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RDS for EDI available now!

Would you like to migrate from your legacy B2B gateway solution towards SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration with the B2B add-on but are concerned about the effort this might take? Then take a look at our new SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration Rapid Deployment Solution for Electronic Data Interchange (RDS for EDI). With this solution B2B integration scenarios related to the order-to-cash and/or procure-to-pay process of SAP ERP are being implemented through a service. Fixed scope and price provides maximum predictability and lowers risk. As usual this RDS comprises of SAP software, an implementation service and content.


Software scope: B2B add-on & predefined mappings

The RDS for EDI integration comprises of the B2B add-on for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration and pre-defined mappings and configurations for the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay process allowing to convert SAP IDocs into EDI messages of the EDIFACT or ANSI X.12 standard and vice versa. Predefined mappings ensure a fast implementation at high quality allowing to onboard your business partners smoothly. Please note that this RDS technically runs on the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration product. This means that you don’t require a SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration license or SAP NetWeaver BPM for being able to use this RDS.

Service scope: Selectable number of B2B integration scenarios

The predefined service allows you to go live with your new B2B integration scenarios on SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration in roughly 5 weeks assuming your business partners will be ready on time, too. In summary the following services are being delivered as part of the RDS:

  • Installation of the B2B add-on
  • Deployment of the predefined mappings
  • Enablement workshop
  • Implementation of a selectable number of B2B integration scenarios based on the predefined mappings in a non-productive environment
  • Go live support

As you can select the number of B2B integration scenarios to be implemented through this predefined service you have the choice of leveraging this RDS as jumpstart for your migration project only or to do further migrations with it.

Content & Enablement: SAP Best Practices for Process Orchestration

As part of the service delivery many knowledge transfer measures are provided – for instance as part of the enablement workshop, training of key users and hand over procedure. In addition to that high quality documentation and SAP Best Practice documents will enable you to develop your B2B implementation further as needed. The following SAP Best Practices for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration are delivered as part of this RDS:

  • SAP Best Practice for General Configuration within Integration Directory
  • SAP Best Practice for B2B Add-On Deployment and Configuration
  • SAP Best Practice for Configuration Design Objects within Enterprise Service Repository

Looking for more information?

You can find more details about the RDS for EDI Integration such as scope of predefined mappings and service, system requirements at the SAP Service Marketplace at (requiring SMP user login).

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    • Hello Anandh,

      as part of this RDS the implementation of integration scenarios which are making use of the predefined mappings is provided through a consulting service. This includes customization of the predefined mappings but not any developments of new mappings. As the standard PI mapping tools are being used customers can modify these mappings as needed as well.

      Best regards,


  • Hi Katrin –

    Does it include pre-defined mapping and configuration for GTS (Global Trade Services)? Currently, we use SeeBurger as the integration layer for converting SAP IDOCs to EDI messages.



    • Hello Sameej,

      no, the RDS doesn’t include any mappings for SAP GTS. The scope is limited to the B2B related parts of the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay process based on EDIFACT and ANSI X.12.

      Best regards,


      • Hello Katrin,

        In my project we have  PI 7.1 SP11 to SAP II mappings(Cross gate) and have many purchase to pay and order to cash scenarios,

        So is it possible to reuse the mapping from RDS? Even though we are not yet in PI 7.11 SP08(required for RDS)?

        Also do we need a separate license(or cost involved) to use the predelivered mappings?



        • Hello Rakesh,

          unfotunately you cannot reuse these mappings because one of the message interfaces are different: The “RDS for EDI” delivers mappings from IDoc towards EDI XML (EDIFACT or ANSI X.12) whereas you very likely implemented mappings from IDoc towards the Crossgate canonical data format. If you require predefined PI mappings for the latter one you can choose the “RDS for SAP II OD Integration”. You can find more details about this RDS at

          When choosig an RDS costs for the standard software licenses will apply and the implementation service.

          Best regards,


  • HI All,

    We have downloaded the RDS from SMP. But we don’t see Mapping Objects (.tpz) files as part of this package. did someone face this challenge already? Or Kindly guide me to get the relavant .tpz files . Thank you in Advance

    Best Regards,

    Suresh S