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I am missing old SCN for………

I hope all are enjoying the powerful networking feature, fresh look and incredible navigation functionaliy and new reputation system of New SCN.

It is true that New version of SCN is the best of best, more useful than the old SCN. But there are little important stuffs, which were very useful in old SCN, missing in New SCN.

I am not sure what others are thinking, Might be SCN development team would have some specific or valuable reason to remove these stuffs. Either or the case, I felt that I am missing these below features.

1. My Contribution Point, Custom selection view


This is the very useful feature where you can track your contribution by any selection date range, Without this feature Last month I got some misunderstanding on this points, I raised the below discussionPoints for Last 12 months not changing , finally got convinced.

Later I found there are lots of discussions raised to scn everyday regarding missing points Points are wrongly getting deducted by the system..

So why don’t we consider these challenges and bring this old feature back.

2. Find the Expert Page

This is the another important feature, if any time I want to look at my peers or experts in other topic forums, I always use this link to get the top 5 experts of all the topics in single page.

I am happy, If I get all the experts in all the topics in one single page again in New SCN,

3. Contribution Corner

This is the another most accessible link in old SCN. I some times wonder, what might be the reason for SCN development to remove this wonderful stuffs. 🙁


Even working in small/big organization, as a contributor always like to get the working company name as one of the Top companies. It motivates all the other colleagues in the company .

4. Expert Blogger Home


In Old SCN, we have certain workflow for creating web logs, which are more structured way. Each blogs published after proper approval. This assured the quality of the blogs.


Now in new SCN, we can publish the blogs ourselves, But I strongly felt that technical blog should be reviewed by experts before it get published.

Still I remember, my first blog get rejected by the moderator , with the valuable commands. That is the one indirectly guides me how to write the quality blogs.

I got some basic guidelines from the blog moderators like,

     1. Space between paragraphs.

     2. Mentioning SAP Product version and year.

     3. Elaborating Observation.

     4. Font Size.

     5. Aligning the Bullets.

     6. No SAP.HELP contents.

Now, a new blogger who started to blog in new SCN, might not know about this, more over I could say don’t have any one to correct these. ( Unless If he/she go by themselves and read such documents The Rules of Engagement, In old SCN at least we could see this rules as the first thread in each forum home page, now a days, not sure how many of them searching for these rules!! )

If this continuous, down the years, SCN might lasts its blogs quality. My recommendation is, SCN should introduce this approval process at least for the technical blogs.

5.  Easy navigation for Forums

In old SCN forums tag in the top of the site, where we can easily go to the all forum page


In new SCN, I go this document  Forum Finder for SCN for navigation to other forums. Other case I set the bookmark for the particular forum space.

But I felt Forums tag should be in the top view, as like in Old scn where one single page we get the entire lists of forum spaces.

Above are the important things which I strongly felt to be added to the new SCN. I also like to hear the others view also.

Please provide your valuable comments for further improvements on SCN.

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  • Hi Jansi,

    This is a good blog and highlights some of the missing features from a user perspective. As a moderator, I also see other important features (such as Stick Threads). Unfortunately the new Jive platform does have some limitations and CRs for new functionality have to be carefully thought out and prioritized, since there is only so much time, budget and resources available to implement new functionality.

    However, the important functionality should be made available in the new SCN and I know the SCN team are working hard in the background to ensure that the SCN platform is solid, robust and useful for all users. However, with over 2m users it can be hard to make sure that everyone is pleased.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Luke,

      It much appreciated that SAP is really trying hard to give a robust platform to the users. I know it is very difficult to satisfy more than 2m users. However, initial survey indicates that most of the users which are definitely more than 80% are disappointed with the new SCN, particularly, in forums areas. I still believe that I have lost the ease of using the old SCN. It would be a good idea that there is a public pole at this point, then we will come to know what percentage are really liking new SCN. Probably, this could be like referendum on this topic. This topic has been discussed number of times, but, ultimately decided there is no other go, but to accept the truth and live with it.

      Best Regards,


    • Hi Luke,

      If you ask me , Honestly I am happy with new scn. I am already get it pleased by its features one other way.

      The concerns not only from me, I constantly watched lots of blogs, and threads, where lots of them reporting about these issues.  hence brought to front.

      But the above 5 things are very much value added, you can keep this also in your on going improvement list, in addition to the innovation areas.

      This Can be delivered to users anytime. (May be after 1 year too ).

      We always thank and trust the back end developers, users who commited for SCN and we wait patiently with smile  🙂



  • Hi Jansi,

    Sometimes we have live with it. I believe the the new SCN is one of them. There are number of good things missed out from old SCN. I do not think we will never get that old job. It seems old SCN missed functionalities are end of the story.

    Some of the following are few:

    1. Flexibility – Old SCN really flexible, very ease at use.

    2. Ergonomics: The new SCN is really sad in terms of ergonomics. Users needs to work 10 times hard to reach the same screen.

