5 based UI controls, more complex UX extensions, high level re-use components especially for oData-based communication, a lightweight programming model and highly-productive IDE support – SAPUI5 Tools.
  • Enablement of UI5/OData based User Interfaces in ABAP environment.   The SAPUI5 repository team provider can be connected against a SAP NW 7.31 ABAP system with the UI add-on.  This can be used to synchronize the SAPUI5 application resources between Eclipse and the SAPUI5 repository on the ABAP system.

Release Independent Delivery

  • Short 90-days delivery cycles as Support Packages, decoupled from the applications.
  • Integrated delivery with an application, where our UI Add-On is used by the new SAP HCM Functionality – HR Renewal 1.0 as part of our indirect shipment.  In this great blog post by Jarret Pazahanick, one can actually see the UI Add-on goodies like a new Landing Page Service inside a NWBC 4.0
  • Direct shipment on existing, lower releases, where we basically unleash our UI Add-on for customers and partners to install and use.

When and Where

This week on September 6th, the UI technology teams at SAP that worked hard over the last year are officially releasing the UI Add-On for the first time directly to customers!  And we won’t even charge for it, unlike all those fashion brands that cost us every time we upgrade our apparel.  It will be made available to download on our Fashion Marketplace: –> SAP NetWeaver –> User Interface Add-On for SAP NetWeaver

We are planning a series of blogs here covering the UI Add-On in further details as well as concrete scenarios on how one can use the UI Add-On to build better and integrated experiences for your users.  Actually, we are hoping that lot of the future scenarios will come from customers and partners on how you apply the UI Add-On in custom use cases we can’t even foresee in the development lab.  In addition, your feedback and engagement is instrumental in evolving the right scope and priority for our next dev cycles.  We might not do fashion weeks, but certainly we will get our goods out to you as part of the 90-day shipments. 

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  • Hi Filip,

    Thanks for this informative post.

    The new UI Addon builds on top of the Gateway infrastructure..

    So whilst you mention ‘we won’t even charge for it’, do I infer that customers will only benefit if they have licensed NetWeaver Gateway?

    Just wondering.



    • Hi John,

      Let me address this delicate question first from a component logistic and deployment  perspective of what is contained all in the UI Add-on in regards to Gateway.  Today, the UI Add-on does not contain the Gateway Server, but only the OData channel enablement (IW_BEP).  This allows us to develop OData UI services like the Launch Pad Service or the Landing Page Services required in the HCM Landing Pages. 

      So the UI Add-on is not in its entirety dependent on Gateway; NWBC, UI5 as well as UI Services in ABAP can be used productively without a GW Server License.  However, a customer needs access to ABAP based Services, and doing this “manually” without GW Server infrastructure is not something we recommend.  Therefore, during deployment time – the other fundamentally important component is GW_FND (Gateway Server) deployed locally in the same sytem or remotely. 

      The licending and pricing is in the hands of our Gateway colleagues, and I’m hearing from the business owner that they are good changes coming up in a month or so. Whether customers will be charged for the Gateway server will be based on the scenario / consumption packages you will be using and if it’s for existing ERP users or net new users.  For existing licensed SAP users, Gateway should become free of charge. For non licensed SAP users, there will probably be a Gateway User License that does include the technology fees.  Again more on this update of the Gateway pricing and licensing, stay tuned in about a month when the process is through and official.

      Back to the UI Add-on, this is free of charge. Just to compare, there are other similar Add-ons like in the Mobile enablement space that costs extra money to license.  In our case, we decided to lower the entry barier for adoption.

      Hope that helps,  Filip

  • I also noticed a reference to SAPGUI 7.4! Did you type that correctly?  SAPGUI 7.3 was only released a few months ago, and to my understanding NWBC4.0 requires SAPGUI 7.30 as a pre-requisite.  Or do you already have insights into SAPGUI 7.40 internally that we are not aware of?



    • You caught a typo / forward looking statement.  It’s correct that on 26th of June 2012, SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 was shipped to customers.  And yes, the 7.30 GUI is required for the NWBC 4.0 version found in the UI Add-on.

