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Installtion Base Creation in R/3


About Author:

Author Rahul G Asai works with IBM in SAP Logistics Domain with 7+ years of experience & is a Consultant by profession (Engineer academically)& his management skills are honed further by devoting 2 years to MBA from IIT Kharagpur VGSoM.

Scope / Takeaway:

In course of Customer Service Implementation at one of the major Textile Machine Manufacturing Client in the Europe, there was a typical requirement to track installations within CS Module using IBase (Installation Bases). If a closer look is taken at the customizing nodes available in SPRO, there is no no node dedicated to creation of IBase Categories & their views. A normal practitioners would sped time on ooogle & various SAP forums to locate where these IBase categories are customized. To their surprise, it would be discovered that IBases are customized in SAP CRM as per various forums which also give the configuration path for customization of IBase within CRM.

This post is created in an answer to R/3 utility of IBase within CS Module where various IBase categories & their view can be defined….not using SPRO customizing nodes but by table maintenance using SM30. Let’s dive deep into this & see how this works. This pose is aimed at helping the CS Consultants to run rather than walk when they face such difficulties.

IBase Category Creation:

Ibase categories can be created in the view V_T371A as below in SM30 transaction-

Once in the maintenance, you can choose to create a new entry or copy the existing one. Later one is showcased below-

You need to supply a new name to category & a corresponding description at the last column.

Validate & check if other parameters are set correctly. If yes, you can save it as indicated-

IBase View Creation:

Now, let’s see how we add the views into the IBase just created. Come to view V_T371U in SM30 as indicated below-

Select the IBase category whose View needs to be created.

Create new entry as indicated below to add the view-

Add the view as indicated below & save.

Another view can be added by creating a new entry-

Save this view as well.

At last, you can check what all views you have added in the IBase category-

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