    3. Lack of Transparency: There is no transparency in the point system. Nobody knows what happened on the same day itself, if you are a regular contributor.

    4. Faulty Point System: Yearly points next to your profile is getting deducted. Many people have complained on this point.

    5. Logging out: Still getting logged out / errors when submitted a thread or discussion. It forces the user to relogin and resubmit. Sometimes, if they have not saved completely, it needs to be retyped.

    All these things brought to their kind attention initially, however, the things are ruled out. There is no other option, but to live with it.

    Best Regards,


  • As Ravi correctly pointed out, all these issues have already been brought up. But, in a nutshell, we were just asked to stop whining (unless our concerns can be accompanied by extensive research from twitter presented as a pie chart). Also we’ve been asked to enter our suggestions on the Idea place. So far I think one idea from there was implemented.

    Considering that SAP made their point very clear, I feel “this conversation can serve no purpose anymore”.

  • Oh man, your screen shots made me feel quite nostalgic 😉

    Nice write up of some of the shortcomings since the migration, some are really serious.

    There is some cool new features though, e.g. tagging a post in ABAP Development with “security” makes it appear on the frontpage of the Security space, maybe luring in some of the experts in that area. Comes in handy for problems that cover multiple topics.

    Jelena Perfiljeva, I understand your frustration reg. Idea Place, recently we complained about the slow or missing official feedback in the moderator space as well. It was promised that things will improve, as more people have been assigned now to process the ideas. We’ll see.


    • I didn’t have a blog on the old site and was not aware of moderation. Yes, I agree that some new blogs have somewhat questionable value. Some are just more like glorified tweets (e.g. “I went to this nice event – yay!”) – I don’t even know how they could be compared to the excellent Mentor blogs that clearly took a lot of time, thought and effort.

      Supposedly the “likes” and “ratings” should help to separate more valuable content, but I don’t think we’re there yet.

  • Hi Jansi, Thank you for sharing this blog!

    Hopefully this comment can clear up a few things.  For the most part, many of the features you list were not available with Jive out-of-the-box version 5.  As we discovered when we first launched, customizations and even some standard functionality caused performance and other types of issues. We had to shut many things down at that time. 

    IT has been working diligently since launch to turn features back on.  Unfortunately this has eaten up most of our IT budget and we will not have the full compliment of resources to continue with a lot of development this year. 

    However, we will be addressing some of the points related issues you have listed, as we have approval to implement further functionality related to Points and Recognition.  Look for more information in a blog from Laure Cetin in early September.  Also, Laure will be posting the Top Contributors for 2012 as was done in the past. See her blog.

    To Jelena, a number of ideas have been implemented, but not necessarily reflected in IdeaPlace.  Oxana Noa Zubarev and Mark Marcus are working through the ideas to make sure appropriate responses and status were posted, and to ensure that high priority ideas get into the queue for our limited IT staff.  Please continue to post ideas.

    We are also planning for 2013, when we should be able to continue forward with improvements.  Some may have to wait until then, but we will continue to make as many strides as possible with the resources we have available.

    To Erhan, I hate the issue with #notablog that we are currently experiencing.  Gali Kling Schneider and Jason Lax are implementing some fixes that will keep the bad blogs out of the RSS feeds, and many moderators are reporting the bad ones as abuse.  I would encourage everyone to report abuse on blogs that are questions, or poor quality blogs.  We continue to remove that type of content when we find it, or when it is reported.

    Best regards,


  • I know you people don’t want to hear this, but the new SCN is terrible!  I’m a basis guy and I work with very technical consultants.  And the people doing real SAP technical work, people who used to be able to depend on SCN, no longer use this site!  This site was not built with useability in mind.  They didn’t bother to convert all the old posts.  All they want to do is compete with facebook.  This site is pure garbage.  I can’t authenticate half the time, the performance is terrible and we’re flooded with freshers posting silly blogs.  People have bailed out and are actually flocking to google and asug.  I’m not a sap employee or mentor so I can tell you the truth.  This is how the real hard core users feel.

    I’m sure some executive somewhere is bragging how great this site is, but it is no longer a resource for me even though I keep trying to make it one.  I’m not giving up, but I wish they’d put the old site back.  I’m all about learning new things but no project I’ve ever been on would this type of change be considered a success.


    • First of all I should appreciate your boldness 🙂

      I believe that they put all the features from FB, Linkedin and Twitter into SCN. 😉

      It is not just me, most of my colleagues are confused with this new SCN. Some are literally left out. Fools like me are still hanging around, though I am largely confused. 😆

      The people at SAP are believing that this is the most wonderful platform for future generations. (God only knows). They have ruled out going back to old platform. If they need all these FB functionalities, they should have added in the Old SDN. But, now, they went to a stage, they can never go back. The old SDN is already dead it seems. We have live with new adamant, but beautiful wife 😉

      Best Regards,


  • @ Jansi Rani,

    thanx for opening a nice discussion.

