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My Experience on HANA Certification

I have cleared HANA certificate on 25th of Aug’12, Want to summarize my experience on HANA certificate..

I hope this information might help for your certification preparation. Good Luck.

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  • Hi Anjan,

    thank you.

    This is an excellent blog for everybody preparing for the Hana Certification.

    Where did you sit the exam ?

    All the best,


      • Hi Anjan,

        Excellent Blog, Highly informative in one single glance.

        Request to send the TZ300 or HA300 to my below mail address.

        (email address removed by moderator) if the documents are too big the I will send my dropbox link so you can upload the material.

        Many Advance thanks for this kind help.



        Added by Marcel Salein:

        Please share materials for everyone, so that the community has also access to the material. Please also note that distributing the SAP learning materials for SAP courses is illegal and constitutes a copyright law violation. If you share any material please make sure that you are not violating any copyright law.

  • Anjan,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    A couple of questions for you.

    1 – Has your certification lead to any SAP HANA work (paid)

    2 – Do you feel you are prepared to use HANA at a client site? If not what do you think you are missing?

    • Mark,

      1>> I learned HANA on my personnel interst on In-Memory and checked the cliber with some certification. I hope certification will defiantly help at some point if not immediately.

      2>> I think so .. Let’s see how it goes

      • It’s a legit question.  The concern, to me, is that someone can pass a certification without receiving any training.  I find that alarming for the industry though I’m sure nothing will come of it.


        • … My view on any stuff is “effort” will get things to you does not matter whether you learned  self or by training.

          Getting concepts and practice is important to me, not whether you self learned or trained by industry. I would encourage self learning though it might take a bit long time.


        • Hi Nathan,

          two interesting questions are raised here:

          a) Self Motivated Study

          Anjan has made a fantastic demonstration of the success of self motivated home study for aquiring SAP skills

          This must be commended and encouraged, too many people’s knowledge is too week because they do not invest their own time in self study

          b) Self Study or SAP Training, which is the best ?

          There are threads and threads on the SDN discussing the merits and value of SAP Training.

          I would personally argue, that what Anjan has done is more valuable than the training course, because,

          i)  the training course is tailored to prepare you for the exam, the scope of the course is narrowed and tightly and precisely prepared for the exam. The training course student can be quite relaxed that as long as what they read on the course goes in, they will have a good chance of passing the exam

          ii) Anjan has studied a huge variety of Hana areas and for sure into deep detail to give himself

          the best chance of having the best fit for the exam while at the same time not knowing if he has really covered everything necessary. Anjan was flying blind and having to do the maximum to ensure any chance of covering the exam material

          iii) Real world experience

          How many people take courses having never touched the components in real life ?

          Are the people who took the course more prepared for Hana than Anjan, I doubt it.

          Anjan’s task now, like anyone who simply takes the course is to find the opportunity to put the skills to good use, and for sure by having the certification Anjan will have an advantage, a lead over other candidates where Hana work is on offer and good luck to him.

          To conclude, this is fantastic example of effort and success and must be encouraged in the community.

          All the best,

          Andy Silvey.

          • Hi Andy,

            My concern around this, is that Anjan has passed the certification exam without touching a HANA system (Anjan correct me if I am wrong)

            It is like passing your driving test without stepping behind the wheel of a car.

            I believe this highlights a flaw with the certification process and degrades the process.

            I am not saying Anjan is not capable to perform HANA tasks, I would have expected some hands on time and knowledge sessions to lead to certification.

          • Hi Mark,

            you raise a reasonable question, whether a SAP Certification examination should include hands on practical assessment ?

            This is not only related to Hana, have you seen any SAP Certification which includes hands on examination ?  For example does a NetWeaver Certified Consultant have to sit a practical hands on examination ?

            All the best,


          • Hi Andy,

            I am not sure what the answer is – however I thought in order to take a certification paper you had to meet pre-requisites which included attending SAP training courses.

            Things might have moved on and they could be different per region, but I think that process makes sense.

            My view is not specific to HANA certification – but certification as a whole.

          • Hi Mark

            In my opinion, technical exams such as this should have hands-on in the exam itself.

            Certification doesn’t require following SAP courses as prerequisite in my opinion. Self learning is fine and possible nowadays (SAP HANA dev license edition on Amazon ~AWS).

            The AWS edition can be connected to other systems as well so you can do a lot with it.

            TZH200 course is build up out of many aggregations from PDF’s that are publically available (except for specific excercices) but the course also misses out on certain things such as replication tables yourself hands-on using SLT. I’ve done that during the course but it’s not part of the course excercices (freewheeling here and there).

