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SP05 new feature in ChaRM- Automatic Ibase fetch details

Hi All,

In starting 7.1 Sp01 the new Request for Change (RfC) was introduced. This RfC access through CRM web UI.but is widely enhanced change from SP version release.

Upto SP04 we having ibase selection issue for drop down list selection and no maintanace cycle issue sometime.

but in SP05 version, Request for Change having new feature in Request for Change scope selection


Once we select the project and goto Request for change scope

Select the Urgent or Normal change , it automatically select fetch the component from project selection.


For Multilple Landscape selection in single project:

In SP05 , Component column is added  for manual addition./wp-content/uploads/2012/08/ibase_132558.png

I hope this will give overview of ibase election in SP05 Version.



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  • Hi,

    Thanks, I have one doubt,

    If I am working on multiple landscape scenario where I have multiple logical compoent assigned to one maintenance project, how system will fetch the correect IBASE automaticaly.

    If Can, could you please check and share the screen shot of this scenaio too.

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Hi Jansi,

      For Multiple landscape scenario, SAP introduce component column option in Request for Change Scope block.  please check the blog for same.



  • Hi Karthik,

    Thank you for all you contributions on SCN.

    I am new to charm and trying to setup a demo Charm on solman 7.1 sp5

    For this I went through all the necessary solman_setup steps and all seems to look OK.

    I created a solman project, cts project and img project,.

    I created a request for change in ITSM

    There I can select my project Demo1. But in the Request for change Scope I cannot select anything.

    If I would not enter a project, I can see a long list in the Scope area at the Component section. This list is read from the ibase.

    At Configuration Item, I can find 2 object ids: Investigation and Support_hotline

    In the solman maintenance project at System Landschape – Systems I have the correct Logical component entered, set Change-relevant for the this line.

    Do you know why the rfc cant see the systems in the project?

    Thanks for you time.


    Sander van Gemert


    Hi Karthik,

    In IB53,all clients are visible in Solman 7.2 But when i Select the Urgent or Normal change , it shows nothing .Could you please help me out?

    thanks in advance.
    best regards