      No insights yet on the 7.40 / new SAPGUI plans, I just tried to use that to illustrate the point of decoupling in the blog.  But I’m sure, just like the previous version of the SAPGUI, there will be something to look for in the new, upcoming release.  Perhaps that’s worth a separate blog post on the potential new areas for SAPGUI and NWBC that customers can benefit from.

      Regards,  Filip

  • Hi Filip, thanks for this info… I have some questions though:

    If we install the “User Interface Add-On for SAP NetWeaver” does this mean we can then develop UI5 applications on the abap stack?

    I don’t really understand this statement:

    Enablement of UI5/OData based User Interfaces in ABAP environment.   The SAPUI5 repository team provider can be connected against a SAP NW 7.31 ABAP system with the UI add-on.  This can be used to synchronize the SAPUI5 application resources between Eclipse and the SAPUI5 repository on the ABAP system.

    Can you elaborate?

    Do you have to use gateway to make use of sapui5 with this AddOn?

    Is this already included inside HR Renewal 1.0?

    • Hi Jason,

      I don’t think any of the components in HR Renewal 1.0 would use gateway, that lovely HR admin landing page that we’ve seen in so many blogs and presentations does not appear to be part of HR Renewal 1.0 (at least not from the release notes I’ve read.)

      I really hope it, when it comes doesn’t need gateway. Or if it does, I hope the licensing model is sorted out before then.

      • Hi Chris,

        As far as I know, the RTC version of HR Renewal does have the Landing Pages, otherwise I wouldn’t understand why folks in the technology teams were developing the enablement for this stuff over the last year… 🙂

        And sure it will require Gateway, because of the OData services for Chips and Landing Pages that are consumed in those  pretty SAPUI5 UIs.  On the licensing, see my earlier reply to John on this topic.

        Thanks,  Filip

        • Hi Filip,

          HR Renewal 1.0 SP03 included those lovely landing pages (when I wrote the comment afaik SP03 was not released (or it might have been and I was a bit slow to realise) and I didn’t have a timeframe for the release).

          I didn’t see any update on the HR Renewal 1.0 system requirements since SP03 to require Gateway, but I’m fairly convinced that this is the case now. Some very confusing messaging to customers. Until the story about how this is licensed for customers wanting to use the landing pages become clearer – i.e. that no volume charges will apply for existing licensed users it is hard to understand how we should sell this to potential customers.

          I hope that we can start getting the whole solution out there soon!

          thanks for your clarifications!


    • Hi Jason,

      1. Yes with the UI Add-on, you can actually productively develop UI5 (HTML5) applications on the ABAP Stack.  That’s one of the strengths of this shipment.

      2. Basically, you will be allowed to sync your sources / resources like JS, CSS, mimes with the ABAP system where the UI Add-on is deployed.  More details on how & what, I would suggest downloading the UI Add-on and following the installation guide.  We have also a consulting guide that we are preparing (and need consultant’s review) that could be beneficial on how to develop apps with the UI Add-on.

      3. Yes we use the Gateway’s OData Channel Enablement (IW_BEP) during development.  And the Gateway server then is deployed at runtime at customers. 

      4. Yep, all should be included in the HR Renewal 1.0

      Cheers,  Filip

  • It’s great to see SAP bringing SAPUI5 to the ABAP stack as well. Thanks for the excellent announcement and write-up on this topic.

    I noticed that the UI Add-On for SAP NetWeaver (SAPUI5) relies on oData services to be exposed. Until now, a vanilla ABAP stack doesn’t have oData services though, unless you install SAP Netweaver Gateway.

    Will the UI Add-On for SAP NetWeaver come with a set of oData classes/services/function modules as well, or will it rely on SAP Netweaver Gateway?

    In case the UI add-on relies on Gateway, but Gateway is installed in stand-alone mode, where would the UI add-on reside? On the gateway system, or on the ECC system?

    • Hi Jan,

      Thank you for your feedback and questions!

      You are correct that until now vanilla ABAP stack doesn’t have OData services and enablement.  Currently, there are plans actually to put these out-of-the-box core capabilities including the UI Add-on inside the new ABAP release. So that vanilla stacks of the future have these modern REST/OData communication capabilities plus core services.