            Currently, the certification exam is V2 and has been reworked to be more task oriented to check if someone could perform the tasks for SAP HANA administration. I haven’t yet done the certification exam (I will in a matter of weeks) so I can only provide more feedback when I do to the community and to SAP since I’m participating in the CEIC (Certification Engagement & Influence Council)

            Best regards


          • Hello Mark Chalfen,

            I never told I did not practice… I told rather than reading the step better to practice Every concept i look at system and practiced something around that concept.

            Looks there is some misinterpretation of my comments, I have told NOT required to read TZ300/TZHANA if they are not available as they will come only with training(Which is costly). You can easily pass certification by reading other documents and PRACTICE around that concepts you are read.

            Thank you,


          • Hi Anjan,

            Thanks for clearing it up.

            I presume I am not alone it reading your article and assuming you have just read content without using a system.

            I think your first line lead me to think that way – I have not taken any training, I just read the following documents

          • Yes… I have “not taken training & read the following documents” .. the reason for saying is while i was searching for certification info. on HANA most of time people are saying read TZHANA/TZ300 so I have given that statement.. if you read full article there are 2 points

            • While reading keep eye on HANA Studio system how they are and practice will help, once you are done with these documents on last week before you go certification if you have you can go-through summarized versions(TZHANA || TZ300) of above topics
              • TZHANA (HA100)
              • TZ300 (HA300)
            • While reading every point is important but the steps they explain like go there right click and click on new bla… bla… are NOT important instead do practice rather than reading the steps of creation

            might be it helped if I had given 1st statement read & practice to avoid .. I will keep in mind about this for future blogs.

          • Stop comparing IT system knowledge with driving cars.

            Actually some of the best pilots in formula 1 type championships have no driving license at all and were selected to drive professionally as a result of performing well on a computer game. just do a check on GT Academy by Nissan or iRacing experiment.

            Congrats to anyone opened at learning!

            of course it is better to practice on HANA system, i just installed one.

          • Hello,

            No one said “On system” learning is not required .. only said its self learing does not mean not worked on system.

            Read full blog and comments before coming to conclusion and comment

          • Hello,

            Agreed, no one said…

            well, I do not care if you practice or not on system, if yes, good for you. I still believe that if one has good imagination, experience and systems knowlege, good abstraction skills and reads the docs passionately CAN pass at any IT certification. He/she might be even more capable then the ones who acctually pushed some buttons in a Hana modeler.

            Thank you again for posting the  info for HANA certification.

          • I’m not making a personal assessment about Anjan; instead I’m commenting more on the process.  My first thought when I read that someone can be certified without being trained is that the certification isn’t very stringent.  Of what value can it be?  I hope the FAA (in the US) doesn’t work this way.

  • Hi Anjan,

    I want to congratulate you on your accomplishment. I am so impressed. I was trying to get the file listed in your second bullet, but it’s requiring a username and password. Internet searches are coming up with many documents. Can you please share the pdf for this one? The data replication on HANA?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Anjan,

    Could you please be more specific about the timeline required for preparation.

    As i’m planning to take this up would be really interested to know.


    R. Rajesh

        • (Email address removed by moderator) is my email address. Please email me TZHANA-HA100, TZ300-HA300.

          Thank You for your knowledge share.

          Added by Marcel Salein (moderator):

          Please share materials for everyone, so that the community has also access to the material. Please also note the sharing copyrighted SAP education material is not allowed.

        • Hey Dude,

          Can u email me the documents (email address removed by moderator).


          Pingili Srinivas

          Added by Marcel Salein:

          Please share materials for everyone, so that the community has also access to the material. Please also note the sharing copyrighted SAP education material is not allowed.

    • Hi Ravinder,

      I just want to know, who and all can go for HANA. Is there any specific section in HANA for SAP ABAP or it is only useful for BW / BO guys. Can an ABAP developer go for HANA Certfifcation. If so, what kind of pre-requisite knowledge he/she need.

      Your suggestions/Advice is highly appreicated.

      Others Inputs also weclome.



      • Hi Chaitanya,

        Good question,this doubt is raised by so many friends of mine.

        But i dont think so there is any show stopper for you to proceeding for hana learning,ofcource it is more usefull for BW guys because they aready know the concept of modling .

        For you you need to put extra hard work for understanding the Modlling concept.otherwise i dont see any problem for you.(HANA is going to have ABAP layer where ABAP knowledge is required)

        Its good idea,i suggest please go ahead and learn HANA.

