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Display Trip number in the POWL queries of Travel management

In the earlier versions of Travel management, before the existence of Employee Self Service (ESS), trip number is displayed for any Travel Request/Expense created in the system.

You can check the Trip column in the PR05 or TRIP transaction.

In PR05 transaction,


In the ESS travel management solution, travel related POWL queries are displayed as shown. I had removed Travel Planning related tabs from the POWL queries.


In the new version of travel management (ESS), trip related information’s are displayed to the user using the POWL queries but the trip number is not available/displayed.  Below steps will help in make the trip number visible in ESS travel management as well.

POWL query uses the feeder class to display the information.

You can find the feeder class and query related information in the transaction POWL_TYPE.


For each type there will be a feeder class assigned. For example, for My trips, by standard the available feeder class is CL_FITV_POWL_FEEDER_TRIPS.

In order to display the Trip number in the POWL query, have copied the feeder class from CL_FITV_POWL_FEEDER_TRIPS  to ZCL_FITV_POWL_FEEDER_TRIPS.


In the feeder class CL_FITV_POWL_FEEDER_TRIPS, in method GET_FIELD_CATALOG you have the hidden column name “Trip number” as below,


In the modified class ZCL_FITV_POWL_FEEDER_TRIPS, I have modified the code as below.


There will be syntax error in the customized class, you need to change the class name in the below method as well.


As a result of all the above changes, you can see the trip numbers in the ESS POWL queries as well.




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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Rajkumar,

      the following is not correct:

      "...queries but the trip number is not available..."

      You can easaly show the trip number by access of the "user setting link" placed on each POWL

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Rajkumar Shanmuganathan
      Rajkumar Shanmuganathan
      Blog Post Author


      Thanks for your feedback. By standard SAP Travel Management solution, this column will not appear in the POWL list unless you make them activate/visible with the custom feeder class. You can see in the screen shot itself where I have pointed that "

      In the feeder class CL_FITV_POWL_FEEDER_TRIPS, in method GET_FIELD_CATALOG"   the trip number column is invisible. You will see this column active in the user setting link only if you activate the column using the custom feeder class.

      To explain better, look at the code,  When 'TRIPNUMBER'. ls_fat-col_visible = c_true .  Instead of ls_fat-col_visible = SPACE.