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Step 1 :

Goto  SE09 – Create Request   – Select Transport of Copies

Step 2 : Give Description  for TOC ,target system as RB2.100 / PS2.100 – click Save

Step 3 : Right click on TOC created above , and click on “Include Objects”

Step 4 : Enter the “Task Number( remember it’s the task number that you need and not the main request ) from which you want to create TOC so that objects from this task are included in TOC

step 5 :Right click on TOC and say “Release Directly “

step 6 : Click Continue if any pop up appears and on the next screen click “Refresh” till release is complete . Once Release is complete then only the TOC would appear in RB2 queue ( in STMS)

step 7 :Goto transaction STMS à Click on “Import Overview”

step 8 :Double click on “ RB2” for selecting  RB2 queue

step 9 : Click on “Refresh” . Once Refresh is done , our TOC would appear in RB2 Queue

step 10 :Click on TOC Request and then click on button “Adjust Import Queue” from Menu bar

step 11 : Below message appears , SayYes

step 12 :Click on the TOC and click on “ Import Directly” button from menu bar

Step 13 :Select third and fourth option on “Options” tab

Step 14 :Click on Refresh till “truck” icon before TOC disappears and a “Tick” mark appears indicating transport successful

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  1. Former Member

    HI This is very good document.. the concept of TOC was already known to me… BUt some basic functionality of STMS option was nt known. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Deepak Machal

  2. Former Member


    I’ve followed all those Steps, BUT i can see the button “Adjust Import Queue”  on the menu Bar !!!

    is ther any suggestion ??

    Thank you for help.


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