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Sap Teched Las Vegas 2012 – What it will do for me

I have big expectations!    So should you.

October is right around the corner.   Yes, the leaves will be turning, children will be back in school, a new season to enjoy.  And you’ve got it!!!   SAP Teched is coming.   I’m looking forward to it.    I’m started at a new company.  I have a new outlook.  I’m at a new company!!!!  Very cool.   I’m excited and…   well …  I am looking to get different things from my Teched experience, and some of the same “old” expectations.


My Expectations:

  • I will hear how other company’s use SAP.  
  • I will walk away from it with some code examples.
  • I will get a better understanding of HANA, and what it can do.
  • I will know more about SLA.  
  • I will learn about some new cool tools.
  • I will have excellent hands-on training.
  • I will be able to explain the value that Teched has given my company.
  • I will learn about the cloud, and how it could benefit my company.
  • I will make some new contacts.
  • I will reconnect with some old contacts.
  • I will have a great time speaking at Teched.

Wow!   I do have high expectations.  Why?   Because every Teched I have went to in the past has exceeded my expectations.  Teched is a bit of an addiction to me.   I try every year to get my company to agree for me to go.   I learn so much.  I bring so much back with me.   I share what I’ve learned, and in the sharing – learn even more. 

I hope everyone goes into Teched with high expectations.  The highest expectations are the best!  Because then you will work to meet them.  Is it work?  I mean it’s just a conference.   Sorry – yes.  Yes, it is work.  If you are not in those sessions turned on, and ready to learn, then you won’t get anything out of them.   If you are turned on I bet you will learn at least one new thing.  (Bet – it is Vegas)

So work – what do I do to make sure Teched meets (And exceeds my expectations)?

Here’s my list:

Prior to Teched:

  • Look at the sessions. 
    • Does the session have anything that relates or could relate to my job?
    • What are the session requirements?  Too easy?  Too hard?
    • A lot of the time the ASUG sessions I can use now.  The SAP sessions I can use in the future.  I keep that in mind when I’m planning.
    • Honestly – I look for my favorite speakers.  I try to get to their sessions.   Sometimes their sessions are not relevant.  But I get there, and am so engaged that I have something I can bring back to work.
  • Look at the Expert Networking sessions.   These are wonderful.
  • Go into different tracks.   Look at sessions there.
  • Get a plan of attack. 
    • What are my high priorities to make?  
    • Lower?
    • No sessions that are valid in a time slot.  Look again.  I bet there is something.  But don’t be afraid to take a break if needed.   There is just a lot of information.
  • Once the date / times are published set up my schedule.
  • Get in for my hands-on early.

During Teched Sessions:

  • LISTEN.   I get to the sessions ready to listen and understand.
    • Question anything I don’t understand.
    • Get ready for my head to start spinning with information overload
    • Phone on vibrate.  Should go without writing it down.   IF I must answer a call – I wait until I’m outside the room.
  • I bring a pad of paper.  I like to write myself notes.
  • OH NO!  This one isn’t  one that I should be in.  I escape out the door, and go to a different session.  Or time to take a break to understand other sessions.
  • In the evening try to get your thoughts together.   Sometimes it helps to write / type summaries in the evening.

Between sessions – lunch:

  • Meet people.  This is perhaps the hardest thing to do.  At least it is for me, I’m a natural introvert.  
  • I will have my SAP Mentor shirt on!   I hope people stop me to talk or ask questions.   I love it when that happens.  If I have to be somewhere, I’ll let them know.
  • Trade business cards. 
    • Write on the back of the card something to remember the person I’ve met.
    • No cards?  I don’t have any.  I’m making some up on my computer.
  • I may talk with team mates about the sessions.  (Makes it harder to meet people) But easier to understand the sessions.
  • Walk around the floor.   Get a quick overview of some of the SAP partner solutions.  Why recreate the wheel?  I may need these at some point.

Wow – Teched is over – what a let down:

  • I’ve got some time waiting for my plane, and riding on my plane.   It’s approx. 6 hours in total plus 3 hours prior to loading.
  • I brain dump.  Just write anything and everything that I didn’t get a chance to write down while waiting.   Of course, I may be too tired to do this, and I just crash.
  • Get home.   I ALWAYS share the information I’ve learned.
    • I set up some formal meetings. 
    • I may have meetings in the hall.  (Or on the phone at my new job.) 
  • Yeah, I know I might have been the “one” person sent, and I don’t want to brag.  It’s not bragging to share information.  Information can be shared at a high level.  For details, they can get in touch with me.  I can’t give them a weeks + worth of information in an hour. 

So what do I do now?  Teched is over.  I’ve shared information.   Mmmmmm….  Maybe I better use something I’ve learned.   And 😉 work seems easier after running around at Teched.   Time to mellow out.

Hope to see you at Teched in Las Vegas!   Feel free to e-mail me prior to Teched.   I’m a old-timer.  I’ve been to around seven or eight – perhaps more Techeds.    And I hope you have BIG expectations.  What are some of them you have?

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Wow, Michelle, you said this so eloquently and gave such a great checklist of what to do

      I absolutely look forward to seeing you again at SAP TechEd

      Best of luck with your ASUG session as well.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you!  

      Any big expectations from you?

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      My big expectation is to have fun and enjoy myself...and learn as much as possible, as always.

      Will be great to see you again!

      Author's profile photo Alexandra Carvalho
      Alexandra Carvalho

      Hi Michelle,

      I have never been to a TechEd but took notes of all your tips 🙂