      And for today, we are relying on the Gateway technology in the UI Add-on to enable existing ABAP stacks.  As mentioned before, the only thing that the UI Add-on includes is the IW_BEP (OData Channel) component that allows to expose and develop OData services.  At a customer landscape, you will also need the Gateway server for runtime consumption of these OData services.

      Regarding the landscape setup, as your question points out that there are two possible options for deployment of the Gateway server – stand-alone mode and also inside the ECC system (embedded mode).  The UI Add-on is recommended to be installed on the ECC system where the application logic resides, so the UI and business data come from the same origin.  There’s an excellent graph depicting the deployment options found in the Master Guide of the UI Add-on. 

      Our recommendation is that you install and operate a local SAP NetWeaver Gateway on the same system as UI add-on for SAP NetWeaver.  For multiple back-end system scenarios, you need to install and configure a reverse proxy such as SAP Web Dispatcher.

  • Looking forward to download, install and give a try to this really promising new UI technology.

    If I got it right, UI Add-On for SAP NetWeaver well fits for fresh and revamped UI for the communities already using SAPGui, NWBC, WDA, WDJ and I’m wondering to know about external facing web sites.  

    External facing web sites for large communities require much more but do you think UI Add-On for SAP NetWeaver will play a relevant role for external facing web sites targeting limited communities (e.g. Order Tracking, shopping carts web sites,…) ?

    Meanwhile I already added UI Add-On for SAP NetWeaver to the unofficial History of  SAP timeline I’m maintaining since some years. As most of the SAP components, it’s a pity that no logo/icon and alias (shot name) is assigned to it, isn’t it?


    • Hi Sergio,

      Thanks for your enthusiasm on trying out the latest technology!

      Honestly spoken, externally facing scenario was not our initial focus for the UI Add-on as we got into the HCM and classical ERP internal-facing scenarios to help first there.  As you said, the ext facing web sites add a whole another dimension of requirements and expectation especially in the security area.  Nevertheless, the components like SAPUI5 are definitely also developed in mind to support such possibilities going forward.  It’s a question of time that we put the right enterprise qualities around it for supporting the ext facing needs.  Perhaps you can help us develop in this area by providing the feedback and key missing requirements for supporting these scenarios.

      I like your Time Machine view on the SAP key developments, and it’s an honor to see the UI Add-on there.  Hopefully we prove the value that customers / partners can get out of it, which would then deserve its spot in the SAP history.  For the lack of  logo / icon / cool naming, I can only sympthize with you.

  • Very much looking forward to the release of this.

    The biggest question points have already been raised.

    Will this require Gateway to be installed 1st and foremost and will it require 7.40 Gui or NWBC which the HR-Renewal needs  which isn’t yet released !

    Again the next question is this a ECC add-on component ? Or a standalone component on a ABAP system ? Similar to how gateway can be installed.

    • Hi James,

      The release is out.  It can be found via SMP : -> SAP Support Portal -> Software Downloads -> then select “Installation and Upgrades” or “Support Packages and Patches”

      here you have 2 ways of finding UI add-on

      1) “A-Z Index” -> “N”

      2) “Browse our Download Catalog” -> “SAP NetWeaver and complementary products”

      click then on the displayed “UI add-on for SAP NetWeaver”

      Important central SAP Note:

      1759682 UI Add-On for SAP NetWeaver: Central Note

      As to your questions and seen in my previous replies —

      1. Gateway enablement is required – more details on the options can be found in the Master Guide.

      2. SAPGUI 7.30 is preferred for NWBC 4.0.  Althought technically if you don’t have SAPGUI installed, the NWBC falls back to ITS WebGui.  So that’s also an option.  But in order to truly get the full benefits of NWBC (e.g. common Corbu look and feel, theming, side panel support), then definitely have the latest SAPGUI installed.

      3. This UI Add-on can and should be setup as part of your ECC box.  You just have to see the minimum NW SP releases that we support and check your ECC box to see if that’s meeting our SP prerequisite.  And the rest, you just setup the UI Add-on like any other ABAP Add-on from the Industry or applications that also ship capabilities via this way.

      Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

  • Hi Filip,

    i like the new way of SAP UI and recognizing that the current UI is 5-10 years behind.

    I applaude SAP also that in the future for lightweight processes SAP UI based Portal Business Packages will be released (Info came from a SAP UI Collegue during two DSAG sessions ). Unfortunatly not ESS as on of the first packages, which has the most visiblity in companies. Maybe that is a topic you can blog next time maybe with release dates ?

    • Hello Kai,

      Thank you for following up on this article!  Definitely the Portal still plays an important role in enabling lot of the Self-Service scenarios at customers.  Before my days in the NetWeaver tech group, I came from the ESS & MSS application team and was one of the first to work with customers to get the Self-Services running on the Portal (that was back then when it was still running on jBoss app server and it required lot of voodoo magic to keep it stable).

      So I already saw in 2004 how powerful can be to enable “lightweight processes” for customers like Coca-Cola, TransAlta, Publix, etc.  And that trend has just been growing.  When I look at some of my apps on my iPhone (e.g. Gmail, Lufthansa, E-Banking), they are basically Self-Service (and mobile) enablement of the complex web version found on the desktop.  Today, my iPhone is also my “Portal” together with the Corporate Portal I have on my browser, and my NWBC / SAPGUI on the desktop.

      Bottom line, SAP is recognizing this lightweight process enablement needs to take across several UI channels in a consistent way.  With the first release, the UI Add-on is covering the Desktop channel with NWBC & SAPGUI.  We are looking closely at the Portal integration and pure Web Shell enablement (it’s one of the upcoming scenarios that we hope to blog about soon).  And by relying on the Gateway infrastructure, the mobility enablement is also a goal for us.

      Coming back to the ESS packages on the Portal and release dates, this is a question for the product folks from HCM who can better answer this.  What I can add is that due to lot of the tech changes that ESS has undergone in the past, the apps will stick to WD ABAP which also provides them with much suitable configurability (e.g. country versions) and adaptability to customer use cases than what we can do today with HTML5.  But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time that we will see some of the start / landing pages and simpler ESS apps also taking advantage of the UI Add-on capabilities in the near future. 

  • Happy to hear that SAP starts to move in the correct way for HTML web based interfaces.

    Is there any plans to integrate the new SAPUI5 technology to your latest NetWeaver BPM and when (currently only WebDynpro Java/ABAP CHIP components and Adobe Forms can be used)?

    • Γεια σας Anastasios,

      Thank you for confirming our direction!  After SAP trying so many (sometimes maybe even confusing) ways for improving the UIs, I can say that there is no single correct way a.k.a. silver bullet.  Sure HTML5 is hot and sexy topic these days, but Web Dynpro ABAP and SAPGUI are still “correct” ways for addressing some of our core app scenarios.  Same holds true for the Portal as raised by the previous comment.  So these and many more continue to be correct ways depending on the customer environment and use cases.

      What we do different with the UI Add-on than in the past is that we don’t couple our technology only to the apps and their lifecycle, so we can ship directly to those who want new UI features and benefits without upgrading their entire SAP app landscape.  It’s what our executives call “non-disruptive renewal of our apps”.  Whether that’s on the Database layer with SAP HANA or on the UI layer with the UI Add-on, for us that’s the “correct way” we want to drive forward.

      Regarding your question, I can ask our BPM colleagues to address this for you.  I know they have been using our UI Add-on for the new Worklist component.  I hope we can blog about it as one of the scenarios that showcase the usage.  And concretely regarding CHIP components integration in BPM, it should be possible as we continue to rely on the CHIP interface definitions also in the UI Add-on (as seen in the HCM Renewal delivery).  More detailed info to follow.

    • Hi Anastoasios,

      with 7.31 SP05 we plan to have open UI integration for BPM tasks.

      This means you can link any URL to a task definition. The URL could then point to an UI5 application. The application needs to call the Java API to retrieve the task details and execute actions on the task.

      In addition, the UI5 runtime libraries are included with SP05, and we plan to provide the SAP UI5 toolkit on SMP so that it can be installed into the NetWeaver Developer Studio,



        • Hi Mark,

          Of course WDJ UIs are still supported and can be used with the BPM Inbox.

