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A Letter to the Mayor – Citizen Grievances

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Webcast September 26Citizen Contact Centers made easy and faster than ever with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

Dear Mrs. Mayor,

We need to get with the times and modernize our citizen contact center – our government’s customer service is terrible! Now I like having fun as much as the next taxpayer but the existing contact center games are getting stale. Games like “guess the phone number and department you need to call,” or “guess how many times you will be transferred before someone can help you,” or my all-time favorite “will I get hung up on before I talk to a knowledgeable person.” Anyway I think you get the point, we should be doing better. This is not an example of a best run government!

We need to support more than just telephony – it’s 2012, we need to get with the times. Have you noticed that more and more phones no longer have cables and are not connected walls?  Most phones even have browsers and apps on them. Back in the 20th century when I was growing up, kids would be on the phone for hours a day chatting to their friends, but not anymore, I recently saw a study which said the average American teenager sends about 3,400 text messages a month. Mrs. Mayor! – you need to improve our citizen contact center soon in order to adapt to these new methods of communication – otherwise our government is missing opportunities to connect with and serve our community. We need to expand our channel horizon beyond just the telephone, we need to support: email, texts, web browsers, mobile apps, and social media.

So I ask you Mrs. Mayor, what do we do?  We are competing on local, national, and global stages. We need a solution that can help improve the lives of our people and deliver better, more effective government services… I suggest we take a look at some of the new trends in government services from around the world. For example, in 2011 the White House issued Executive Order 13571, which takes aim to streamline service delivery and improve customer service – ‘the public deserves competent, efficient, and responsive service from the U.S. Federal Government.’ Also, the Australia government recently launched an online resource to better manage their citizen contact center – Service Delivery in Government.

These governments have already started to bring their citizen contact centers up to speed with modern communication methods, shouldn’t we? I think there is only one realistic, viable option: we must get a platform that will help us become a best-run city. 

I just saw that SAP released a CRM rapid-deployment solution for citizen contact center as part of their Urban Matters program.  The solution helps simplify and accelerate the implementation of a government multi-channel contact center, enabling governments to provide services and information to citizens in a consistent manner while providing the highest levels of customer service. Take a look at the table below to see the great functionality offered with this rapid-deployment solution:Citizen RDS.png

The great thing about this SAP rapid-deployment solution for citizen contact center is that it is an easy gateway to the rest of the best in class Public Sector specific functionality that SAP offers.  Since it is built on a shared service model we can deploy the multi-channel contact center now and then later on we can reuse this for social services, public security, tax & revenue management, citizen services & grantor management, and other solutions. We will even have the option of supporting social channels (such as Twitter/Facebook) and mobile deployments as an extension of the solution as our needs evolve.

This solution is based off the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution and is a combination of software, pre-configured content, and pre-defined services specifically tailored for government multi-channel contact centers. The rapid-deployment solution is delivered with low upfront cost thanks to fixed-price and timeframe implementation services that mitigate financial risk and uncertainty. As a result of pre-configuration and the rapid-deployment methodology, governments can deploy in less than 12 weeks!

Mrs. Mayor, I hope you’ll do the right thing and make our city run better…


A loyal citizen                    


Webcast September 26Citizen Contact Centers made easy and faster than ever with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

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