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SAP in Hindi: “OF India, FOR India & BY India”

S A P   I N   H I N D I  –  “That would be incredible!”. This was my first reaction, when I came across this proposition, to say the least. Here is a business application software giant (SAP) that originated in the West and has become a trusted business partner of World Inc, and we are now making it usable by the very core of Indian population?

Why? How?

Let me switch sides and try to answer that.

Traditionally, the world has have viewed SAP as an Enterprise Resource Planning Software company which makes the lives of business users easy by enabling them take effective business decisions. This approach has worked well over the last decades. Today, however, SAP is a partner to an enterprise, not just in core, top level business transactions, but also in integration with the ecosystem, both within and outside the boundaries of the enterprise. SAP’s solutions are now touching lives of employees, suppliers, customers and other business partners alike. With “SAP in Hindi” this outreach is set to multiply.

Time to post the impending question – “SAP products step out of plush Air Conditioned offices and reach the shop floors – is that what we are aiming at”?


All SAP ERP Applications, including Logistics, Financials, HCM and Employee-Self-Services, when available in Hindi, will fundamentally change the outreach of the software. Within the same business scenario, one user will be able to enter data in an English screen, while another will be able to view and edit it in a Hindi screen. Or a Purchase Officer operating out of the hills of Uttarakhand, will be able to carry out the entire Purchasing process, while his counterpart in Bangalore will do the same in English, thereby breaking the language barrier.  Or the employees of a large Public Sector employer will now be able to view and print their address information in Hindi through Employee Self Service.

For SAP translation into Hindi may not be rocket science – its solutions are already available in 37 other global languages. But for India, it is a giant step.  It makes the truly “Global SAP” even more truly “Indian SAP”. This is, in all respect, a solution Of India, For India and By India.

Personally, it gives me a kick even to imagine viewing my Vetanparchi (Payslip) displaying Mool Vetan (Basic Pay), Mehangaai Bhatta (Dearness Allowance) and Aaykar (Income Tax) in my mother tongue!


Akhil Agarwal

Development Manager I Globalization Services

SAP Labs India I 138, EPIP, Whitefield, India

T +91 80 4329 8302 I F +91 80 4329 8837 I M +91 99865 06292 I

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