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Fighting bushfires at SAP InnoJam in Melbourne

It’s 1:26am on the second day of the SAP InnoJam in Melbourne and the number of people in the rooms is slowly going down.

Given that I just decided to give those of you who are insterested an overview what we went through today.

Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 23.42.50.png

We’ve started at 10am with a quick welcome and started right away with the Design Thinking exercise. My colleague Hester Hilbrecht gave an overview what Design Thinking is about and after splitting up the participants into 5 teams we went through the Design Thinking process with the theme around “Fighting bushifres”.

The teams were able to select between two challenges:

  • How can we enhance the flow of necessary information during bushfires?
  • How can we better enable & coordinate emergency services during bushfires?

They picked one of them and worked through the whole process until they had their “prototype” presented at 5pm.

We’ve documented this process in some live broadcasts on Google+ that you can watch in the videos below.

The fun begins at SAP InnoJam 2012 Melbourne: Design Thinking

The “research” phase

Hester Hilbrecht explainig Design Thinking

Gigi Read explaining to the participants how to do the “storytelling” excercise

The “persona” and “point-of-view” phase

Gigi Read explaining the “brainstorming” phase

The final presentations of the Design Thinking prototypes

Coding time: 10pm

More to come tomorrow.



Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 23.42.50.png
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