Hi All, we are now on 4.2 SP04 and see a possible new probe you could help us with:

- We need a probe that stops only the Web Intelligence processing servers under certain conditions

- We already get an email alert via monitoring IF there are 20+ concurrent reports running AND they are doing so over 30 minutes

- We now manually fix this by restarting the Web Intelligence servers manually

- We would like to use the "Diagnostics Probe" to achieve this with a modified where clause

Can anyone help us with this "where" definition?

The original is:

Where SI_PROGID='CrystalEnterprise.Server' AND SI_SERVER_KIND NOT IN ('aps') AND SI_NAME NOT LIKE '%AdaptiveProcessingServer%' AND SI_NAME NOT LIKE '%AdaptiveJobServer%'

We have 2 nodes and 4 Web Intelligence processing servers.

Would this work ?:

Where SI_SERVER_KIND IN ('aps') AND SI_NAME LIKE '%WebIntelligenceProcessingServer%' AND SI_NAME LIKE '%AdaptiveJobServer%'

What do you think?