        Hope i answer you query.


        Ravinder Singh

        • Hi Ravinder,

          Thanks for your suggestion and encouragement.

          Is it possible for you to share the documents to (Email Adress removed by moderator)?

          Thanks in Advance,


          Chaitanya A

          Added by Marcel Salein:

          Please share materials for everyone, so that the community has also access to the material. Please also note that distributing the SAP learning materials for SAP courses is illegal and constitutes a copyright law violation. If you share any material please make sure that you are not violating any copyright law.

          • Hi Chaitanya,

            I will be happy to share thedocuments,but problem is documents size is big and it can not share with email.

            If u have any other way of sharing please let me know,i will share the docs.


            Ravinder Singh

          • No problem Ravinder.

            I have started reading the documents which Mr. Anjan Reddy told.

            Will get in touch with you if i found a way to share bigger size documents.

            Thanks a lot for your support.


            Chaitanya Abbu

          • Hi Ravinder, Chaitanya,

            From what I know, there’s way to solve the file sending.

            Try google drive.

            Go to, upload the document, then share it, it will generate a link, send the link to Chaitanya, and Chaitanya can download it using your link.

  • Hello Ravinder,

    Congrats,is the certification available in India location.

    If yes, could you please let me know the process of achieving it by means of any contact information as such.

    The reason i had no updates from SAP education or as well as in website none planned for India Location.Really interested to do this, looking forward for your reply.


    R. Rajesh

    • Hi Anjan,

      First of all congrats. I am Interested to do the HANA Certifiaction, I am very thankful to you for sharing your experiance, just wants know how should i approach the SAP for hana certification.

      Thanks & Regards


      • Hi Anish,

        That’s the only way you can get the info about SAP HANA Certification details,contact your Local SAP education service they should be able to provide you the details about certification.


        Ravinder Singh

  • Anjan,

    I’d be grateful if you could provide a brief summary of your background.  Have you worked with SAP products before?   Were you familiar with other database products?  I’d like to be able to gauge how much of your background skills helped in passing.

    Congratulations on a fantastics effort.

  • Gentlemen,

    if you want to learn SAP Hana, there is no need for all of these emails and asking for the pdf’s of the training courses.

    There is a mountain of SAP Hana documentation out there, the majority of the currently available SAP Hana documentation is collected together under the SAP Hana section of the SAP Basis Administrator’s Toolbox wiki here:

    If you go through the SAP Hana section of that wiki, and download and read all of that documentation, and setup a Hana AWS account and practice what you have learned you won’t be far off knowing the same as the course material.

    Also in that Wiki, in the Business Objects section is all of the BO Hana Modelling documentation.

    Good luck, study hard, get an SAP Hana AWS account and practice what you have learned.

    There is no substitute for hard work, patience, and persistence.

    All the best,


  • Hi,

    With blog post like this one and a few more, HANA server access on AWS, or a 30 day free trial one can get hands-on as well as get HANA certified. Lately SAP Education, India has not been responding well HANA training and certification request by individuals especially for modelling course. How to appear for certification (without going in for the expensive training) in India? Do SAP allow only to take up certification in India without undergoing training or having project implementation expereince? Andy & Ravinder if you can give some deatails on whom to contact with their emailids and contact nos.


    Sukant Rudra

    • Hi,

      the only way I know to get training from SAP is to visit and find the course and curriculum and book it.

      On the other hand, as I keep advocating there is a mountain of good Hana documentation out there and most of the best stuff is listed in the SCN Wiki SAP NetWeaver Basis Administrator’s Toolbox:…….SAP+NetWeaver+Basis+Administrator%27s+Toolbox…

      That coupled with a SAP Hana AWS account, will be a fantastic foundation into the SAP Hana world.

      All the best,


  • Hi all,

    If you want to learn SAP Hana, and you are Interested to do the HANA Certifiaction go to: SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA) 1.0 —Get
    Up-to-Date with SAP Online Knowledge Products (link follows)


    Choose one of the “Select Your Learning Map” links on the far right:

    • Technology Consultants SPS04, for SAP Hana Technology Certification related docs/presentation. 


    • Application (Solution) Consultants SPS04, for SAP Hana Application Certification related docs/presentation.

    Best regards


  • Hi Subru and others!

    Be aware that distributing the SAP learning materials for SAP courses is illegal and constitutes a copyright law violation.

    Personally I’m aware that it’s not possible to completely prevent this, but seriously: can’t you try and do this somewhere less obvious than in a SAP run forum?

    – Lars

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