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SAP HANA, Neil Armstrong, Moore’s Law, and 30 Degrees Celsius Computer Centers

Neil Armstrong is dead. I heard the news while I was doing some funny, but not especially brilliant, experiments with SAP HANA Text Joins, which effectively look like modest Left Outer Joins anyway, whatever the heavenly SAP HANA Engines are concocting in the background… No idea. Who are the chosen people who know why the SAP HANA Engines are right? For referential Joins I kind of understand a bit what the trick is. For Text Joins, I don’t really see the point yet, apart from tool usability. Tool black boxes… Tool opaqueness…

This is the end of an era. The era where we, parents and children of the 60’s, thought in the following terms:

“Now the Moon,

      tomorrow Mars,

            in 10 years Jupiter…

                and then the stars…”.

Linear extrapolations.

Modern world…

Modern growth…

No limits.

I am also a good, young child of the 60’s. Until not so long ago, after I really internalized some insights regarding energy and resource requirements for space travel, I still dreamt about becoming an astronaut… sometime in a better, technologized future… As a physicist, this keeps being one of my hidden, unaccepted dreams…  the big, although environmentally and economically unacceptable, utopia.

How naive we were. How naive we are. As naive as Moore’s law, more and more’s law, unlimited growth, and superconducting refrigeration in IT computer centers… One of the business neighbors in my office building had an air conditioning breakdown a few days ago. They called my office to ask if they could use my small, but beautiful, 25% penthouse terrace to access their air conditioning equipment, and fix the problem.

I surely agreed, with a smirk… We, in Heidelberg, had a heat wave some days ago: 30-32 degrees Celsius. Probably their IT computer center is no hotter than 25 degrees or so, but people still tend to think that more than 25 degrees Celsius is IT Armageddon, which is usually not the case. Ask your hardware partner if you don’t believe me.

More CPU, more RAM, more Disk space, less money for big Hardware, big data, faster applications, more and faster results…


Right results?? Hmmmm… Is someone out there interested in right, sensible, meaningful, ecologically intelligent results?

Who’s flying to Mars, Jupiter and the stars today?

There is a lot to learn about the Moon!

about the Earth…

about server energy consumption…

about fast applications…

about tinyints…

about In-Memory Computing

about authentic usage of SAP HANA

About the stars… locally, from the Earth…


Gemma Durany

Founder and Managing Director

WeeDooCare Business Solutions GmbH

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