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SOST mails transmission issue blog 2

Transaction code SOST is used to display and administer of all messages sent using SAPconnect. The program displays send requests that are being sent, or have already been sent by using SAPconnect. In this transaction, a send request always contains just one recipient. This means that a document sent to multiple recipients at the same time appears multiple times in the send requests overview (one entry for each recipient). This enables recipient-specific administration of the send requests; for example, renewed sending of a message to a recipient if an error occurred during the first attempt.

Through SOST we check the status of all external send process such as Fax and Email and their status Errors in sending, send Successfully, In transfer, Waiting.


SOST requests are getting failed with message number 817


Mails sent from instances in R3AP1, R3AP2 and R3AP3 severs were getting failed sporadically were as mails sent from R3CIZ was getting delivered. Mails from all severs were getting through without any issues normally because SEND_INTERNET_MAIL job sends the mails and the job runs mainly in r3pciz . The issue occurs sporadically in R3AP1, R3AP2 and R3AP3 when mails are sent manually.

We were getting below error message

No ESMTP Plug-In Is Available for SAPconnect

Application Server Used by the Send Process: r3pap3z

Trouble Shooting:

ICM parameter:

  • Checked Note 757804 – Cannot process message in SAP system. As per note parameter rdisp/start_icman is already set to true in our system.

  Ping the mail host destination:  

  • From all the application servers we tried to ping the mail host and it was successful.

SMICM services activation:

We sent mails from all servers and below are the results

When a mail is sent on one of the servers

They fail with xs817:

r3pap1z_XXX_04 r3pap1z Dialog Batch Update Upd2 Spool ICM

-> sent successfully

r3pap1z_XXX_05 r3pap1z Dialog ICM

-> xs817

r3pap1z_XXX_08 r3pap1z Dialog Spool ICM

-> xs817

r3pap1z_XXX_09 r3pap1z Dialog ICM

-> xs817

r3pap2z_XXX_02 r3pap2z Dialog ICM

-> sent successfully

r3pap2z_XXX_03 r3pap2z Dialog ICM

-> xs817 –

r3pap2z_XXX_06 r3pap2z Dialog ICM

-> xs817

r3pap2z_XXX_07 r3pap2z Dialog Batch Update Upd2 Spool ICM

-> xs817

r3pap3z_XXX_00 r3pap3z Dialog ICM

-> sent

r3pap3z_XXX_10 r3pap3z Dialog Spool ICM

-> xs817

r3pap3z_XXX_11 r3pap3z Dialog ICM

-> xs817

r3pap3z_XXX_12 r3pap3z Dialog Batch Update Upd2 Spool ICM

-> xs817

r3pciz_XXX_00 r3pciz Dialog Batch Update Upd2 Spool Enqueue ICM

-> sent successfully

r3pciz_XXX_01 r3pciz Dialog Batch Update Upd2 Spool ICM

-> sent successfully

Out of 14 instances in XXX, only three sent the email successfully. Because those three servers only has  SMICM  SMTP services active.

In SMICM we checked whether the HTTP/SMTP service/port are active in all instances in all servers and found that on the servers that fail with xs817 in SMICM the SMTP service was not active.


The actual problem was ICM services not activated in some instances. We tried activating the services but it failed to activate because the port already was used in some other services in other instances.

Finally we provided different port numbers for both HTTP and SMTP service and activated successfully. But this activation will be active only till the next bounce.

We may need to change the below parameters in all application server instances of XXX to activate the services permanently.

icm/server_port_0                           PROT=HTTP,PORT=80$$

icm/server_port_1                           PROT=SMTP,PORT=250$$

Test results:

We deactivated the service in one instance and tried sending mail through SBWP and it failed with the same error 817.

After that we activated the service in the same instance and then sent an email to our mailbox using the same server. Mails went through successfully.

We executed multiple scenarios to test the same and everything worked perfectly.

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