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Key Date variable Prompt not coming in WEBi

A key date variable allows you to specify a date for time-dependent data.

The key date selection influnce the data retrived: for example the region name can change with time, so dependent on the date selected the region name will be given.

We had a time dependent master data for Geography.

We created a Key Date variable “ZKEYDT(Enter Key Date)” which was a ready for input variable created on 0calday.

Universe was created on the BEx query and the report was created using WEBi.

When the report was executed the prompt for Key Date was not coming in WEBi.


If we have a Key Date variable created at the BEx query, we have to mark “YES” for the KEYDATE_ENABLE parameter at the universe level (as seen below)

Key Date Parameters.png

Also if the Key date variable is created on 0calday you need to remove the char 0calday from rows/column of BEx query.

Key date variable properties are mapped to the five universe parameters

Keydate_enable = Set to yes if the key date is enabled on the universe

Keydate_name = Technical Name of the Key date Variable

Keydate_Caption = Text of the Key date variable

Keydate_Default_value = Default value of the keydate if it exists

Keydate_mandatory = set to yes if a user must enter a value or use the default

We had one more requirement with respect to the key date variable. I would like to share the same too.

We had a BEx query on 0Employee master data which had a key date variable prompt.

It was a yearly report and user ran the BEx report 12 times to get the data for each month start data and 12 times to get the month end data.User use to get the data for each month and paste it in excel and create the report for the complete year.

For Example: For Month End Data

For Jan : Input to Key date variable was 31/01/2012

For Feb :  Input to Key date variable was 29/02/2012

For Mar : Input to Key date variable was 31/03/2012 and so on.

In WEBi user did not wanted to run the report 12 times.


We create the Universe on the BEx query and used the same universe 12 times in the WEBi query designer.

We named query as Jan,Feb,mar……,Nov,Dec.

Using the merged dimension property at the WEBi level we merged all the 12 months queries to show the data. When the User ran the report , he gets the prompts for each month where he can input the start or end date of the month and run the report.

User got the data by runnig the report just once.

Important Document:

Web Intelligence on SAP implementation best practices

I hope the blog helps you all.

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      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks


      Please could you confirm the product version (XI3.1 / BI4.0), the client tool (presumably Universe Designer), and the type of universe (MDX OLAP .UNV)?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      I am very new to SAP BI/BO

      thank you so much for the information..!!
      I finally got some idea on KeyDate. 🙂
      but a small doubt ..
      where can we get the Key date name as you mentioned ( A technical name )..???

      Author's profile photo Arijit Das
      Arijit Das

      That should come automatically when you create universe.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      can I define KEYDATE_NAME as santhosh in Universe Parameters..?
      and what is the use of KEYDATE_NAME ..??

      Thanks in advance Arijit