Update November 26, 2014:

The SCN Rules of Engagement have changed. Please see this blog post by Jeanne Carboni for details: Important! Rules of Engagement Updated

The new rules can be found here: The SCN Rules of Engagement

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    1. Julius von dem Bussche

      The rules also clearly state that plagarism is not allowed and can lead to your user ID being deleted. Looking at your blogs (those which have not been deleted yet…) I would say you have not actually read the rules but are just creating points noise…

      Please read the rules and dont just nod them!



  1. Santiago Reig

    Clear guideline, though I would definitively highlight point 1 of How to Initiate a Post… Now that searching actually works start using it !!

  2. Ajay Gupta

    This is an excellent link for new users to the SCN environment.  I would strongly recommand that users to read before going anywhere on SCN.


  3. Rakesh Pattani

    Nice Blog ..Thank you.. πŸ™‚

    But if we see someone is breaking the rules, then how to report it to the moderators?? Is Report Abuse the only options?

  4. Roberto Vidotti

    A really good start for beginners, but maybe somtimes also the old users should read the rules again … πŸ™‚



  5. Rohan Poovaiah

    New SCN Forum is becoming more complicated …… now one thing for sure is that no one gets disappointed , and every one gets Badge ..

    Keep Going SAP ..


  6. Gareth Ryan

    Is it my imagination or are we back to the early days of SCN when people just posted a “thanks, great blog” post to get points/badges/untold wealth in the afterlife?

    Thanks, great blog by the way πŸ˜‰

    1. Julius von dem Bussche

      Perhaps some link to it was given as an example on how to complete the mission of commenting on a blog?

      Some people look for system C11 on their logon pads when applying SAP Note correction instructions as well…

      Anyway… thanks, nice and enjoy the weekend! πŸ™‚


      1. Thomas Zloch

        It’s actually linked in at least five of the missions…like you said, if everybody would not just click but stick to it, it would be an even better place.

        Same to you!


          1. Keith Elliott

            The 20 points we offered attracted a lot of survey-takers in 2010. The sad thing is that in the following survey, which didn’t offer any points (partly in deference to you Julius), participation took a significant drop.

            So by offering points we get more members to the survey, and I think that’s good. One could question whether, once they get there, the answers they give are sincere answers, or only  the insincere answers of a point-addict.  

            Which brings me to the next point — the 2013 SCN Member Survey. It’s clear that this round, we have a “mission” to launch with the survey mid June.

            Now I’m hoping for a positive effect and that members will wear their “I took the survey” badges as proudly as we voters in America paste an “I Voted!” sticker on our shirt after an election.

            1. Julius von dem Bussche

              Hi Keith,

              Another plausible explanation for it is that the failure to hand over the 20 points for the 2010 survey caused a ripple beyond the distortion of the results of that year into lethargy to participate again in the subsequent surveys. Perhaps that audience felt cheated for having “voted” without delivery of the promised tax rebates and benefits…  πŸ™‚

              On the shopfloor of SCN, the points only create such noise. We have seen that too often to think that it will have some other affect on behaviour.

              Anyway, my opinions of the points system is well known and I can therefore publicly enjoy such fiascos without having to feel guilty about it.



  7. Himavanth s

    Rules are clear cut and every has to follow these rules.

    New Design of SCN is exciting.

    Good…………………… πŸ™‚



  8. Sagar Mukherjee

    Hi Audrey,

    I had been looking at the rules of engagement link on every page I had visited. I understand how you guys are working so hard to keep the SCN community clean and readily accessible. I can imagine the amount of contributions and you guys making sure there is no duplicity.

    Kudos to you guys: Audrey Stevenson, Gali Kling Schneider, Brian Bernard and David Metser.



  9. Jogeswara Rao K

    I am member since 2009 with over 575 posts. I have gone through the rules engagement document in detail now. I am glad I have been following all these rules without any deviation. This document will be very relevant for new members especially to youth.

    Thank you.

  10. Audrey Stevenson Post author

    Hi Everyone,

    Although it’s nice to receive Thank You comments from those who have read the blog post (and more importantly, I hope, the actual Rules of Engagement themselves), such comments do not really serve any useful purpose, so I closing the blog post to any further comments.

    Thanks for your understanding.



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