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The SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions FAQ – answering key customer questions

In this FAQ I will focus on SAP’s new approach for implementing Rapid Deployment Solutions and address common customer questions and concerns.

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What are SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions?

Launched in 2010, SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are modular packages that include SAP software, pre-configured content, best practices, and fixed scope implementation service, resulting in fast and predictable software deployments. Typically implemented within a quarter, the current portfolio of approximately 100 packages covers given Line of Business (LoB) functions such as CRM and SCM, Industry modules, as well as the latest innovations from SAP, including analytics, mobile solutions, and HANA-based packages.  Sold and delivered globally by both SAP and a fast growing ecosystem of Partners, SAP Rapid Deployment solutions promise not only fast time to value and lower implementation costs, but also the ability to grow and scale over time at the customer’s pace. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions – now with Cloud deployment options – have redefined SAP implementations for customers.

Here are two common analogies we use when describing rapid-deployment solutions:

  1. Building Blocks  – Not only do children’s building blocks come in different shapes, sizes, colors but you can also easily build blocks on top of each other – allowing you to customize your ‘construction’ project as you see fit. Same is true with rapid-deployment solutions, you have the option of choosing the software solutions that address your immediate business needs and the ability to add additional functionality later as your business grows.
  2. Chocolates 30 years ago, chocolate was only available for consumers to purchase in large quantities and at a high price (assuming you only wanted a small portion); today chocolate is now offered in affordable bite-size packages. This is very similar to rapid-deployment solutions; you now have the choice of affordable bite-sized solutions for a lower cost (click here for more about SAP ‘chocolates’)

Why did SAP create Rapid Deployment Solutions?

For years, SAP has applied the packaging concept to solutions targeting the small and mid-size market segments, such as SAP Business All-In-One. With a full portfolio of new innovations, such as HANA and Mobile as well as a large portfolio of more mature products, SAP wants to ensure that we apply these methodologies and tools across the entire SAP portfolio.  A CIO at a customer once told me, “We don’t get value from buying SAP software.  We realize value when we deploy and run it.”  This is the premise of what we are trying to do with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions. 

What role do Partners play?

Partners, such as Bluefin Solutions, are key to delivering the promise of rapid-deployment solutions, since they are sold as complete solutions including implementation services under a fixed timeframe.  Today, we have more than 100 qualified Partners supporting rapid-deployment solution implementations, with dozens more in process. Partners not only help in terms of implementing rapid-deployment solutions, but can also help extend solutions in order to cover more specific needs that go beyond the package, as well as providing cloud deployment and financing options.

What if a Rapid-Deployment Solution isn’t a 100%, perfect fit?

While rapid-deployment solutions are based on SAP best practices for a given LoB, industry or technology-related solution, it is not necessary for the given solution to fit all of a customer’s business needs to have a valuable impact. In many cases, a rapid-deployment solution may help to cover 70-80% of a customer’s requirements, whereas the delta can be extended through the use of additional Services from SAP or its Partners. In this case, the customer will save time on not “reinventing the wheel” for standard processes, and can apply resource savings to areas that bring competitive differentiation.

While rapid-deployment solutions are a standardized approach to delivering SAP software, they are also flexible – helping to bring value in many unique ways (watch these customer testimonial videos to learn more):

  • Provimi – (Animal Nutrition/Food company)
  • Springer – (German publishing house)
  • Hunter Douglas – (A global manufacturer of custom window treatments)

(To view the full FAQ blog, click here)

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