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This report gives the depreciation simulation for future years by asset wise. There are also options in order to get the depreciation on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The is very useful report for the teams working in Fixed Assets area in order to report the simulated depreciation figures for future number of years.

Enter Selection Parameters


Field Name Description
Company Code Company in which the report is required to be executed
Report Date Last working day of the future year
Display Variant Select 1_SAP_1_LINE (which is more convenient for output display)
Summary Report Optional – Select this box only if intend to display the balances for Summary per asset class

Click on  “Explode” button in order to expand the selection screen details.


Field Name Description
List Assets This will show the list of details by asset
Evaluation Period This will evaluation the simulation by period

Click on Execute Button


However, the above report showing the output data without columns optimized and limited up to few years.


From the menu bar, select: Settings à Optimize Column Width


The above report is now showing with column with optimized. However, still the depreciation simulation up to 2020 is not included in the report.

Now, we need to change our layout in order to bring those fields into the report.

Change the Layout (Ctrl+F8)




Now the proposed depreciation values for the future years are available in the report. Please note that this report not only brings the depreciation values, it can also bring the APC values and Net Book Values for the future years. However, the layout needs to be accordingly changed and include the fields that required to be shown in the output for reporting purpose. 

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  1. Ranu Eugene

    HI Ravi,

    As always very useful document by you.

    Thanks for sharing and do keep educating us.

    Keep up the good Work. 🙂

    Best of Luck. 🙂



  2. Former Member

    Hi Ravi,

    Nice document.  Many of us would have known the simulation point.  But the more important and helpful tips were the optimization of columns and adding the additional periods through change layout which many of us would not have known.


  3. Former Member

    Hi Ravi,

       You document is really helpful.Thanks for your sharing.

    Can you tell me how to define years in the report, i did not find in hidden fields.

    Thanks & Regards


      1. Former Member

        Is that mean i need to add fields to the report by ABAP?

        When I choose “Financial Year”,change layout, the hidden field just have one year. eg: Report date:12/31/2014 , then i change layout ,only have Year 2014 .

        Or something wrong with my entry?

        Thank you for your reply.


        1. Ravi Sankar Venna Post author

          Now, I got it what you mean by.

          You do not need to any abap work.

          The reason for you are seeing only one year is, you should give the report date as your closing date of fiscal year in 2018 or 2019 or 2020, then you would get the values for the future years.

          Please enter the future report date in your selection (initial screen).

          Hope this helps you.

          Kind Regards,


      2. Former Member

        Hi Ravi,
        I have one asset with aquisition date=start depreciation date on 31.12.2016. Asset usefull life=3 years
        I got depreciation for fiscal year 2016=243228
        I tried to have simulation for fiscal year 2017-2018.
        But why the depreciation amount is zero in the future year?
        Kindly advice.
        Thank you in advance

  4. Former Member

    Hi Ravi !

    Thanks for sharing this document !

    Is there any to add 18 months in the simulation report, currently it shows maximum 12 months.


    Prakash K.


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