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Author's profile photo Scott Lawley

SCN Platform Update

Hi Community Members.  This blog is the third in an ongoing series of blogs around the development of the SCN platform.  In my first blog and second blog, I provided some historical background , I explained how our team is using the Scrum development methodology, and I described the sprint development status.  Since then sprint 5 and 6 were completed and deployed, and work has begun on sprint 7.  Here is a synopsis:

Sprint 5: Deployment Date: Sunday, August 5

New Features

  • Space requests and navigation updates
  • Enable Visual Intelligence on HANA Dev system.  That’s right.  SAP really does run SAP.  We are in the process of rolling out Visual Intelligence in order to get better community reports and though better understanding of the community we can make it a better site.
  • Plan and prepare performance and stability tests of the Jive Mobile Module
  • Remove points from a user: Review Demo and finalize (just in case we find any community members trying to game the system, we have the tools in place to adjust their point total)
  • Social Sharing (share content on facebook, twitter, google, and linkedin)

Bug Fixes

  • Restore missing blogs that went lost after space merge
  • SCN user email change isn’t synced to LDAP user account
  • Provide RAW Content for Missing / Half Migrated Blog Posts to Original Authors
  • Blogs are lost after space merge
  • Filtering errors in some spaces
  • SCNSBS > cannot view threads with specific user
  • Attributes Don’t Get Saved When Updating Profile
  • Legal > footer is missing from emails generated by the system
  • points from wiki to SCNSBS were loaded more than once. redundant points should be deleted.
  • Reduce db pool connection timeout to prevent buildup of stale connections

Sprint 6: Deployment Date: Sunday, August 26

New Features

  • Space requests and navigation updates
  • Mobile UAT on PoC environment.  Yes, you did not mis-read this.  We are going to roll out a dedicated mobile application in order to make consuming the site on your mobile device much easier.  Stay tuned for further details.
  • Improve Omniture reporting.
  • Implemented numerous back-office operational and performance system enhancements
  • Login persistence.  You can now login and select the system to remember your login so you don’t have to provide your credentials upon each visit.

Bug Fixes

  • OOM on production application servers
  • Rejecting an Abuse Report No Longer Removes the Content
  • Search > too much information is sent to indexing and appearing in the search results abstract.  e.g. for discussion – the title, and the content appeared duplicated
  • Jive Cover Page for KM Assets Displays Wrong Action Button Text
  • Jive Cover Page for sdn-tv (sdn_sdn-tv) – Link Should Opens in Correct Size Window
  • Jive Cover Page for Content Type Code Sample (sdn_code_sample) Missing Content Type Information
  • NumberFormatException On Space Meta Data When Editing Thread.  This fixes the bug: “An unexpected error has occured !!!” when editing and saving an existing thread.
  • Truncated text in social shares.  e.g. question marks, ampersands, quotation marks etc got truncated

Sprint 7: Deployment Date: Sunday, September 15

Sprint 7 development is under way.  Stay tuned.

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      Author's profile photo Tom Van Doorslaer
      Tom Van Doorslaer

      Woot woot,

      Mobile module! Keep us posted!

      (need any testers for the mobile module?)

      Author's profile photo Matt Harding
      Matt Harding

      Thanks for the update Scott.  Lots of stuff happening and the remember me functionality has been a huge reason for lack of uptake by me on SCN to date and it's great to have it working now (fingers crossed).

      Just to throw in a small note with your Mobile solution; I'm a use case which is very much a consumer of SCN blogs via twitter (@SCNBLogs) - pushing them to Pocket for quick access, so if you can make the mobile module able to automatically detect the device your on (with option to go to the full site) plus with remember me logon, likes and ratings; I think you'll be on a winner. eg. Going to a blog from a mobile without automatic logon, liking and rating will remove the interaction that the new platform is trying to achieve.

      Oh - but that said, if it's slow then uptake may be an issue since mobile devices have great features to rapidly load content without all the features of the web site.

      That said, if it's an iOS or Android app; then provided SCN can deal with quickly redirecting me to the app, then that would work too!

      Sorry about the high expectations, but engagement in SCN is crucial in my mind.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Call to Action - Improvements to the SCN Site is a short blog on how to get your suggestions in a future Sprint.