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Shanghai InnoJam 2012 – Between Competition and Harmony

What do you get when you mix mobile, cloud, big data, a grain of Design Thinking and Gamification together, and let 60 developers from SAP Labs Shanghai  cook on that over an intense weekend? Ten prototypes of tasty applications that could soon be in your “kitchen”.

In March 2012, SAP Labs Shanghai conducted an Innojam – an overnight “hackathon” – and brought developers from one of the most dynamic and youngest SAP Labs locations together. The developer prepared by attending a gamification workshop, as well as a design thinking workshop, that was originally conceived by the famed design company IDEO. Pumped full with those knew methodologies and knowledge, the developers, UX-designers and colleagues with a diversity of backgrounds went into a 24 hour mode of sweat, blood, tears and many iterations, until at the climax of the event – a demojam – they presented each in six-minutes batches their prototypes.

But it was not enough that they just presented their prototypes, story, business model and the occasional joke to be cracked had to be included to make it to the top. And organizers and jury grilled the teams and pushed them harder and harder to reach excellence. Now before you drool too much in anticipation of what awesome stuff the colleagues came up, here they are.

While the competitive spirit was prevalent, Chinese culture dominated – and with that I mean: the emphasis on harmony and recognizing that not one person or one team is the best, but that the result of such an intensive Innojam is a collaborative effort. Everyone stepping outside their comfort-zone and participating in such an event is already a winner And the organizers and jury-members honored that by not naming a winner, but by highlighting the top three demos.

In that spirit, the three top-ranked prototypes were “Gamification in Scrum”, “Brainstorming in Cloud”, and the “Personal Relationship Manager.”

Gamification in Scrum

This demo showed how game mechanics can be used to make the Scrum process during software development more engaging and giving developers better feedback of how they are doing. Developers progress through skill levels, collect experience points, earn badges, when they do good work and help to fix bugs.

Brainstorming in Cloud

When balloons are flying and the sky is blue, it’s time to relax, let your mind wander and do some brainstorming. Doing that with a team scatter over multiple locations is a challenge, unless you use this application. Through an intuitive interface participants can post notes, comment on other notes, tag them and follow through with a clustering them. Voting, ranking and followup with the top ideas can be easily done and no fear of dropping a number of the virtual Post-Its.


Personal Relationship Manager

This manager helps through a user-centric way to manage and maximize of value of all important personal relationship among different social networks, online or offline communication channels. You can import from multiple social networks your contacts and bring them all together. Through the size of tiles, with each tile representing individual contacts, you can see the ones that you most often interact with, have the most influence, or who are the “chattiest.”

Nutrition Master

Should you eat that cookie or better pass by? The nutrition master relieves you from selecting your daily dish. By tracking your calorie intake, giving you tips of what could be a good meal today it helps you to make your nutrition balanced. Select from a variety of recipes, food combinations, and monitor how healthy your lifestyle is. All based on HANA, filled with the daily prices of foods, you can also save some money and still eat healthy.

iRecordTest Pro

Ever build iOS apps and been frustrated with the test environment? Not anymore. iRecordTest Pro helps you to generate test scripts from the mobile device directly, upload and execute them, and this way improve efficiency with iOS development.


Dashboards with direct connection to HANA

While the big HANA story is clear – super–powerful-fast – it has been lost with many people, that SAP has actually some awesome visualization tools. Now this team hooked these two tools and created a navigation dashboard through a material master by having the users click on a graphical  representation of the product, like an Enduro motorbike. Click on the tire, and the master filters on tire data, click on the handle-bar, and you see the custom motorbike-parts that the shop offers. Good bye combo-boxes, hello SAP Business Visualization!


Profitability Genie

Profitability is the core KPI for any organization. With huge amounts of data, it’s not so easy to get satisfactory performance, timeliness, even consistency in data. This solution based on HANA, Cloud, and SAP BusinessObjects dashboards solves all that and even more: it allows to forecast, make analysis based on probabilities, simulate outcomes, and make planning more flexible.

Seek Expert Assistance

Large organizations suffer from the same problem: who knows about a specific topic that I just need to know now? This is where this application comes in handy. Find the right person per keywords in the community profile and have your expert within seconds right at your fingertips.

03 reached.jpg

SAP Business Card

Forget managing a stack of business cards that you don’t have at hand, when you need them. This mobile app helps you to easily exchange business card data with your new contact. Simple, quick, and definitely more environmentally friendly.


Reminders App in iPhone

Have you ever cursed yourself for not passing by at a store and only remembering later that you actually wanted to buy something there? Not anymore with this application. Set yourself a reminder for what you wanted to do, specify the location with geo-tags, define the validity date and you are set. Next time you drive by, your smartphone will remind you.


Personally, I was really impressed with the high quality of all the contributions. And the outcome speaks for itself. The first three winners went on to the SAP internal Developer Kickoff Meeting, which took place a day after the Innojam. Two of the three Innojam-winners were under the top 3 of the DKOM demojam. Wow!

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