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Benefits of Support Package 9 for SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1

SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 is the proven infrastructure technology for cross-domain master data consolidation and harmonization across the enterprise. The latest support package, released on August 24; provides you with the following benefits:

Improvements related to PIM and Web-channel Experience:

  • Import images by Java API. You can now run a batch/automatic import of images and documents. This can be used to import thumbnails that were generated outside of MDM.
  • Taxonomy attribute with remote system keys. You can now define key mapping  of remote keys for attribute definitions.
  • Search by tuple value. You can now sort main table records by tuple field value.

Core MDM data model, usability, processing, data integration and administration enhancements:

  • Data Model:  Additional coverage for Tuples; Setting access rights at field level in a Tuple; Adding new timestamp, user stamp, create stamp and Auto-ID fields in a Tuple; Assignments into tuple member fields.

These enhancements allow you to:

1. Better control the security on tuple level

2. Better manage the data in a tuple

3. Better manipulate the data in the tuple

  • Usability, Processing; Administration:

End-User / Web Component (Web Dynpro). Within Web Dynpro components the following can be controlled:

    • Language inheritance in Lookup fields: You can now display the language inheritance values in the Lookup that are in Web Dynpro.
    • The tuple comparison feature in Web Dynpro now indicates whether the tuples are equal or not. This lets you find out very easily whether any changes were made to the tuples in a checked-out record compared to the original record’s tuples.
    • You can now configure “word wrap” for the label in a Search component.
    • You can add new events for:
      • Load of the Merge Component. This allows you, for example, to perform additional validations on the resulting record of a merge operation.
      • Getting records to merge & remove record. This allows you, for example, to store the data from records to be merged before the merge operation.
      • Tuple selected record as part of an Item Details view. This allows you to display the selected tuple record in the Item Details view when it represents a tuple as a flat structure.


  • Data Integration: Import, Export / Syndication:  You can now define permissions for exporting read-only tables and fields to Excel.
  • Schema Transport: The “Import Change File” in the MDM Console now displays the schema change files that were transported by the CTS+.
  • Publishing/Print: Support of InDesign CS5.5.
  • UOM (Units Of Measure): The UOM Manager is now integrated within the MDM Console; This allows you to control the measurements on a Win64 bit system (e.g.: Windows 7) and also provides support for all the MDM-supported databases including those that were not previously supported by the legacy UOM Manager.
  • New CLIX command to output the current list of MDS connections..

And What’s Next?

SAP NetWeaver MDM is a mature product on a stable core. Continuous improvements are planned as usual in annual Support Packages. SP10 is planned to be released in Q2 2013.

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  • Hello Manachem,

    Language inheritance in Lookup fields: You can now display the language inheritance values in the Lookup that are in Web Dynpro--

    Do that mean the Values in Green(Primary Inherited vlaues) will apeear in the Portal or webapplicatons??

    Just a one addtional question-

    was that inherted value used to appear in SAP MDM 5.5 ??? If so please confirm..



    • Hi Girish,

      The feature is for Web Dynpro (which can be embedded in the portal). The values can be displayed in the Web Dynpro. Please note that in the Web Dynpro we do not use coloring to indicate inheritance. In MDM 5.5 we did not used Web Dynpro.

      For more info - you can find in the What's New in SP09


      • Hi Menachem,

        Thanks for the reply..

        I have a query on this..

        We have a requirement, where the values which are in Green need to be made available in portal through JAVA API and as far as i know this facility is for language details where it allow user to translate or do modifiaction and convert to black and send to target system..

        I just wana know can it be possible to retain those in Green color in Data Manager and still made available in Target systems???

        and was it available in version 5.5??