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SAP delivered SAP-SuccessFactors Integration Package 1 in May 2012.  This package extracted employee and organizational data from SAP HCM OnPremise and created a file that can be uploaded to SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite.

The functionality for delta data extraction is now available. Customers will be able to run a program to extract employee and organizational data that has changed since the previous extraction and create a file that contains only the content that has changed. This ‘delta file’ can then be uploaded to the SuccessFactors business execution suite.

If you are a current SAP – SuccessFactors Hybrid customer, you can access the integration package and the updated administrator guide from service market place.

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  1. Jarret Pazahanick

    Thanks for the update Prashanth can say is “about time” as this should have been part of first release back in May. I know the team is working hard and there is a big task ahead but asking customers to do full file loads everyday was not acceptable in my book so I am glad we are at least past that. One thing that is clear is that “real” and “seamless” integration is still a long ways away.

  2. Chris Paine

    Hi Prashanth,

    I can’t find any reference to these improvements in the service market place.

    only the existing guide/solution.

    This went GA 10 August, but I can’t see any other addons or packages.

    Is there a different area that I should be looking in service market place?



      1. Former Member

        Hi Chris,

        Yes, it is a part of service pack 1 for the integration add-on. Implemented the package earlier this month and the delta functionality is there – program: RH_SFI_SYNCHRONIZE_EMPL_DATA and table: HRSFI_D_EXTR_LOG is created to track and maintain the delta handling.

        So it have been live for some time.


        1. Chris Paine

          Thanks Christian,

          Jarret, the delta handling was released pretty much the same time as GA of the solution. In this case as SP01 for the component was there 7/8/2012 and GA was 10/8/2012.

          Delta handing has been in there since GA of the solution, restricted availability was indeed as of 11/5/2012 (available since May) and I’m sure that no customer that asked was refused access to the ramp-up (although I’m sure that many would have had to suffer an SAP/SuccessFactors consultant as part of the process).

          It seems strange that any customer that wasn’t part of a ramp-up wouldn’t already know about this – they would have seen the support packs coming from a mile away (and if they could use Google translate, they would have have read the associated note)

          Guess then that this blog was to inform the rest of us 🙂

          On the other had, I had been hoping for integration into the ALE change pointer process so that SuccessFactors could be managed as just another system feeding of the HR Masterdata. but a custom solution in this space will just have to sate me until we hear more about PI onDemand (and the hopefully free licencing model 😉 )


          1. Jarret Pazahanick

            Hi Chris

            I might have missed something as I was told repeatedly by SAP that delta processing was coming and it was referenced in the presentations that way as well so surprised to see it was released from Day 1 (if your understanding is correct) as if so SAP did an extremely poor job of communication.

            Hopefully Prasanath came provide some clarity.


  3. Luke Marson

    Hi Prashanth,

    Thanks for the blog pointing this out – it is the first avenue that I (and maybe the guys above) have heard through. I’m delighted that this functionality is offered with integration package 1.0, even if through a support package. Hopefully SAP will give us some other nice suprises as time goes on.

    Best regards,


    p.s. I added some tags to your blog so that it will be picked up in the appropriate areas of SCN.


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