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Big thanks to Gretchen as she blogged it forward to me. Check out her blog and the initiative. It’s a great way to get to know many of your fellow SCN members better!


My name is Anita and I am part of the SCN Community Engagement Marketing team. I was born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Canada! After graduating from University of British Columbia, I spent approximately two years on SAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility team, where I helped build and expand SAP’s global technology donation and skills-based volunteering programs.

I love to travel and explore new cities and culture. Over the last two years, I had the chance to live in Vienna, travel around Europe and volunteer in Ethiopia. During my spare time, I enjoy reading travel blogs and planning for my next adventure!

Some of my Travel Photos:

1) Austria (Graz)


2) NYC


3) Ethiopia (South)


What do you enjoy most about your work and why?

I enjoy being able to connect with people from different parts of the world and hearing their feedback about SAP and its products. I love how the SAP Community Network acts as the one centralized location where many important conversations take place. It excites me to be part of the team, and to be able to encourage and connect internal SAP teams so that they can join these conversations and participate in the SAP Community Network!

If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?

I really like my current position, so I am going to focus on the “where” part of this question. Given the chance, I’d like to be in New York City! Last year, I spent a month in New York City and loved my time there. It was truly an exciting city, where there was never a dull moment – always a fun event to attend or an interesting person to meet. One of the coolest moments from my stay there was when I accidentally “met” Marilyn Pratt at an event called FAILfaire, a really interesting event where the speakers shared their stories of failures and lessons learned in tech projects for social change.

I put quotation marks around the word “met” because 6 months prior to this in-person meeting, Marilyn and I had collaborated on a project over phone and email. We had no idea what the other person looked like or that our paths would cross again so soon in the future! (Isn’t it cool how things have a way of working out?)

Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?

This would be one of the career coaches at my business school. He taught me and many of my classmates the importance of finding our passion and pursuing it. I admit – at the beginning, I was tempted to take the “known” path, as it seemed easier. However, thanks to him and his guidance, I was able to gain the confidence that I needed to break out and explore new and unfamiliar opportunities.

I am blogging it forward to my awesome teammates: Charlotte Han, Gail Moody, Jeff Gerace and Sylvana Chang and inviting them to answer these questions:

  • What do you enjoy most about your work and why?
  • If you were not in your current position, what/where would you be and why?
  • Name the person who affected you most in your career/ way of thinking and why?
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  1. Susan Keohan

    Hi Anita, It’s so nice to ‘meet’ a member of the SCN team.

    And lucky you (really) for getting to meet Marilyn Pratt. 

    You’ve really put your finger on one of the reasons I enjoy SCN so much – meeting people from around the world!


  2. Former Member


    I am so glad you accepted my Blog it Forward challenge! Thank you for sharing the photos from your travels. It really helps us to know you better.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Thank you again, Gretchen, for blogging it forward to me. I really enjoyed getting to know you and other SCN members better via these lovely blogs!

    1. Former Member Post author

      Thanks, Tammy. I love being on the SCN team as I get the chance to meet/connect with people like you! Can’t wait to travel and meet you in person soon 🙂

  3. Marilyn Pratt

    Hi Anita,

    I was very impressed with the work you had done around the CSR (corporate social responsiblity) micro site, so I was happy to met you in person at that UN event Failfare.  No surprise that we have good karma when there are similar interests and focus when it comes to helping people.  I also knew you would be a wonderful addition to Gail Moody-Byrd ‘s team.  And so you are!

    Enjoyed this post tremendously.  Didn’t remember that you volunteered in Ethiopia.  Would love to hear more about that.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. Meeting you in NYC was one of my trip highlights. Good karma, serendipity – whatever it was; I’m very thankful for it! I would love to share more about my Ethiopia trip. Looks like we will see each other soon and hope we will have time to catch up! 🙂

  4. Tom Cenens

    Hi Anita

    Thanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying all the blog if forward blogs as they give the opportunity to get to know everyone a little bit.

    The importance of finding our passion and pursuing it” > +1

    Best regards


    1. Tammy Powlas

      Tom – I haven’t met Anita in person but on the phone and through e-mail she is so positive and engaging – the SCN Community and SAP are lucky to have her on board 🙂


      1. Former Member Post author

        Thanks, Tammy! That reminds me… we need to bring those phone meetings back. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard your lovely voice (and laughter 😉 )!

    2. Former Member Post author

      Thanks for reading, Tom! I love these blog it forward blogs too. Now, I need to look for your’s so I can know as much about you as you now know about me 😉

  5. Former Member

    Really nice blog. It is really nice to see people sharing their experience around the world. Traveling is one of my passions as well. Hope you post more of your adventures.

  6. Former Member

    Good to read about you..

    I enjoy working with my current work and current role.

    If I was not in my current position, i would be Entrepreneur 🙂

    Person who have affected me in my career and way of thinking is my DAD.




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