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Making it Better: Smart Ways of Product Innovation for Process Industries

The chocolates on my desk were made with a process. My car’s gasoline was manufactured with a process. The aspirin on my manager’s desk were produced with a process. In globalized markets, companies operating in the process industry have to face many challenges in accelerated product innovations, at the same time taking into account an increasing number of regulatory requirements.




The SAP PLM rapid-deployment solution for process manufacturing industries, which was released in Q3 2012, focuses on product formulations supported by recipe development functionality in the SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM) application: from the first idea to the final product, through structured product specifications, and adoption of the company-wide definition of the recipe at a detailed level. This packaged solution combines the best of proven SAP software, best practices implementation content, and jump-starts enablement material to be implemented at a fixed scope and cost. This increases implementation predictability and significantly lowers project risks!


You can profit from the capabilities as delivered with the SAP PLM 7.02 release, out of which this rapid-deployment solution offers:


  • Specification management: Make use of an entirely new Web UI to ease your recipe-related specification management activities. Best accommodate the needs of dedicated occasional users with a fast-entry screen that facilitates data maintenance for specifications through a simplified input form. Create new specifications in one step by copying existing specifications.
  • Formulation development: Calculate recipe compositions and aggregate costs, allergens, etc., based on the proportions of the ingredients. Perform formula and other recipe data changes, and compare recipes side by side using the new multi-formula editor (MFE). Close the loop to your logistics ERP processes by assigning input and output substances to materials (to manage ingredient sourcing, for example).
  • Compliance check: Compare the proportion of listed substances in a recipe or specification to comply with limits from internal or external regulations. The check does not only facilitate quantitative checks but also qualitative ratings (contains allergen XYZ, for example).



Windows Word Processor Integration (WWI) reporting complements your recipe and specification activities. It is a proven technology to create data sheets (e.g., material safety data sheet [MSDS]) from specifications or to create data sheets from recipes. Use the WWI reporting to generate or print data sheets on the fly (ad hoc) or to generate versioned reports and store them with the related recipe or specification. Get a head start with sample templates delivered with this rapid-deployment solution, which you may tweak to your needs. Figure: Sample process as supported with SAP PLM rapid-deployment solution for process industries.


PLM RDS2.jpgFigure: Sample process as supported with SAP PLM rapid-deployment solution for process industries


What could be more convenient than to have all these capabilities up and running in as little as 10 weeks, deployed by professional SAP rapid-deployment service experts? Once implemented, you will better be able to master the challenges of creating and delivering innovative products that fulfill or create market demand. You will have the tools to optimize product developing processes and systems to speed products to market and ensure compliance with industry, quality, and regulatory standards. Most probably, you will possess the capability to become more agile than competitors and be able to react to and take advantage of market and competitive opportunities. So, get a quick start into product innovation with SAP PLM rapid-deployment solution for process manufacturing industries.



Where do you find more information?

In SAP Service Marketplace (NOTE: Requires appropriate authorization [S-User]): SAP PLM rapid-deployment solution for process manufacturing industries. Check out the Solution Discovery section to explore the highlights of this solution in more detail. The Solution Deployment section provides insight into the standard package implementation approach for this rapid-deployment solution.


Post your questions here where we will monitor them through September, 2012. For immediate attention, go to and click on the Contact Us link.

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