          The new custom UI option which is available with 7.31 SP05 is just an additonal option, besides WD/J and VC.



  • Hi Filip,

      what about SAPUI5 and Mobility?

    I think SAPUI5 is not designed for the Mobile and touch devices and if I’m right, do you have any roadmap for Mobile Web Apps?

    • Hi Sergio,

      Mobility enablement is key in our overall UI / UX strategy.  I believe with Gateway and Suite mobile apps, you may have seen already some of the offering going in that direction (albeit, they were native mobile apps). 

      In terms of SAPUI5, this is also an important milestone to achieve.  We are looking at one of our upcoming SPs of the UI Add-on to ship this new version that will have Mobile support for touch devices, and with all the enterprise grade qualities that you would expect from SAP.

      Stay tuned.

    • Hi Sunil,

      The best would be to get in touch with one of our BPM experts.  Christian Loos is one of them who also replied above in terms of what / when to expect for such integration in BPM. 

      Until then the UI Add-on is available to try and get hands-on.  This or next week, we are also publishing series of articles on hands-on examples and scenarios that can improve various aspects of user productivity based on the components found in the UI Add-on.  A good BPM integration scenario could be also something we post about in the future.  Or this particular scenario and “how-to” enable can also come from the community 😀

    • Hi Sunil,

      NW 7.31 SP05 is expected to ship in two weeks, and contains the UI5 runtime libraries as well as the integration with BPM task UIs.

      In about the same timeframe we also expect to have the version of the UI5 toolset which is compatible with the NWDS. We will describe on SCN how to install it.



    • Daniel,

      The UI Add-on doesn’t force you to install the full Gateway server / runtime.  So, if you just give it a try to install the add-on (perhaps can be a bit cumbersome due to the SolMan prerequisites), then you will have the SAPUI5 on your target ABAP system.  Or you can also sign up for the NetWeaver Cloud / formerly known as Neo, where we have only the SAPUI5 library available. 

      For the ABAP integration and persistency, you need the UI Add-on as the software delivery where we ship the SAPUI5 fwk.  Here is the SAP Note 1666368 – Installing UI add-on 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver

      Hope that helps!

  • Hi ,

    We are excited to use the SAPUI5 & are in process to install all of the necessary add on components.

    Is the UI Add on available for NW7.31? We were unable to locate it in the Software download catalog. Should be be installing UI ADD-ON 1.0 FOR NW 7.03 ?

    Many Thanks,


    • Hi Alison,

      yes, the UI add-on is also available for SAP NetWeaver 7.31 SP02 upwards. See   SAP Note 1666368 – Installing UI add-on 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver. You are right, that this is not clear from the installation page ‘Support Packages and Patches > N “UI ADD-ON FOR SAP NETWEAVER” > UI ADD-ON 1.0 FOR NW 7.03’ on the SAP Software Download Center. EhP3 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and EhP1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.3 are binary compatible (both based on SAP BASIS 7.31, SAP ABA 7.31) so the ‘UI add-on 1.0 for SAP NetWeaver 7.03’ can also be installed on SAP EhP1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.3. We will update the installation pages on SMP and the related SAP notes to clearly indicate these product details.

      Regards, Bertram

      • Hi Bertam,

        I’ve a problem with downloading files SAPK-100AHINUISAPUI5 and SAPK-100AHINUIINFRA. I’m getting info that such files don’t exist (all other are ok). Could you help me out?

        Best Regards


        • Hi Marcin, we cannot reproduce your issue and proved that the mentioned files SAPK-100AHINUISAPUI5 and SAPK-100AHINUIINFRA are available on SMP. Please send a corresponding OSS message to CA-UI2-INT to resolve this there.  Regards, Bertram

          • Hi Bertram,

            It’s strange now it’s working fine. It was probably only a temporary issue. That way or other thanks for looking in to this matter.

            Best Regards


      • Hi Bertram,

        I’m pleased to say that all components are installed & the team are now starting to work with SAP UI5. Initally they are embedding in some existing BSP applications to improve the look & feel. Initial feedback on the tool is very positive. 🙂 .