    @ Ravi Sankar,

    I accept ur words. All Consultants have the same thought in mind like u 🙂

    but there is no one 2 listen 🙁 our words.

  • Guys, old SDN is not coming back, that’s for sure. Interestingly, I found an old blog where New SCN was announced on still the old site as “better, faster, stronger”. You can see in the blog comments that I had some doubts about that.

    So far the best and most reasonable explanation for New SCN was provided by Marilyn Pratt in this discussion. I think this information should’ve been somewhere on the front page or at least in one of those early executive blogs. Based on that, we can see that New SCN was probably not as much an attempt to marry SCN with Facebook or a conspiracy against the ordinary SCN members, but rather just a system conslidation / migration project. And we can all understand that since it’s very much like an implementation of an SAP ERP to replace a custom legacy IT system. This analogy was actually mentioned several times, but I think we can all agree that when we deliver a live SAP system to our customers, at least they can log on stay on.

    To everyone who considers New SCN to be a great site with robust navigation – imagine you are, say, a brand new SD specialist. You never were on the old SCN, but you have done some research and reached the point you need to ask a question in a forum. You are on the SCN home page. What are your actions? Do you click ‘Industries’ or ‘Lines of Business’? Do you read ‘Get Started’ document? Do you click ‘Create’ button (and create a blog instead by mistake)? How long will it take to get where you need to be?

    Now go to the MSDN web site and find Forums there. How long did that take? Even other links (right on top of the home page) – Learn, Samples, Support, – all make perfect sense. This is just one example of the site that was built “for the people”.

    I felt the same exact way about the “old SCN”. Now that was a community. I never had trouble navigating that site and discovering interesting content, even if it was not directly related to what I do. As much as SAP tried to make new SCN more “social”, I feel like something important was lost in the process. There is really not the same spirit anymore. It’s just too “corporatey” and self-promotional and “we can’t please everyone, so take your ideas to Ideas place” (oh, another quest for you – find Ideas place through home page and no cheating with Google).

    I don’t want to sound all “doom and gloom” again and I do hope very much that this spirit will return. But how long do we hold our breath?

    Oh well. Shame on you, Jansi, for disturbing my old wounds again. 🙂

    • Hi Jelena,

      Thanks for the comments, But I guess you are misunderstood, 

      We perfectly understood this is the migration project and all tech in back, It is already explained by Jeanne, just above in the comments.

      More over this blog is not about Old scn to come back. This is the blog to improve new SCN, in a way by including some of the value added feature into NEW SCN.

      By honest, One small example there are lots of use less blogs, even duplication n blog ( Same blog content but shared by 2 different person) , is increasing. how can we ensure the quality of contents inside SCN, after an year?

      Again we are trying only to optimize and improve quality of New SCN,

      Hope this clears you.



      • Hi Jansi,

        Now new SCN is few months old. If SAP can put figures like number of thread / blogs / articles compared with old SCN, we will surely come to know where new SCN is stands. Most of my friends and colleagues who are regular contributor to SCN really lost interest and dropped out of SCN. These may be disgusting but the fact. I am really not sure whether this process improvement will really bring them back to the SCN fold again.

        Particularly, the type of questions that are being getting downgraded during recent past. Unfortunately, users are not even bothered to google the results. Most of the questions are being asked as very basic type.

        I would really like to see how new SCN is faring with old SCN. This could only give us an indication how successful this new SCN is and what additional steps are required to improved the process quality.

        Best Regards,


      • I appreciate the comments and views from Jansi on improving the new SCN and I hope SAP will definitely look into bringing the previous features back with improved functionality. But at the same time we as SAP consultants also should be adaptive to changes the way SAP software and functionalities are. The new SCN has the vision to consolidate various technical and functional areas into spaces rather than having knowledge assets on same or similar topics spread across multiple sources. And yes it takes time for people to get adapted to changes and hopefully in some more months people would find it easy using the new SCN. With new changes in SAP software and functionalities , consultants do feel the pain of going through new stuff and understanding it , but with time they start getting comfortable with it. I remember a thread

        which discussed the overhead of having to use solution manager MOPZ , but with time people got accustomed to it and now people cannot even imagine patching systems not using MOPZ. This shows how adaptive we are. The bottom line is we need to appreciate the effort put in by SAP to bring up this new SCN and suggest ways to improve and enhance it and SAP has always been ready to accept suggestions. It takes time for things to mature and develop. So time to be patient and navigate hard the new SCN. Yes some stuff really need attention on SAP specially the platform stability as I often see the SCN being down. Hope this is rectified soon.

        Best Regards