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My experience in building a website and Why I like ABAP

  Suddenly, I have a new found interest to develop websites as a hobby while I am cranking ABAP for living. Guess what I found- the world is not very easy outside 😕 . For a developer who has spent most of the time in SAP, I was very baffled by everything I encountered  when I started doing some simple websites . Just want to share my road trip to web development and say why I enjoy my ABAP.

  •    Firstly, which language should I use ?
    • Not an easy answer, the question was incomplete- I need to search for which server-side language I need to use. There were many options out there and many opinions to say what is best. After hours of analysis, I decided on WAMP- Windows Apache MySql PHP. I only wish I had SAP Web AS .
  •     Okay I have decided on PHP, now where do I start writing my code.
    • Again not an easy answer, hundreds of options- tried at least three and  decided to use phpDesigner. I only wish I had SE38. Next time you double click on an internal table to see the underlying db table properties-  just thank yourselves for doing ABAP.
  •    I did my Hello World page and was very excited to see my first web page.
  •    I rolled my sleeves to do a webpage to do a simple database operation –  turned out it was not very simple. I was only searching for SE11 – there is nothing   like this out there. To an extent I found phpMyAdmin easy- the GUI tool to manage your database.But nothing like SE11.Next time you easy SE16 and use the selection-screen to filter table contents – just thank yourselves once again. Not to mention, import from clipboard on selection-screen:-)
  •   After learning the new languages, new syntax, installed several softwares I am sort of ready to move to Production- Hey where is my SE01 :-). There is nothing called a transport request- I need to upload(ftp) my source files to the hosting website. There is something Version control tools that needs to be installed to manage a team development –  next time you get a prompt saying the object is already being edited by “<user..>”, just think how lucky you are.

Thanks for reading this post, I know this post could be little out of place but just wanted to say how nice it is to work in SAP.


And yes it could be unfair to compare SAP with freely available open source tools but these are the tools that are used to develop a significant number of websites.

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      Author's profile photo Sampath Adavelly
      Sampath Adavelly

      Agreed. Nice comparision. Like it.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Haha there are many options out there. It is good to talk to existing web developers to get good ideas. I know you can use the light SQL versions and something like SQL query analyser to extract info (very similar to using abap select statements).

      I have started up my own website and I used wordpress. VERY easy to use once installed and you don't need to do much coding. I find with web there is no point from starting from scratch with so many easily available customisable templates out there.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi  Brad,

         Thanks for your suggestions- I will look into this tools. I have actually tried my hands on all the CMS - WordPress, Joomla and Drupal to explore which has more configurable options but webapges with few CRUD operations I have decided to use start building own PHP pages.

      And you made a valid statement "there are many options out there"- this was little overwhelming for me and each web developer I talked to had a their personal opinion on the IDEs, languages etc.

      Author's profile photo Zachary Leahan
      Zachary Leahan

      You'll find out that the PHP.ini file is just like the RSPARAM file...  a config file that sits on the OS that you'll need to harden.  🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very true and not to mention the default .ini never works and it takes couple of searches to make it work.

      Author's profile photo Azeem Quadri Mohammed Abdul
      Azeem Quadri Mohammed Abdul

      SAP has excellent version control baked in for our code.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      You are right Azeem, we dont need to do the Check-out..Check-in ..SAP has made it so very use so that an Application developer can really focus on building Applications and rest everything is taken care.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      How do you roll back to a previous version of something? Oh, that's right... 😉